Serial hypocrite who wants to #DefundThePolice calls 911

Serial hypocrite Alyssa Milano is at it again.

The high priestess of woke has been a huge advocate of defunding the police. When a young neighborhood kid was shooting squirrels with an air gun she called 911 claiming an armed gunman was loose on her property.

Despite her anti-cop rhetoric, those selfless law enforcement officers sent at least seven Ventura County Sheriffs’ vehicles, one K-9 unit, a police helicopter and one Los Angeles Fire Department team to the scene.

Isn’t virtue signaling wonderful? Heap scorn on the very service she demands immediately defend her.

Imagine if the police let her literally sweat bullets by delaying their response to her call and ignoring her status as a Hollywood celebrity. Maybe then she would shift her woke Twitter feed from DEFUNDING to DEFENDING or even REFUNDING the police.

We list Alyssa Milano’s litany of hypocrisy here. She is a gift that keeps giving.

The flip side of punching cops in front of peers

Interesting to see that law abiding citizens side with the police, not the criminals. Resisting arrest and punching a cop in the face is generally not a good thing although we imagine that Kamala Harris will only be too happy to get her friends at the MFF to post bail, organize a visit to speak of her pride of knowing this man and telling us he comes from an “incredible American family.

One imagines this chap is not regarded as an upstanding member by his peers.

Nisswa mayor arrested by cops for disorderly conduct


Nisswa, MN Mayor Fred Heidmann was arrested by his own police force for disorderly conduct and obstructing the legal process.

The mayor rattled off all manner of expletives at the officers (video contained in previous link) who eventually got sick of his rant and put him in his place.

Despite polite requests to move to a safe area away from the highway he told the officers that he was the “mayor of this f’ing town!”

Nisswa Police Chief Craig Taylor said, “I’m disappointed and extremely sad that an elected official feels justified in inserting himself into a traffic stop that has nothing to do with him and feels it is appropriate to yell and swear at two officers from two jurisdictions that are doing nothing more than trying to do their jobs and making people safe.”


Virginia Democrats declare open season on public servants with new legislation

Virginia Senate Democrats have passed a bill, Bill 5302, reclassifying the assault of a law enforcement officer as a misdemeanor.

In summary,

[The bill] eliminates the mandatory minimum 6-month term of confinement for an assault and battery committed against a judge; magistrate; law-enforcement officer; correctional officer; person directly involved in the care, treatment, or supervision of inmates; firefighter; or volunteer firefighter or any emergency medical services personnel and provides that such crime can no longer be committed as a simple assault and must result in a bodily injury.”

So do Democrats want to declare open season on public servants? Should EMTs trying to save lives or fire-fighters attempting to protect the community be subject to thuggery without legal protection too?

Is it any wonder the police unions are flocking to endorse Trump. We imagine the fireys and ambos aren’t far behind.


An emotional speech given at the RNC by the widow of former St Louis Police Chief David Dorn who was murdered protecting a friend’s pawn shop. How sad that, unbeknownst, his grandson watched his death on Facebook livestream. Too sad.



A must see 18 minutes – before it gets taken down

Kash Lee Kelly let’s rip over what he sees is happening in America. Nothing better than listening to unscripted, from the heart messages. We urge you to watch. Some profanity but a raw clip which resonates.

He touches on many of the points we have discussed in recent months and years. A complicit media desperate to stir up narratives regardless of the consequences as it is all for ratings.

As we like to say, journalistic integrity will only return when the media loves America more than they hate Trump.

Take it away, Kash Lee!

Wichita City defies mob and hikes police budget

Well, well, well. This is what happens when the Wichita City Council pushes back unanimously on the yobs demanding to defund the police by increasing its 2021 budget 7% in to “handle changing crime trends.”

A $7.3 million increase to the police department’s budget will be used to build a Central Wichita substation and hire more officers.

Good to see that some councils listen to their residents instead of the identity obsessed Minneapolis City Council which is pushing to defund the police and then hit up taxpayers for their own private security!

NYPD slaps woke NYC Mayor de Blasio for canceling 9/11 tribute

Double standards NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio made a pathetic coronavirus related safety excuse to prevent the annual light display honouring the police and first responders who succumbed to the Sept 11 terrorist attacks.

de Blasio will happily allow peaceful protests and even congregate to scrawl BLM on the road outside Trump Tower but honouring the dead is deemed too dangerous.

So the NYPD threw two fingers up at the mayor and will hold it anyway citing,

The Mayor might have a short and selective memory but the members of the NYPD will NEVER FORGET the sacrifice of every person who lost their life on that fateful day.”

Good. Is it any wonder that more police departments are backing Trump?

Seattle brewer prints All Cops Are Bastards on beer cans

For those unaware, ACAB means “All Cops Are Bastards.”

A Seattle brewer, Mirage, has taken the liberty of printing that message to the bottom of its cans.

Mirage owner Michael Dempster wrote, “I used the markings because I stand against institutional racism, of which modern policing is a militarized arm.

Interesting he holds this view when the outgoing Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best is black. He might not know that Mayor Jenny Durkan made a point in 2019 of ensuring 39% of new recruits entering the Seattle PD were minorities. So much for institutional racism, unless he means that it is biased against whites?!

We wonder if the mob ends up vandalizing the brewery, will the cops prioritize a call out with the reciprocal respect shown the them?

Somehow the brewer thinks it is taking the moral high ground.

Common sense can literally be a mirage. Or is it cynically hijacking a cause to hopefully sell more beer to college kids and snowflakes?

Who can blame Carmen Best?

Who can blame Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best for resigning?

After the humiliation at the hands of Mayor Jenny Durkan, Best’s wonderful message to her troops is a lesson in dignity, something her boss knows little about. Recall the mayor undermined Best when allowing the “summer of love” in CHAZ, only to demand the police clean it up when it affected her own $7m gated mansion.

After 28 years on the force, would anyone truly wish to complete the pinnacle of their career dispensing budget and salary cuts, firing new recruits – many from minority backgrounds – to make way for woke social workers to replace many functions that will likely still end up relying on the police to ensure the very safety and harmony they’re promising to deliver?

Even though the council voted 7-1 to defund the police, maybe they missed the huge number of Seattle citizens openly expressing support for the men and women in blue last Sunday?