Netflix cancelations surge to 8x average after Cuties backlash

It appears that Netflix cancellations have surged to 8x the average monthly levels according to Variety.

Who knew that brazenly dedicating bandwidth to the sexualising of children in Cuties might backfire? When will woke corporates work out that alienating customers reflects bad governance?

FNF Media will never call for the direct boycotting of anything including #CancelNetflix . Cancel culture is not in our remit. We trust our readers to be able to make those personal decisions by themselves based on the content.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Netflix makes some late apologies for its 11-yo Twerking movie

Sexualizing children? Pretty sick. Brittany Hughes gives some interesting insights into the child sex trafficking trade. No, the movie, ‘Cuties‘ isn’t about sex trafficking but normalising juniors exposing flesh and poking out their booties.

Surprised the DNC didn’t find a slot for it in their line up with all the other weirdos.