Nancy Pelosi melts down on CNN and calls Wolf Blitzer a Republican apologist

Well worth watching this insane video of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi railing at CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for being biased towards Republicans because he legitimately wants to know why she won’t sign the $1.8 trillion relief bill that Trump has promised to sign immediately.

Pelosi claimed she feeds the poor. We are still puzzled how a woman with a $20,000 freezer stuffed full of gourmet ice cream can talk of feeding the needy when her district has some of the highest homeless rates in the country.

It appears that even members of her own party, including Andrew Yang, have pleaded with Pelosi to put the relief bill forward because real Americans are suffering. Never let anything stand in the way of chronic Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Trump puts it back on Nancy to quit partisanship

President Trump openly told Nancy Pelosi that if she puts up a stand alone $1200 stimulus check bill now he’ll sign it. Sadly the bill is being held up because Pelosi wants to ram through all manner of irrelevant legislation buried in the relief package. Just like the first package which she tried to include airline emissions and gender diversity on boards.

Don’t forget in April, Pelosi prioritized a ban on flavoured tobacco over small business coronavirus rescue packages and even found time to call for an election fundraiser. 

Trump tweeted:

If I am sent a Stand Alone Bill for Stimulus Checks ($1,200), they will go out to our great people IMMEDIATELY. I am ready to sign right now. Are you listening Nancy?” and

Move Fast, I Am Waiting To Sign!

Basically exposing Pelosi for the partisan hack she is.

She cares not for America as evidenced by her refrigerator interview during early lockdown, her the squalor in her district and trying to shut down a hair salon that caught her red handed. We’ll never forget her insincerity over the death of George Floyd when she referred to him a George Kirby and the appropriation of African Kente scarves to appear woke.