Another politician fakes Hate crime in run for mayor

Why can’t anyone run on merit or policies?

Sabrina Belcher, 29, who was running in the mayoral election in Sumter, SC was arrested and charged by Sumter PD with filing a false police report of a felony and conspiracy after she reported she had been kidnapped.

She had paid Christopher James Eaddy to stage her kidnapping. She had requested he break the car windows and hit her while she live streamed the attack. Naturally she blamed it on one of the other candidates running for mayor.

Who doesn’t Facebook stream a potential kidnapping? Don’t normal people call for help?

Once again more proof that systemic racism is so rife that people have to stage hate crime hoaxes to boost their chances of election, just like the chap who penned himself a hate crime letter to boost his chances in the election.

You’ll never guess what party they represent? The Democrats. Proving that playing the victim doesn’t get one far.