Tweeting Trump boosts celebrity popularity by 10x. Love should Trump hate!


We do not have to dig deep to work out the shallowness of celebrities and their desperation to stay on the A-list. The limelight is everything. As much as they bitch and moan about the new president, they are secretly intensely happy to have someone that gives instant and broad exposure to tweets. Take James Corden- of car-pool karaoke fame. He averages around 1,600 likes on Twitter per apolitical tweet, which is pretty dismal considering he has 8.9mn followers. When he mentions anything to do with President Trump or his policies (especially lately), his numbers experience more than a 10-fold jump! He should congratulate the President rather than censure him. If you go back far enough into his Twitter feed James loved the Obamas. So his anti-Trump tweets gain him much exposure for his popularity. He should be thankful. Hell who can blame him? To have almost 9mn followers to begin with.

He is not the only A-lister to rant for the anti-Trump cause. Take a look at the following chart. Ashton Kutcher has almost twice the number of followers as Corden however has less impact. Although that is in part due to his reaching out and answering individual replies to his followers. So anyone ‘liking’ a reply to a question they probably have no idea what it is in reference to shows the hollowness of social media endorsement and understanding in general.


Mylie Ray Cyrus has almost 32mn followers. Way to go! However the sad fact is that her tweets,whether they mention Trump and his policies or not, show little impact and highlight one of two things; 1) it shows how little faith followers have in her grasp of political issues or; 2) that the average age of the majority of her fans are probably yet to hit teenage. Maybe both.

Mark Ruffalo is a furious re-tweeter and that hurts his numbers. The majority of his Twitter feed is anti-Trump so he picked up some trending tweets and re-tweeted. He has been busy.

George Takei is frankly left in his own teleporter such is his relative lack of impact with his followers. Spock might have shown sympathy. He is also a furious re-tweeter of which most is surrounding anything anti-Trump.

Celebrities know that “when you’re hot you’re hot and when you’re not you’re not!” I almost fell out of my chair the other week when I heard that celebrities wanted to strike on masse. Please if it means you won’t try to ride the wave of Trump bashing.

Of course we can speculate all we want about “bots” inflating the Twitter numbers but looking at Trump’s 21.3mn followers he gets an average 94k likes on non-policy matters and 136k on policy matters. Perhaps these celebrities could actually learn a thing or two. #MakeMyPopularityGreatAgain??

So if we look at Twitter average like impact on politics as a % of followers we get:

James Corden  – 0.19%
Ashton Kutcher – 0.07%
Mylie Cyrus – 0.08%
Mark Ruffalo – 0.25%
George Takei – 0.18% and
Donald Trump – 0.64%

So James Corden (and others), if you take a contrarian view, get President Trump on carpool karaoke and think of how your Twitter stats might explode like The Donald’s! Even though you pick up 10x the leverage by talking about Trump, he picks up 3x more leverage per tweet than you against his fanbase. I’d be checking into rehab with such a poor impact with ‘my people’.