#WalkAway hits 431,500 members

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In just one week, #WalkAway has added 30,000 new members. The group is growing so fast they need to recruit state chapters to help deal with all the volume. This is the recent volunteer ad posted by the #WalkAway Campaign, most demand required in Democrat run states.


#WalkAway is growing faster than ever and we need part time volunteers to help Moderate our State Groups! If you live in one of the following states…please APPLY here: https://jobs.smartrecruiters.com/walkawaycampaign/743999717331650-volunteer-state-moderator-part-time-remote-

New York
New Hampshire
North Carolina
Rhode Island

Looking for your State Group? https://www.walkawaycampaign.com/get-involved

You can read stories about why life long Democrats are leaving the plantation here. Nancy Pelosi may well have blown the figures at an accelerated pace.

#WalkAway hits 401,000

3 phone calls doth not an election outcome make but these life long Democrats called into C-SPAN to renounce their party over three defining issues – omitting God, saying nothing over the lawlessness and not standing up for the American people.

Just 6 weeks ago, Rasmussen Reports had Joe Biden 10-points ahead of Trump in the polls. Now he’s only ahead by only one point.

We note the #WalkAway campaign has reached over 401,000 followers.

All we can say is that a party that stands for nothing will fall for anything. No wonder people now look to the Republicans as the party defending the American worker and mainstream values. When people see video after video of lawless thugs harassing and bullying law abiding citizens going about their day, party association be damned.

Patriot Pushback Pending

We don’t intend to make any informed comments about the police shooting of a Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. We don’t have enough context. Best not join the chorus of mainstream media which will seize on any edited video clip to feed a narrative and run with the headline for days instead of ignoring it like they did with the murder of 5yo Cannon Hinnant.

Let’s not even begin to discuss Democrat Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers, who despite the lack of evidence, immediately sided with the mob. As is most often the case, evidence will show that the whole situation could have been avoided were instructions followed. That isn’t to condone excessive force but to recognize edited clips can misrepresent realities.

So what of those businesses and houses of prayer that proudly displayed ‘Black Lives Matter’ outside? Well it only goes to prove that the mob doesn’t care. One would think insurance companies were encouraging BLM signs in shop front windows as a way to help policy holders lower premiums. The appeasers were eaten first in Kenosha. A car dealership was torched. Why do innocent business owners end up victims?

At what point, if they haven’t already, will Americans stop tolerating any more protestors shining flashlights through their windows in the middle of the night? What will they tell their terrorized children who are woken up by obscenities yelled in their suburban Portland neighborhoods demanding they abandon their properties?

Where was the condemnation during the Democratic National Convention? Why no mention of the riots? Oh, that’s right. They’re all peaceful protestors.

We think that the strategy of chaos hurting Trump’s re-election chances will spectacularly backfire. All of the platitudes that parsed the lips of the hypocritical and divisive Obamas or woke celebrities at the DNC only reinforced they are the party for the elites.

The media may be complicit in cheerleading but ‘lived experience‘ is one factor that no amount of political bluster or fancy journalism can overcome. It was the same in 2016.

Citizens are rightly furious. Despotic mayors and governors have subjected them to unnecessary economic pain and stripped them of their dignity through coronavirus lockdowns but stay silent through the mayhem of BLM and Antifa. The biased media only amplifies their rage.

Normally, a dud economy would be an election killer for an incumbent. This time, the sinister politics of the opposition will force many fence sitters to bite their lip and tolerate 4 more years of Trump’s vulgarity. We think a landslide awaits, albeit with an ugly 75 days leading into it.

In the words of Nancy Pelosi, “people will do what they will do.”

Demuckracy in 2020

We have long thought the 2020 presidential election would be ugly. That is hardly a wild stab in the dark.

Democracy is the last thing on the minds of the political class. We’ve had a 7-month introduction to what is at stake. Despotic governors have been swift to arrest, charge and humiliate normally law-abiding hair salon and gym owners for feeding their families while allowing peaceful protests to go completely unpunished.

These are the same politicians who supported the police when it suited to beat up taxpayers until it was expedient not to do so. As cities burn and crime soars, they threw the police under the bus and blamed them for inciting peaceful protestors. Many activist judiciaries gladly let off violent felons with no more than a slap on the wrist.

Our thoughts have always been if the average US citizen wakes up every morning and sees a burnt out shell where a supermarket once stood, graffiti scrawled over historic buildings and plinths with nothing atop them, they don’t need a biased media to tell twist what they see with their own eyes.

How ironic that the cities most affected are run by Democrats which have held power in many cases for over half a century. This is a first hand lived experience situation for most residents in a crisis. Utter failure, excuse making and politicians doing the exact opposite of what they wish for. More police, lower crime and law & order. Instead, city mayors virtue signaled as cities burnt. They took photo ops to paint Black Lives Matter on City streets even though the Marxist BLM movement lambasted them for pandering to white liberals.

Teachers’ unions have gone on strike demanding pretty much everything other than safe reopening to combat coronavirus.

The media is an ever willing accomplice. MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace has openly celebrated the prospect of a recession and spoke of a silver lining to coronavirus if it means Trump loses office.

What hypocrisy when the media cheered a White House reporter for questioning Trump about his lies this week. That coming from an industry that has never had lower ratings for trust.

Let’s not even start with social media giants and their bias – declaring themselves medical experts and deleting information they deem incorrect. No longer are they independent platforms for free expression but what they tell us is fit for consumption. Forget your rights. They think we’re too stupid to make such decisions.

Now voting rights are front and centre.

Never mind that a bipartisan commission agreed that mail-in ballots were the highest source of voter fraud. This year, in NY & NJ, between 20-25% of ballots were ruled invalid. Voter intimidation and fraud has been recorded. Several Democrats have been arrested and charged for engaging in the criminal activity.

Now the postal service (USPS) says it is not equipped to handle mail-in ballots safely.

Scroll back two years ago. We wrote of the number of Democrat controlled states which passed legislation to keep Trump’s name off the 2020 ballot if he failed to publicize his tax returns. Shouldn’t voters, not state legislators determine whether his taxes are an election issue?

As November 3rd looms, the mudslinging will make impeachment and the George Floyd riots feel like quiet nights in.

The public is at boiling point. The silent majority is growing fed up. They look at the available candidates and ponder is the best the Democrats have to offer? A presidential candidate losing control of his mental faculties teamed up with one of politics’ biggest hypocrites in Kamala Harris. An individual who gladly accused her running mate of believing his sexual assault accusers and racism. Who backflips on nearly every policy and has even suggested ICE operates like the KKK.

Never mind, the balanced NYT has labeled her a “pragmatic moderate“. We never knew that defunding the police, supporting men playing in women’s sporting codes and providing healthcare for all illegal immigrants were conservative positions. That will learn us.

As much as people may hate Trump for all of his bluster, many of his economic policies have been successful as we pointed out at the time of his SOTU. He has exposed just how useless politicians on both sides of the aisle who have served for decades have been.

His job isn’t over. When it comes to mud wrestling there is no finer professional. If it sticks he doesn’t care. He only knows forward. Await the fireworks. Democrats want revenge but they might be best to remember when embarking on it, to dig two graves.


#WalkAway story on Healthcare – Trump vs Obama

Presented without comment.

I’m a #WalkAway because I have witnessed Democratic corruption firsthand within Healthcare.

I work in healthcare and have seen the detriment that Obamacare was to our country. It eliminated the competition between health insurance companies so premiums skyrocketed, coverage and benefits dwindled, and citizens were forced to go to clinics instead of private doctors – access to care and quality of care fell substantially. If you couldn’t afford to pay for Obamacare, you were unfairly penalized through taxation…

…President Trump seeks to reduce drug and medical costs to a point that is affordable for all citizens. We can provide for ourselves and make our own choices. He is giving power back to the people.

Here are some of the Executive Orders that Trump has signed regarding Healthcare:

13765 – Removed the tax penalty that came from Obamacare

13784 – Established a commission to combat the opioid crisis

13813 – Eliminated insurance borders to increase competition and drive premium costs down

13877 – Improved price and quality transparency in healthcare to help patients choose where to seek the best care

13879 – Advanced American kidney health by providing funding for support and research concerning dialysis

13890 – Protecting and improving Medicare

13909 – Prioritizing and allocating resources to respond to spread of COVID19

13910 – Preventing hoarding of medical resources

13911 – Allowing DPA to aid in COVID19 response

13937 – Improving access to your affordable medications

13938 – Increasing drug importation to lower prices for patients

13939 – Eliminating medical kickbacks to middlemen to reduce cost to patients

13941 – Improving access to telehealth

He is also ordering insurance companies to cover all preexisting conditions, is slashing prices of insulin and epi pens, and is ordering pharmaceutical companies to sell drugs to our country at the lowest worldwide price.

For these reasons I vote RED. A vote for President Trump is a vote for the health of America.”

#WalkAway hits 374,000 members

The #WalkAway campaign has hit 374,000 members as of August 13th. On July 14th we recorded 316,000. It is growing at around 60,000 per month.

Processing has been the problem according to the administration team. The stories told by those who have quit the Democrats all read the same tune.

Presented below without comment:

“…they also don’t want to hear my husband is conservative and a family man! They call him a coon and sell-out… My husband is Nigerian… his parents came to America for freedom of religion and freedom to work hard to make a living! They have achieved more than they ever thought possible and instilled it in my husband… they are diehard Trump fans because they know what it is to live in a country without opportunity, without freedom, with a corrupt government and police force. I wish more Americans would travel to see what an amazing place we do live in…”


“Thank you for the add! For 28 years I was raised to believe I would always be behind in the race because I am African American. Never did this sit well with me because deep down I knew it’s character and spirit that make you who you are. I’m thankful to Candace Owens and Larry Elder for opening my and others eyes/minds so we are no longer ignorant to the manipulation! God BLESS this beautiful USA ❤️🇺🇸. I wholeheartedly support Donald J. Trump 2020!”


“I am a Ghanaian born and raised in NC and now living in NY and I must say firstly, IM NOT OPPRESSED. Unfortunately a lot of my Black Democratic friends want to force me to feel oppressed and I dont understand the point. Maybe it’s because we have mostly lived in Democratic ran cities. Nonetheless, I too always voted Democratic because like most other Blacks living in the South, we just thought that the Democrats had the answers. Honestly, I grew up in a single parent home in the “hood” with 3 younger siblings so my mother depended on the system. In retrospect the Democrats help people like my mother stay on the “system”. I can honestly say Blacks have deeper issues than “systemic racism” that need to be addressed before anything. I voted for Barack twice and regretted it after he made some very specific legislations that hurt the Black community and my industry of business particularly. So when Trump joined the race for president, I figured a business man should be able to get Americans winning again. I gained a lot of hate from 95% of my people. So honestly I see why the Democrats don’t work hard for black votes. But thank God Trump did what he did for Black people without the majority putting him there. I’m living proof of the American dream and how with FAITH and Trust in God you can move mountains and overcome any and every challenge… and no one better touch my hat or I will utilize my 2nd amendment.🤗🤗🙏🏾🙏🏾 Live FREE or die trying”


W woman

A atheist

L lesbian

K kind

A American

W weary

A awakened

Y yokel

I am here because I chose to #WalkAway recently (within the last six months).

I was always too to vote the issues. After reading that school newspaper I definitely identified more with the Democrats. My first time voting was Bush v. Kerry…I voted for Kerry. And I’ve voted Democrat every election since. I’m a woman. I’m a lesbian. I’m lower middle class. I’m pro choice. I’m pro helping others. It just made sense.

Fast forward to 2016. I voted for Hillary because I was terrified what Trump meant for America. I was scared my marriage would be dissolved (gay marriage was legalized in 2015, a huge reason I voted Democrat). I was scared gays would go back to being vilified. I was scared I was going to lose my rights. I was just scared. Three and a half years went by and my world didn’t collapse. I can’t say I like Trump, but he didn’t do anything to hurt my way of life.”


“This year I officially walked away from the Democratic Party. Being gay and Mexican I was taught that our president hated me. After I did some research past memes and CNN I realized that’s not true. I voted for Hillary and I regret it every day.”


“Hello all. Growing up I was told to always vote democrat because they care about black peoples rights. When I was old enough to vote. I didn’t bother voting because I felt the elections were rigged. In a way I realized I was right, because democrats have been rigging these past couple elections. Based on how their behaviors regarding this election campaign its obvious now. The first president I voted for was Barack Obama just because he was supposedly black. I didn’t pay attention to his policies. I just assumed he would take care of the issues black people faced for decades. Once I realized he didn’t do anything to help me or black people, but instead forced everyone to pay for Obama care. I knew I could not give him my vote any longer.

I voted against him on his second term. During that time I realized the republican party lined up more with my views biblically speaking. I’m pro life, pro gun, and like less government and less tax.

Today all I see is nothing but hypocrisy with the democratic party. I made it a point to personally listen to president Trumps speeches and realized how much the mainstream media misrepresented what he states. I also like that Trump doesn’t hide who he is and doesn’t cave into the mobb. Just like in American Idol everyone like Simon Cowell for being brutality honest.. Honesty and God is what America needs. I see a mass awakening coming soon. #WalkAway

#WalkAway Campaign hits 316,000

Walk Away

On June 15th, 2020 we listed some of the tales of the 250,000 people that have walked away from the Democratic Party. In just one month, the membership ranks have jumped another 26% to almost 316,000.

To put it in context. Hillary Clinton added 2 million followers from a 2 million base a year ahead of the 2016 election. #WalkAway is largely word of mouth. At the current clip it’s adding at an 800,000pa rate. Incredible.

There are so many tales on #WalkAway – see the link here of the tales of those who have had enough.

#WalkAway hits 250,000

We’ve written about the #WalkAway (from the Democrat Party) movement for a few years now, founded by Brandon Straka. His viral video here.

We subscribe to the FB page and note in recent weeks there has been a huge surge in people posting they’ve joined the #WalkAway movement. It is no surprise.

These people are from all walks of life. Whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, LGBTQI…goths. You name it. 252,000 are members and we encourage people to read their stories about how poisonous they believe the Democrat Party has become.

Kat Taylor (pictured) wrote,

In 2016 I was a delegate for Bernie Sanders. In order to get elected as a delegate, we all went up and explained why we were worthy of getting accepted. This basically meant, say as many reasons why you have been oppressed and whoever has it the “hardest” gets to be a delegate…

…I began to realize that if I can’t keep up with the progression of the liberal party, I can’t be a part of it. It’s not enough to have “some liberal ideas” you have to be all in – or your out! And if your out, that means that you are a racist, you are priveledged, you are sexist, you are bigoted…

… This is why I’m voting #trump2020 KAG.”

Or Garett,

Hi everyone, my name is Garrett. I’m new here, but feel privileged to be a part of the #WalkAway movement.

spending years in the gay community I was always led to believe that, politically, I had to be a liberal. Democrats were the ones who truly cared about the LGBT community,

In 2016 I didn’t vote. The past four years have been beyond eye opening. Not only did I start taking the time to do my own research and allow myself to be open minded, but I started to see the true colors of so many people who had claimed to be so loving and inclusive. I have seen so much hatred and division, and have been verbally attacked for my support of Trump, accused of self-hatred, xenophobia, racism, you name it…I can’t WAIT to vote for Trump in November! 😁 Blessings to you all!! Stay strong!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Or Jessie,

I am a gay woman that believes in equality.. I voted Democrat like clockwork until Covid-19 and the riots that followed. Racism is a very real thing, yes, but hypocrisy is as well. Members of the left play on the lefts self image of pro-peace, anti-violence, anti-racism, anti-bullying. It’s an act. A delusion. So many times now I have witnessed a leftist immediately resorting to name calling at the first sign of disagreement. So many times now I have witnessed liberals jump to the defense of violence toward the innocent because it’s in the name of a “greater cause.” So many times now I have heard that reverse racism isn’t a thing while watching video after video of whites being violently attacked simply because of the color of their skin. I am not against equality, but I am very much against hypocrisy.”

Or Talia:

My name is Talia Howard and a friend of mine invited me to this page and WOW can I just say I’ve never been on a page with more kind and tolerant people in my life and I am so excited to be associating with like minded patriotic individuals. I am of Hispanic/Arabic heritage and people are very surprised when they hear I support the President. I was fortunate enough to be raised on the right side of politics and grew up conservative. However I am more of a closet Trump supporter because of all the attacks, name calling and backlash I get, along with my whole family when I share that I support Trump. It’s a sad world we live in when we can’t even openly support the President. Can’t wait to vote in November!! Trump2020

The Facebook link to #WalkAway is here. Just scroll the pictures and you’ll get an idea of how diverse the group is. Identity politics he damned. Celebrate like minded individuals instead.

Life long Democrat voters brutally turn on Pelosi on C-Span talkback


Ouch. C-Span had a talk back segment after the 2020 SOTU speech. It is safe to say the majority of callers put love of country way before partisanship.

This is what so many mainstream media pundits are overlooking. It was the same as 2016. Don’t tell voters how great things are if they’re not experiencing it first hand. Now things are much better, trashing success doesn’t match their situation.

Suffice to say, many self-declared Democrats openly terminated their own affiliation to the party on air after Pelosi’s behavior at the SOTU.

Entertaining to hear that many Democrat voters were angry enough to call their own party nonsense out and express disgust that their elected officials won’t applaud American success.

Maybe Pelosi might reflect that Democratic voters aren’t leaving the party. The party is leaving them.

Twitter bias – who’d of thunk?

Judge for yourself on whether Twitter targets particular groups. Think Sarah Jeong faced no Twitter ban for calling to #CancelWhitePeople whereas black conservative Candace Owens got a suspension for changing Jeong’s words from “white” to “Jewish” and “black”.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg openly admitted in a congressional testimony that Silicon Valley was littered with people from the far left. Think of poor old #WalkAway activist Brendan Straka , the articulate, openly gay hairdresser who was suspended for 30 days for highlighting he’d appear on the then banned InfoWars. Not for posting a video.  Just that he’d appear.

The publishing of Google’s internal post-election debrief video shouldn’t have surprised anyone in the slightest. All the outer appeals to the group’s impartiality were smashed by this leaked video. In a sense Google was the victim of the half-life nature of the very digital media feeds it seeks to control. Even worse it was all the senior management talking about what really goes on behind closed doors.

Sunlight is truly the best disinfectant.