Pelosi has the mental issue, not Trump

The Democrats under Pelosi have absolutely no limits as to how ridiculous their Trump Derangement Syndrome goes. As VP Mike Pence made clear in yesterday’s debate, the Dems haven’t relented in trying to overturn the 2016 election result.

The 25th Amendment allows for a sitting president to be removed if his/her mental faculties fail.

Nothing will stop the games leading into the election. We hope Americans flush this mob.

Trump puts it back on Nancy to quit partisanship

President Trump openly told Nancy Pelosi that if she puts up a stand alone $1200 stimulus check bill now he’ll sign it. Sadly the bill is being held up because Pelosi wants to ram through all manner of irrelevant legislation buried in the relief package. Just like the first package which she tried to include airline emissions and gender diversity on boards.

Don’t forget in April, Pelosi prioritized a ban on flavoured tobacco over small business coronavirus rescue packages and even found time to call for an election fundraiser. 

Trump tweeted:

If I am sent a Stand Alone Bill for Stimulus Checks ($1,200), they will go out to our great people IMMEDIATELY. I am ready to sign right now. Are you listening Nancy?” and

Move Fast, I Am Waiting To Sign!

Basically exposing Pelosi for the partisan hack she is.

She cares not for America as evidenced by her refrigerator interview during early lockdown, her the squalor in her district and trying to shut down a hair salon that caught her red handed. We’ll never forget her insincerity over the death of George Floyd when she referred to him a George Kirby and the appropriation of African Kente scarves to appear woke.

Speaker Pelosi, Impeach! Please!

We wouldn’t put it past Nancy Pelosi to launch an impeachment of Barr or Trump to impose new roadblocks to prevent a SCOTUS appointment backed by the Constitution before the election.

We say, go for it.

Nothing would expose the true colours of the Democrats more ahead of the election than to stoop to yet another shambolic charade of chronic Trump Derangement Syndrome. We are quite sure we can get the likes of Congresswoman Rashid “Impeach the Mother F*cker” Tlaib to repeat her antics at such a solemn occasion.

Only 110 days late, Nancy

Only 110 days late in condemning the obvious Speaker Pelosi. It wasn’t so long ago that she proclaimed “people will do what they do!” when referring to the violence and destruction.

We thought Joe Biden being 80 days late was bad enough.

If the Democrats didn’t have double standards they’d have no standards at all.

Kamala Harris is “proud of Jacob Blake”

You have to hand it to the Democrats. VP Joe Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, said that she was “proud of Jacob Blake when she visited him in hospital. At the very least we have to say her messaging is consistent. After all, she backed the Minnesota Freedom Fund which bailed out criminals, some charged with murder and rape. Jacob Blake’s father is an anti-Semite. It is amazing what makes an “incredible family” in America these days.

Maybe that is why she could show pride in Jacob Blake, who resisted arrest, fought with police officers (including headlocking one of them), ignored their instructions repeatedly while returning to his car for a weapon. He also was arrested in the past for brandishing a firearm in a bar while drunk, carrying a concealed firearm inside a public building, battery, assault, domestic violence and had an outstanding warrant for sexual assault and trespass.

The Democrats now claim they are for “law and order” which in reality is about as honest as Joe Biden is for “fracking.”

Kamala Harris’ hypocrisy in her own words can also be found here.

“Rules for thee, but not for me!” Democrat hypocrisy in 2020

Dan Bongino compiles a solid list of Democrat leaders neck deep double standards. They believe the public is there to serve them, not the other way around.

Nasty Nancy Antoinette ad pointing out utter hypocrisy

Rules for thee, not for me. Video here.

As the presidential campaign gathers mud, the double standards argument is a cracker.

#WalkAway hits 431,500 members

Image may contain: text that says "Step Up and Volunteer You can make a difference! Walk Away Campaign""

In just one week, #WalkAway has added 30,000 new members. The group is growing so fast they need to recruit state chapters to help deal with all the volume. This is the recent volunteer ad posted by the #WalkAway Campaign, most demand required in Democrat run states.


#WalkAway is growing faster than ever and we need part time volunteers to help Moderate our State Groups! If you live in one of the following states…please APPLY here: https://jobs.smartrecruiters.com/walkawaycampaign/743999717331650-volunteer-state-moderator-part-time-remote-

New York
New Hampshire
North Carolina
Rhode Island

Looking for your State Group? https://www.walkawaycampaign.com/get-involved

You can read stories about why life long Democrats are leaving the plantation here. Nancy Pelosi may well have blown the figures at an accelerated pace.

Hairdressers blow back

Hair dressers blow back on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s double standards here.

More of Nancy Pelosi’s hypocrisy can be found here.

Brilliant – San Franciscans suspend hair dryers outside Nancy Pelosi’s home

Watch: Protesters String Up Curlers, Hair Dryers Outside ...

We must applaud the actions of San Franciscans calling out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s utter hypocrisy and double standards.

A group of angry constituents decided to suspend hairdryers from trees outside her San Francisco home to rub salt into her wounds after she threw the hair salon owner under the bus with a legal letter after claiming she was “set up.

Yes, Speaker Pelosi, Americans are sick and tired of having to live by strict rules that you don’t believe you have to. Some pigs are more equal than others.

As trivial as a hair wash and blow out is in the grand scheme of things, it proves why citizens – forced into lockdown – have every right to be deeply sceptical about all of the hysteria pushed by politicians who constantly claim they are a hair’s breadth from losing the battle to contain the virus.

For more of Nancy Pelosi’s sycophantic behaviour, please click here.