Time to drone strike Trump supporters?

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace is no stranger to deranged views.

She has recently suggested that drone strikes might be a potential solution for dealing with domestic terrorists aka Trump supporters.

Recall Wallace viewed COVID-19 had a silver lining in that it would end Trump, even though it would destroy the economy.

Liberal values.

FBI firearm background checks hit record 4.3m in January 2021

Americans are feeling the unity so deeply under President Joe Biden that according to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check (NCIS) data, 4.3 million firearm background applications were initiated in January. That figure is the highest number on record. It is up over 300,000 versus December 2020.

Three of the top ten highest weeks for background checks are now from January 2021.

Canceling a mother who helps parents get babies to sleep because she donated to you know who

MRCTV’s Britt Hughes doesn’t want unity. After seeing what leftist mobs did to neo-natal nurse and mother, Cara Dumaplin, who runs the successful Taking Cara Babies website for parents who struggle to get their kids asleep, you’ll see why.

Dumaplin’s crime? She and her husband donated less than $2,000 to Trump’s campaign back in 2019. One check mark editor for @Eater, Hillary Dixler Canavan, thought that giving away Dumaplin’s intellectual property for free on PDF was a great way to ruin her livelihood. She posted on Twitter the following:

Too bad that is a crime. We sincerely hope Dumaplin sues the pants off wilful, vile and despicable imbeciles like Dixler and others like her who forced the business owner to suspend their social media accounts.

Will @Eater stand by an employee who seeks to cancel innocent people with different views? Free speech is one thing. Breaking the law isn’t. We will shed not one tear if Dixler ends up the victim of her own stupidity. Who on earth has a right to try to destroy the livelihood of someone they don’t even know?

As parents of a 12 week old, we will happily subscribe to Cara Dumaplin’s service as bubba’s sleeping patterns have changed. Perhaps we owe Dixler a debt of gratitude for highlighting a service we were unaware of and we look forward to letting other parents in our groups know the same.

The tolerant left lets us know about unity on COVID vaccination priority

Ahh, the tolerant left. You know, the same people who have promised to restore unity, healing and empathy back to America. Check this out for the type of compassion coming.

Many on the left have been aghast at the idea that Republican Senator Marco Rubio has “cut in line” to get the COVID-19 vaccine when he, in their minds, was not a priority. Former Star Trek actor George Takei even wished that Rubio get horrible side effects as punishment, even though all members of Congress are eligible on federal government continuity grounds to receive it.

For all of the left’s demands that cultist Republicans, who polls show are 4x less likely to get vaccinated, step up and try to show support for the shot, they get attacked.

However if a Democrat was inoculated the left would be celebrating their steadfast commitment to encouraging others that it is safe. Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey had few issues publicly displaying they took the vaccine.

Senator Warren said, “At the advice of the Office of the Attending Physician for the continuity of government, I received the first of two shots of the COVID-19 vaccine on Saturday…The vaccine is safe, effective, and will save lives.”

Of course, much of the feedback to her tweet was praised for exactly that.

Imagine what anti-vaxxers would say if politicians said “give it to healthcare workers before us”: “Healthcare workers=guinea pigs!

Thank you, @SenWarren!

Going to give you a pass on getting it early, since I think there are genuinely people who will follow your example. Still wish we had more for the medical workers, though…

Because I just bashed Rubio on posting a similar picture, so had to think about why you’re different. Because you’re an actual leader.

Isn’t that what Rubio was doing? Encouraging others? Damned if he does. Damned if he doesn’t.

As ever with the left, it is not the principle that matters but the side.

More displays of unity from the tolerant left

Re-education camps, perhaps? 71m people supported him. That’s one long list. So much for free speech and freedom of expression. Get into line. Fast.

Is it possible to have unity when one side demands strict obedience?

The selective “unity” message

Benny Johnson tabulates in this video why the idea of “unity” espoused by former VP Joe Biden is laughable given the last 4 years of deeds by the left.