‘B’arking ‘L’efty ‘M’adness

Is this the type of action that endears people to a cause? To be harassed at a cafe and have people flip the bird, hurl obscenities and demand innocent people not guilty of any crimes show solidarity!? Isn’t the whole point of solidarity to join voluntarily without coercion or duress.

As we keep saying – Keep it up. It is a free election advertising loop for Trump.

Newton’s third law tells us when one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.

Woke BLM Apologies from the most unlikely places

What is this person actually apologizing for? Afraid he might be visited by a modern day version Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha’s henchmen and sent to a concentration camp for hate speech?

It is so chic to appease the radical left these days.

In that spirit, we at FNF Media want to apologize for eating international cuisine not knowing it may have been taken by some as culinary appropriation and therefore a macro and micro aggression. We will stick to Australian dishes despite the limitations in variety.

We’d also like to apologize for using the term ‘Chinese Wall‘ – which was a term used to divide investment banking and institutional broking for compliance reasons – during our two decades in finance. We have spoken to our former employer. It has ensured us that the term will be replaced with ‘Safe Space‘. ‘Wall‘ was considered too incendiary for certain staff members.

In our view the more petty the reason to apologise the less sincere the individual.

Video Burning has already started

More lefty lunacy. Now you will be told what is safe to view. It’s for your own good, bigot! Forget personal tastes and levels of tolerance, you will have no say. Conform to the orthodoxy or perish.

Where were these people over the decades that Gone With The Wind was aired without a whimper? Why now? Are people so fragile that they need protection?

Now BBC has removed t award winning comedy, Little Britain. Sure it’s risqué but that’s the allure. I’d love you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Problem solved.

We’ve already had The Simpsons remove Apu from the Kwik-e-Mart despite the overwhelming majority of Indians having NO issue with it.

Should Ricky Gervais be put on trial for all of the gags of political incorrectness surrounding race in The Office such as the time he mistook a Pakistani staff member for an Indian?

Or Gervais’ brilliant parody of people mistaking Samuel L Jackson for Laurence Fishburne because he was wearing a leather jacket and glasses from the Matrix in Extras?

What about sitcoms such as:

Kingswood Country where Ted Bullpitt cherishes his iconic Aussie built Holden car but has troubles getting along with his Italian son-in-law? Should it be removed from YouTube?

Or All in the Fanily where Archie Bunker assumes the role of a stuck-in-the-mud bigot? The humour is exactly because he was so out of touch.

Or Love Thy Neighbour where a white family is always making racial faux pas with the black neighbours? Is it worth removing forever to pacify apparatchiks?

Or maybe the censors should hammer the clear white privilege in Diff’rent Strokes?

We could go on and on with the amount of content (mostly comedy) that touches on racism.

Then should we push the exact same rules for racial stereotypes made by minorities themselves?

Take The Kumars at #42. They tip their culture to shreds. That’s the point. They are proud of those foibles and wish to say they’re ok with poking fun at it.

Or ‘Good Gracious Me‘ which poked fun of “going out for some English [cuisine]

Or ‘Good Times‘ where blacks poked fun at the black community?

When are politicians going to stand up and tell these totalitarians to get a life? Surely a film from 81 years ago doesn’t require censorship. Who in the right minds things taking it down will somehow stop racism and stereotypes in its tracks?!?

Does Netflix believe removing Gone With The Wind move will achieve a thing? Maybe the streaming service can supply customer viewing preferences to these censors to keep a watchful eye on their political, racial and social motives…

It’s madness. And worrying at the same time. The more we let this stuff become acceptable, the more radical they become.

Time to stand up and push back on these crazies.

When the Public stands up to the Mob


This is what happens when the mob decides to go to extreme measures to put someone they claim their cause protects out of business. It backfires abysmally.

You may recall we published a video of black conservative Candace Owens – which reached 100 million views – who said that the media shouldn’t be using George Floyd as a martyr figure given his long history of crime. For context, note she DID say his death was inexcusable.

Owens wrote,

This is the Parkside Café, a restaurant and bar in Birmingham, Alabama that is operated by a man named Michael Dykes. This week, Michael Dykes watched my video which garnered 100 million views in 42 hours, about the irresponsibility of the George Floyd protests and riots. Michael agreed with me and in frustration, wrote a private text to one of his colleagues about how destructive the protests were and how they are placing further burden on small business owners who are struggling to stay alive after the Coronavirus lockdowns— and now cannot open because of the riots. Michael also agreed with my sentiment that George Floyd did not deserve to die, but also, that he had a criminal record that was not worthy of the heroic characterizations the media is spinning today.

An employee of his decided to leak these private text messages, quit her job, and has now encouraged a mob of people to boycott the Parkside cafe. Local media is adding further fuel to the condemnation aby demanding he answer for his private text message exchange.



The left specializes in mobs of hate and destruction. Let’s create a reciprocal movement of patriot love and support the Parkside cafe.

The Go Fund Me link is here. It has raised almost double the initial amount requested.

Follow the money to get a grasp on where the sentiment is going. 

Just like this chap.

And this lady.

And this woman.

And these people.

And these people.

Thank God that Joe Biden followed up Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment and Obama’s “clingers” jibe about Republicans with “10-15%” of Americans “are just not good people.” We wonder if his son Hunter is included in the 50 million-odd dregs of society…?


We note that Go Fund Me has since told Owens that the cause has “violated terms of service” on the grounds or “hate, violence, harassment, bullying, discrimination, terrorism or intolerance of any kind.

Sounds like a Sleeping Giants style campaign to harass Go Fund Me.

Yet another tech company beholden to the left.

It wasn’t that long ago that GoFundMe happily allowed people to raise funds to pay for ladders assisting illegal immigrants to thwart national border protection laws. So when it comes to breaking federal US laws, then raising funds is OK under its guidelines? One presumes that GoFundMe enforces its own arbitrary set of rules against its own pet causes.

Don’t forget that GoFundMe happily allowed $80,000 to be raised for Egg Boi who attacked Fraser Anning. Once again, regardless of Anning’s views, funds were raised for the legal defence of a teenager who committed violence, harassed, expressed hate and showed intolerance of another’s view, no matter how abhorrent the former Senator’s words might have been. Doesn’t that violate the same terms and conditions? 

EU Parliament sticks to its totalitarian roots

Nigel Farage gave his last speech to the EU Parliament last night. It was telling to see his microphone cut off mid speech when he started to wave the Union Jack.

So totalitarian is the EU that it doesn’t allow nations to display national flags in parliament. One would think Farage was waving the Swastika such was the outrage directed at him. Perhaps he would have been expelled if he’d waved a Trump 2020 flag.

Farage hit the nail on the head when he said, “we love Europe, we just hate the European Union.” That is likely true for many Brits.

Parliament vice-president Mairead McGuinness took quite an exception to those remarks, furiously retorting that “we shouldn’t hate anyone, any nation or any people.” Rich coming from a body that hates its members and treats nation state democracy with utter disdain, as was evidenced through the protracted Brexit process.

As we have said all along, the EU requires drastic reform and respect for nation state democracy if it is to survive. If it fails to wake up from Brexit it is doomed. The sooner the better.

Youth Rebellion – more lefty lunacy

These people are truly unhinged. It just reads more and more like a totalitarian manifesto. ‘XR Youth’, ‘Extinction Rebellion Guardians’…’a new and healthier way forward for the organism‘…’a surprise occupation’. XR wrote,

“Extinction Rebellion UK’s recent strategy process was marked by a surprise occupation by XR Youth, with the support of the Extinction Rebellion Guardians team.

XR Youth demanded that young people be supported in co-creating a new and healthier way forward for the organism. XR Youth have been developing new ways of working and of organising actions, and proposed that their thinking needs to be at the heart of how Extinction Rebellion UK functions.

XR Youth also demanded that the proposed action at Heathrow Airport be dropped as they do not support an action at Heathrow at this time and in this way. It was unanimously agreed that the process for attempting to decide to have an action at Heathrow had been divisive, poorly conducted, and left many people across Extinction Rebellion feeling unheard and exhausted.

Extinction Rebellion has therefore decided that the action will neither be condoned nor supported as designed.

If an action with drones takes place at Heathrow it will be by an independent group outside Extinction Rebellion.

It was agreed that Extinction Rebellion do need to include actions that are highly disruptive, in which some people are willing to take personal risks with their own liberty or well-being in order to highlight the severity of the crisis. Such actions will inevitably be controversial and there will be a variety of views on them. The new approaches from XR Youth will help guide Extinction Rebellion UK through these challenges in the future.”

Are we to assume that a ‘drone’ action was proposed but knocked back? That a rogue element will still launch one to shut down the airport where XR will disavow any responsibility?

Do we take actions where “some people are willing to take personal risks” as sacrificial lambs who will be glorified in the struggle? Do we have any future Horst Wessel-esque martyrs that will be glorified by the XR Youth movement?

Seems like XR’s actions are likely to become more extreme and end up taxing public order beyond what is reasonable. These people have no shame. Their actions are likely to backfire. They should have their applications for protest restricted to areas that prevent becoming a broader public nuisance than they’ve already been.