Who will get the Nobel Peace Prize for helping end the Korean War – Kim, Moon & Xi or Trump?


Will President Donald Trump be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for getting Kim & Moon to the peace table? It is unlikely in so far as the Norwegian Nobel Committee would fear the full weight of international opinion (aka mainstream media) for doing so. Surely they wouldn’t risk making a mockery of such a coveted award? Then again a one Barack Obama was handed one less than 9 months into his first term on the stated basis of a noble quest for the Holy Grail of world peace rather than anything actually achieved. In 2016 alone, the Obama administration dropped 26,171 bombs on enemies. Not bad for a serial appeaser. A Nobel prize has even been awarded to a multi billion dollar embezzling terrorist of a self appointed authority, so Kim Jong-un is in with a shot.

Will Trump receive any credit (even without a Nobel) for pushing ‘Rocketman/The Fat Kid’ to the negotiating table? Probably not. How come no other administrations were able to achieve something that was relatively easier when the state of the North’s arsenal was considerably less lethal? Kim threatened Guam less than half a year ago. Trump didn’t back down and the North Korean dictator clearly realized from Twitter that the most powerful man in the world wasn’t all bluster. President Xi may well have played a solid hand in pushing Kim to sue for peace negotiations. In the interests of President-for-life Xi, his foe Trump has a maximum 7 years left to meddle. If Korea gets a peace deal, Xi can play hardball on the peninsula if a softer President enters the White House thereafter. Then he can take a stab at Taiwan. Xi can afford to wait.

We should not forget that Kim Jong-Un travelled to China on his first ‘overseas’ visit earlier this year. Best get the approval of a real dictator before progressing. Kim was there to get Beijing’s blessing to ensure North Korean sovereignty come what may so as to maintain the desired geographical buffer to pro-US nations.

Noone said peace isn’t desirable. The question is what price must one pay to get it? There are too many incidents in the past where signing peace treaties with dictatorial regimes have ended in disaster. Hitler/Chamberlain (Munich Agreement), Hitler/Stalin (Pact of Steel), Putin/Merkel/Macron (suggestion of UN in Ukraine), Le Duc Tho/Kissinger (Paris Peace Accords over Vietnam), Xerxes II/Leonidas (Greece) etc.

Will part of the denuclearization ‘deal’ call upon a withdrawal of US Forces from the Korean Peninsula? Would the US go for that? Highly unlikely. Would Moon be so gullible as to suggest a (slow) withdrawal? Of course he has the right to demand a foreign garrison pack up and go home. Trump may have pushed China and NK to act but he’d prefer the status quo than to roll over and vacate the premises. China wins in either scenario. America certainly doesn’t want to pay for the same real estate twice. Some quarters in South Korea must surely want the US military to stay as an insurance policy. Afterall how can one trust someone who comes from a dynasty that kills its own people and assassinates family members? Worryingly Moon looks to have a certain ring of Chamberlain about him.

It was clear that North Korea was dictating the moves at the Winter Olympics. It was South Korea who funded the $3mn in travel costs for the cheer squad. Anything that looked to mock the North Koreans was swiftly dealt with. It spoke volumes about which Korea was calling the shots. Anyone impersonating any other world leader could do so with reckless aplomb. Anything resembling Kim Jong-un  was quickly removed from sight. Tyrannies rarely do humour and sadly not enough democracies defend it. Still it is hardly an encouraging sign for even handed peace talks when one side looks to appease in this way.

Kim Jong-un is smart enough to realize at such a youthful stage in his life that he probably has another 40-50 years left in him. Reunification only works if he is given sanctuary. Idi Amin saw the beauty of a life in exile in Saudi Arabia. If Kim Jong-un can relax in Sichuan Province it maybe a dignified way out. One can bet his ‘some are more equal than others’ inner sanctum would rather the two stay separated. They would stand to lose way more than Kim.  It would be ridiculous to assume that Kim could be a major cog driving a reunification process with such an abysmal human rights record. Name a despot who would willing cede authoritarian rule much less without a deal which would exonerate him from any international criminal court that he would be held accountable for under a functioning democracy?

The South Koreans have had a think tank in Berlin researching the effect of reunification in Germany. The former West is still heavily subsidizing the former East. Depopulation (-15% between 1989 & 2013), unemployment rates (higher today that 1989) and inferior GDP per capita (27% less) are all a feature of the former communist state vs the federal republic over the last three decades.

How easily could South Korea absorb the North? West Germany had a population of 63mn in 1989 vs 16mn in East Germany or 4:1. South Korea has 53mn vs North Korea’s 24mn or 2:1. West Germany had a 2.3x GDP/capita ratio to the East in 1989. South Korea has a 52x GDP/capita ratio to the North. Reunification for Korea isn’t an apples to apples comparison with Germany. While Samsung might relish the prospects of tapping a cheap labour pool to build washing machines, the South would likely face far higher integration costs than the Germans. Even 30 years ago East Germany had a GDP/capita 17x that of North Korea.

In any event the only sure outcome of peace on the Korea Peninsula is that President Trump will get next to zero credit in the media. Wailing about the reckless diplomacy of an unhinged dictator will be the main with a few conceding it was at best a fluke.

Knee-ncompoops – the only beneficiary has been BBQ lighter fluid makers


Alright, I think we’ve all seen enough kneeling to last a lifetime. In fact the original message of kneeling during the national anthem pushed to the fore by Colin Kaepernick to raise awareness for ‘BLM’ has now been diluted to complete irrelevance. Now it is being done as a fashion. So the idea of raising awareness has now been switched as a protest against the President. So was BLM such small potatoes that it got switched so readily for this?  To be honest, NFL players are employees. Better paid than most but employees. If we went to our places of work and told our bosses that we’d take a knee if told we had to start at 6am to service particular clients who needed our services, we could understand if our jobs would be in jeopardy. In the same light, if our customers (fans) aren’t served they’ll go somewhere else. It is simple. The end user of any product ultimately has the last word. Recent NFL ratings and certain sponsors reflect this.

Equally the number of videos of NFL fans burning jerseys, championship pennants and other memorabilia will undoubtedly boost sales of BBQ fire starter fluid. Of course fans are infuriated. Many work exceptionally hard to be able to afford the tickets that are supposed to take them away from financial, work and other stresses.

The number of videos from people of all races, colours and socio-economic bases have also made it very clear – they view this as political garbage and that these highly paid athletes reflect the way that America provides them with the oppportunity to take home millions of dollars, earning more in a game than many fans make in a year only incenses paying fans. Where are their activities within the communities they claim they support?

Perhaps even more telling is these so called moral crusaders in many cases do not speak from very high ground. The USA Today published a list of all of the arrests and charges laid on NFL heroes – from assault, battery, DUI, rape, guns, drugs and resisting arrest. Yet here they are telling normal Americans how they need to ‘reflect’ on this ‘racial’ divide which somehow has sprung up from the woodwork.

Now when Alejandro Villaneuva, a veteran who served in Afghanistan, makes a personal choice to show his pride i his nation he is summarily pilloried by his coach and then turns around and makes a forced apology when there was no need to except under the guise of this politically correct hand-wringing. I actually felt sorry that Villaneuva had to apologize for expressing his true feelings. His apology even displayed his own surprise he was even making it.

So every time I see yet another team kneeling I look at them as the least original protestors around. Nothing but lemmings who can’t see that every single new protest just alienates those they should be embracing to sustain their lavish lifestyles. No one is saying they can’t exercise their free speech but they might find their fans far more sympathetic if they didn’t throw it in their face every game.

Still we live in a world where yelping injustices (which in many cases aren’t affecting those kneeling) begets this so called ‘division’. Whether it is POTUS’s place to slap these slice sportspeople is one thing – many say he is the key behind this disunity. I disagree – he has merely woken many of us who don’t live in America to what a divided nation he inherited. So if you look beyond the headlines and look at his actions his real aim is to ‘unite’ people – because the US can’t heal if everyone is moaning only about one’s own issues.

This video of BLM protestors being invited to speak at a Trump rally shows more about what can happen when both sides listen. More powerful than any knees. Although I wonder if liberals would ever allow Trump supporters to talk on their platform? Watch the initial resistance until one of the conveners at the rally says to the crowd to shut up and listen in the interest of ‘free speech’ – now that would not have come about from a community that is as divided as the MSM makes out. That is the essence of MAGA.


Be careful of what you wish for


Be careful of what you wish for. It might come true. What astounds me is that there is still a large contingent of people that will stop at nothing to bury Trump. They almost have lost complete perspective of what they are doing such is their thirst to see him kicked out of office. All the while his popularity continues to rise with 55% of Americans in a Rasmussen Reports approve of his job as POTUS. However perhaps more disturbing is the idea that intelligence agencies are deliberately leaking sensitive information in an attempt to overthrow the government.

Two things here. One is wrong doing. Of course illegal activity whether a homeless man or a president can’t be condoned.

Second is the manner of how such information is handled. Many articles and posts I have read are ecstatic that information has been leaked to a biased mainstream media. There are official ways to conduct proper investigations. Those who condone sliming by technically illegal manners need their heads read.  One would think they could put Julian Assange out of a job at the same time be because why not give everyone access to everything? .

I have written in the past that how one leaves a job is more important than how one starts a job. After the election victory of Trump, Obama went on a rampage laying landmines in the White House lawns. At almost every turn he set out to undermine the incoming man. I think this typifies his legacy. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed such political vandalism before. While he has every right to exercise presidential powers TIL his last day in the interests of the country one would think that consulting the incoming president would be the honorable thing to do. However there he was signing refugee deals with Australia, spitting on Israel, cutting sizable cheques to the Palestinian Authority and the big one!

In its final days, the Obama Administration expanded the power of the National Security Agency (NSA) which enabled it to share globally intercepted personal communication with the government’s 16 other intelligence agencies before applying any privacy protections. No longer would communications be screened before sharing opening a whole new can of worms of more people sifting through data which may have no relevance.

The new rules were issued under section 2.3 of Executive Order 12333 after they were approved by two of Obama’s own administration officials: Attorney-General Loretta Lynch and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

Second, as the NY Times described on Jan 12,

“Previously, the N.S.A. filtered information before sharing intercepted communications with another agency, like the C.I.A. or the intelligence branches of the F.B.I. and the Drug Enforcement Administration. The N.S.A.’s analysts passed on only information they deemed pertinent, screening out the identities of innocent people and irrelevant personal information…Now, other intelligence agencies will be able to search directly through raw repositories of communications intercepted by the N.S.A. and then apply such rules for “minimizing” privacy intrusions.”

While the argument is made that this EO was to improve coordination between government intelligence agencies in effect we’ve got too many cooks spoiling the broth. Handling sensitive information is a tough business. If there aren’t enough safety nets to prevent people leaking information to the press then we set up a situation where sabotage is masked as whistle blowing. I am quite sure there are so many dark secrets held in the vaults of the US intelligence apparatus over the decades that were people to discover everything about what laid in its vaults there would be marshal law. Freedoms would have to be curtailed because there would be rioting at the revelations.

I am not condoning lies, deceit or duplicitous behavior but intelligence agencies live and die by the “competitive intelligence” they hold with respect to their enemies. If the wrong type of data is leaked as an act of revenge we are inviting anarchy and from what I read on social media some do not seem to comprehend this point.

People voted in Trump to drain the swamp of exactly this type of ‘deep state’ (for the conspiracy theorists). However let us not kid ourselves to what Mr Obama has been up to since leaving office. It isn’t all about hanging out with Sir Richard Branson. 10 days after leaving office Obama’s spokesman Kevin Lewis said, “President Obama is heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country.” 

Paul Sperry wrote,

“Obama has an army of agitators — numbering more than 30,000 — who will fight his Republican successor at every turn of his historic presidency. And Obama will command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House.

In what’s shaping up to be a highly unusual post-presidency, Obama isn’t just staying behind in Washington. He’s working behind the scenes to set up what will effectively be a shadow government to not only protect his threatened legacy, but to sabotage the incoming administration and its popular “America First” agenda.

He’s doing it through a network of leftist nonprofits led by Organizing for Action. Normally you’d expect an organization set up to support a politician and his agenda to close up shop after that candidate leaves office, but not Obama’s OFA. Rather, it’s gearing up for battle, with a growing war chest and more than 250 offices across the country.


Since Donald Trump’s election, this little-known but well-funded protesting arm has beefed up staff and ramped up recruitment of young liberal activists, declaring on its website, “We’re not backing down.” Determined to salvage Obama’s legacy, it’s drawing battle lines on immigration, ObamaCare, race relations and climate change.


Obama is intimately involved in OFA operations and even tweets from the group’s account. In fact, he gave marching orders to OFA foot soldiers following Trump’s upset victory.”


I’m sure my liberal acquaintances will tell me that Obama’s actions are legit and within the realms of free speech and democracy but never have I heard of other leaders going to such lengths to sabotage a sitting president. Tony Blair runs a distant second on his Brexit Remain preaching.

Obama is forgetting the first rule of democracy. The people voted in Trump in because they repudiated Obama’s failure over 8 years to restore their destroyed fortunes. Talk about obstruction in the House till the cows come home, George W Bush wasn’t out there in a Stetson, cowboy boots and a lasso trying to corral Obama from destroying his legacy (albeit not much to defend). A growing number of people are getting fed up the biased narrative and obstruction to let Trump complete a task of doing what he promised. Many of them may be struggling, white and only possess a high school diploma but they want their livelihoods fixed and Obama proved he was as useless as many former presidents in arresting the gap between the haves and the have nots. That is why Clinton was not going to win. She was totally out of touch with the deplorables.

Yes, people will throw sub 5% unemployment and a raft of Occupy Democrats fact sheets (which are actually comical to the extent that the claims are often completely irrelevant) at me but I throw 12mn (+33%) more people on food stamps back at them for starters. Ineffective foreign policy, a doubling of the debt, the most pages of regulation of any president period and the disaster that has become Obamacare. That’s why Trump won. People had enough and the fact that the press still go to default defilade only infuriates them more. As mentioned earlier, Rasmussen notes his popularity is rising.

Switching  back to leaking confidential information. You have to question many people’s love of country to wish for the downfall of a democractically elected leader by ANY means including unethical, illegal practices or sabotage that would have them foaming at the mouth were it Obama or one of their own side. Were Trump to be booted on the basis of a targeted campaign I would wager that his supporters would not take it well and perhaps become unhinged themselves. They desperately want change and to have him taken out of the picture on spiteful trivialities would shatter their hopes and dreams.

The actions of the regressive left speak volumes. They still do not comprehend what led Trump to the White House. It doesn’t matter that many don’t agree with all he is doing and the manner in which he does it. Many may dislike his inability to sound eloquent and his press conference where he dusted the media again actually won him hearts and minds among his followers even if others blast him for blathering.  Trump doesn’t have a troupe of image creation flunkies to polish his presentations to make him sound like a seasoned politician. Yes, as a politician he is deeply flawed which is the attraction. People don’t want politicians who let them down time after time. The press still don’t know how to play him. What people see, for all of the bravado and hyperbole, is the real article. The same man that won the election. I wrote time and time again in the election campaign that he came across as genuine. Hillary Clinton looked old hat. More of the same.

Sadly I view so much of what I read on social media as a reflection of our society today. Full of self entitled people telling others how to live their lives. Mocking them without taking the slightest bit of time to understand why they feel that way. Retweeting or sharing articles that are baseless in content and even shallower in quality. Even left leaning Bill Maher said he was inviting Milo Yiannopoulos on his show because journalists who boycott the show, such as Jeremy Scahill, are the reason “liberals will continue to lose elections.” MILO responded to Scahill with “if you can’t turn up and defend your ideas, you lose. It’s that simple.”

Like the title says – Be careful what you wish for. Pushing for every possible avenue to undermine a man put in a job by citizens who had enough of being forgotten will not take kindly to those actions. While liberals think they are attacking him and him alone they are in reality targeting 64mn others and potentially many more. That is a dangerous fight to be picking. But of course you won’t hear that from the mainstream media. They’re accomplices in the quest to play the man not the ball. Is it any wonder a NY Times subscription is still 50% off? Wait a minute it is now 60% off.


Tweeting Trump boosts celebrity popularity by 10x. Love should Trump hate!


We do not have to dig deep to work out the shallowness of celebrities and their desperation to stay on the A-list. The limelight is everything. As much as they bitch and moan about the new president, they are secretly intensely happy to have someone that gives instant and broad exposure to tweets. Take James Corden- of car-pool karaoke fame. He averages around 1,600 likes on Twitter per apolitical tweet, which is pretty dismal considering he has 8.9mn followers. When he mentions anything to do with President Trump or his policies (especially lately), his numbers experience more than a 10-fold jump! He should congratulate the President rather than censure him. If you go back far enough into his Twitter feed James loved the Obamas. So his anti-Trump tweets gain him much exposure for his popularity. He should be thankful. Hell who can blame him? To have almost 9mn followers to begin with.

He is not the only A-lister to rant for the anti-Trump cause. Take a look at the following chart. Ashton Kutcher has almost twice the number of followers as Corden however has less impact. Although that is in part due to his reaching out and answering individual replies to his followers. So anyone ‘liking’ a reply to a question they probably have no idea what it is in reference to shows the hollowness of social media endorsement and understanding in general.


Mylie Ray Cyrus has almost 32mn followers. Way to go! However the sad fact is that her tweets,whether they mention Trump and his policies or not, show little impact and highlight one of two things; 1) it shows how little faith followers have in her grasp of political issues or; 2) that the average age of the majority of her fans are probably yet to hit teenage. Maybe both.

Mark Ruffalo is a furious re-tweeter and that hurts his numbers. The majority of his Twitter feed is anti-Trump so he picked up some trending tweets and re-tweeted. He has been busy.

George Takei is frankly left in his own teleporter such is his relative lack of impact with his followers. Spock might have shown sympathy. He is also a furious re-tweeter of which most is surrounding anything anti-Trump.

Celebrities know that “when you’re hot you’re hot and when you’re not you’re not!” I almost fell out of my chair the other week when I heard that celebrities wanted to strike on masse. Please if it means you won’t try to ride the wave of Trump bashing.

Of course we can speculate all we want about “bots” inflating the Twitter numbers but looking at Trump’s 21.3mn followers he gets an average 94k likes on non-policy matters and 136k on policy matters. Perhaps these celebrities could actually learn a thing or two. #MakeMyPopularityGreatAgain??

So if we look at Twitter average like impact on politics as a % of followers we get:

James Corden  – 0.19%
Ashton Kutcher – 0.07%
Mylie Cyrus – 0.08%
Mark Ruffalo – 0.25%
George Takei – 0.18% and
Donald Trump – 0.64%

So James Corden (and others), if you take a contrarian view, get President Trump on carpool karaoke and think of how your Twitter stats might explode like The Donald’s! Even though you pick up 10x the leverage by talking about Trump, he picks up 3x more leverage per tweet than you against his fanbase. I’d be checking into rehab with such a poor impact with ‘my people’.

3 things about the inauguration


Three things stood out. One didn’t. First President Trump’s speech was highly predictable (albeit accurate in many areas) but his delivery was trademark.  He is not a good orator. No surprises. To the three stand out things.

1) the lack of intelligence of many fashion designers not to leap at the chance of using First Lady Melania as a walking billboard. She looked absolutely stunning. Not her fashion model looks per se but her coat and gloves actually stole the show from Mr President himself. .

2) Rioters. Did they really think that destroying public and private property made them look smart? If anything they scored a succession of own goals. There’s only one group of people to be upset with – themselves. A fairly democratically elected president won and their behavior smacks of their own hubris.

3) Do people on social media think about the lifelong digital footprint they leave? I read comments from people begging he be assassinated, to his son being autistic and there as protection from being knocked off to a host of other expletive laden insults. I’m not easily offended and I’d wager 90% of what is written is heat of the moment and most likely idle threats it really brings out the worst in people.

Now let us see how quickly he goes about fulfilling his promise “to never let down the American people”. Of course he won’t live up to all of his promises but I honestly think his ego will actually be most flattered if he delivers on what he says. Think about it. He already has billions so there is little point using his office to add a few. It will be messy at times but provided he is given a chance to Make America Great Again I think he’ll try his best to fulfill it. I do think he is genuine in that vision even if his methods won’t be orthodox, which to be frank is actually a comforting thing. No more putting lipstick on a pig.

An end in horror is preferable to horror without end


Whether reading CNN’s somewhat hopeful report on how Dems could remain in power if Trump and Pence were assassinated at today’s inauguration or more bleating tweets and posts from liberals demanding ‘good Americans’ rise up and challenge tyranny I am left shaking my head. The playing of the man not the ball has achieved nothing and goes to prove how they’ve learnt nothing. It is also getting tiring. So much of the negativity carries baseless claims which are cut to fit narratives. I listened to Warren and Sanders rattle off loaded statements to Trump’s health and education picks which weren’t questions but deliberate attempts to belittle them in the face of their own policy failings.

Putting partisan politics to one side, the world is living on vapors. I’ve described countless times that central banks and governments have painted themselves into a corner of their own making. For almost two decades, we’ve been kicking the can down the road. The amount of group think is incredible. How can central banks operate negative and zero rate policies and question why economies aren’t reacting? They continue to buy toxic and other assets which have gotten to such extremes that markets are plain manipulated. A market’s true function is to provide a ‘clearing’ price for buyers and sellers. Yet, all central banks have created is more asset bubbles with hugely negative long term consequences.

Governments have been riding on the coat tails of central bank policy. These supposed independent institutions have allowed politicians to absolve their own responsibility by building up a debt edifice to put us in more fiscal danger. Poorly guided spending and a large uptick in the number of public servants worldwide allows at least on the surface the ability to boast lower unemployment numbers and other statistics that allow self congratulations.

Yet the big problem of this myopic thinking is simple. Brexit and Trump have shown the flaws out of touch liberal policies have had on their citizens. At some stage the economics stop reaching a growing number. Seemingly sensible regulation at the time ends up choking business and causing Main Street to face growing hardship. Yes it is so easy to claim Trump’s victory was a revolt by angry white men. Perhaps if Clinton had visited the struggle towns of Scranton or Detroit during the campaign then perhaps she could have reached out to those really hurting and won swing states. That was Trump’s success. He made a point of visiting places that were hurting. He listened to their cries. He won legitimately despite insurmountable opposition from the Democrats, many from within the party he represented and the mainstream media. For all the criticism of him being an idiot, bigot, racist and every other negative he earns the top job this evening.

He is certainly not without faults. However spending the next 4 years whining about what he Will or won’t do will solve nothing. Many voices are hoping he is impeached within a few years. A world in as fragile state as this does not need political instability in the world’s biggest economy. China is in poor shape, Japan muddles less effectively along and the Eurozone is a heartbeat from imploding under the weight of a growing number of disaffected member states. Elections in France, Holland, Italy and Germany will have profound impacts. Even if the AfD doesn’t win in Germany, recent state elections are forcing the hand of politicians like Merkel to wake up and adopt a tougher stance. We don’t need a change at the helm to force change. The message of parties that listen to the disaffected will continue to grow.

The age of entitlement is over. The era of victimology is over. The world can’t withstand anymore political correctness. It is not solving anything other than create the very opposite of what it claims to provide.

So we can either wake up and prepare for harsher times ahead with a sense of duty and common sense or we can default to what we continue to do, wait for it all to collapse and expect someone else to pay for it. The choice is ours and I fear we are going the completely wrong way about it. There is no safe space where we are heading. Perhaps the only positive picture I can conjure up is that the wake up call when it all goes pear shaped will make Trump-whining so passé. It will be the harshest medicine but a dosage that will snap us out of this nightmare where an end in horror will trump horror without end.

What is it Democrats don’t understand about democracy?


What is it Democrats don’t get about democracy? I’m serious – what is it? The amount of blame placed on people who got up and voted for Trump, especially the supposed #WhiteLash. Could it be that the biased media so close to Election Day was 98% cocksure Hillary Clinton would romp home that many would be Democrat voters believed the utter exaggeration of Trump’s nigh on impossible to win and complacently sat on their safe space sofas and realized the folly of their mistake when it was too late. To hear the young people chant “this is not my President!” while they trash public and private property. These same people who whinge at the “lack of intelligence” of Trump’s redneck backers show themselves to be the dumb ones for conforming to groupthink driven by an out of touch media who only fed them with the bias formed in an echo chamber they wanted to hear. The signs were obvious. Did they not see those outer city yokels doing it tough while they blissfully chewed on A-5 wagyu steaks washed down with new world merlot from Argentina behind their gated compounds?.

This election showed Democrats out of touch with midde America. Trump won because he listened and appealed to those who didn’t believe in the bulldust spouted by the Ivy League political masters because they weren’t living that prosperity.


The above map points to the typical intolerant double standards of the liberal left. While they cry outrage at Trump’s locker room talk they remain silent about their own when Weiner is busted for sexting minors and the well known sexual misconduct of Bill Clinton is spoken of. Didn’t they cry “when they go low, we go high”? When an election is run in the gutter on both sides that sort of moral high ground doesn’t exactly win hearts and minds.

So while the Democrats preach diversity, equality, LGBT rights and free education they have no shame in mocking Republicans as coming from “Dumbfuckistan” which if the shoe was on the other foot and Trump supporters hailed Democrats from Demfuckistan they would be assaulted as bigoted white trash, disrespecting the Muslim community by using “-stan.” That’s the beauty of the diversity mob – you’re only one of them if you strictly conform to the letter of their ideology. Stray off message and you’ll be  instantly labeled bigoted, racist, intolerant and probably deplorable  for good measure.

Now it seems those champagne socialists (aka Hollywood celebrities) don’t want to leave after all. Well there is a surprise. While they harped on about equality and diversity (Miley Cyrus even cried on camera about how her life would be ruined if Trump won) they won’t stick to their promises because they know their fragile egos and bank accounts wouldn’t grow outside America. Funny how the situation changes. Amy Shumer now says she was joking.

Reverend Al Sharpton (another who threatened to leave) said, “I think that there’s going to be — rather than going to a blame game, we need to analyze, this man’s going to be president and all that many of us have fought for during our lives is at stake. And we are not going down without a fight and Donald needs to know that.”

I have absolutely no sympathy for people complaining about a result they had a chance to influence had they exercised democratic rights. It is irrelevant that whites voted for Trump. More blacks, Hispanics and other minorities voted for Trump than Romney in November 2011.  Say all they want about divisiveness and every other insult in the book because they didn’t like the outcome they would be better off looking inside themselves at the hypocrisy of what Democrat stands for. They stand for social justice on every form of victimology which now extends to protesting those who exercised democratic rights. They are victims of their own stupidity.

Complain all they want about what a vulgarian Trump is but they had a chance to stop it. Perhaps if Bernie Sanders wasn’t shafted because it was Hillary’s turn to be President the Democrats might have won. Now I hear the “she won the popular vote (by c.200,000)” so it is an unfair result but the election was well known to be based on electoral colleges. Thems the rules folks.  I’m sorry but Democrats also helped Trump into the Oval Office. They may have detested him as a person, they may think of him as a liar, bigot, racist etc but he won that election despite every hurdle and obstacle thrown in his way. Perhaps Trump isn’t as dumb as you made him out to be? With a majority in the House and Senate perhaps he’ll get much more done than many expect. The expectations are that low.

He is already breaking election promises apparently. Seriously people – when a man looks down a camera in front of millions after being busted for lewd talk tells you “no one respects women more than me” you can’t claim you didn’t know that. He knows you know he knows you know. Clinton on the other hand thought she knew you knew she knowed you didn’t know. It’s subtle but another reason why his authenticity pulled this election off.

In closing, hopefully the message here is simple. Instead of Democrats hurling insults at white racists and bigots perhaps they should open their eyes and know they were the very same accomplices that allowed such division to fester. Don’t blame them when it was you that played a role in beating them down into abject poverty. They were the victims of an establishment that didn’t care about them and they chose to be agents of change. They might not have letters after their name but don’t pass them off as stupid when the ones crying they’ve been duped are indeed you.

#WhiteLash – I was awaiting the identity politics brigade


I was waiting for the diversity brigade to troll out the stereotypes. #whitelash seems to be the key one being wheeled out to show ‘wealthy white American males’ deliberately voting for Trump to punish Obama and black America. Seriously? 50% of eligible voters didn’t show up. I would argue that that anyone of that persuasion was unlikely to have voted for Obama in the first place in Nov 2007 or Nov 2011. To think that all of these white Obama supporters had a sudden brain snap? Trump saw a rise from Romney’s record in both Black (6->8%) and Hispanic (27->29%) while Hillary Clinton saw a reverse vs Obama of Black (93->88%) and Hispanic (71->68%). Listen to Farrakhan smash Obama for ignoring his own people before the election. Was the landslide solely driven by whites?


President Obama was put into office twice by blacks, Hispanics, whites and other minorities. 200mn people or 62% of America is ‘white’. He won fairly and many of these white folk would have had to vote for him to make it happen.

Could it just have been that Obama’s policies were not delivering? Sure he was given a Hail Mary pass from the Bush Administration with the financial  collapse, a messy Congress but for all of the claimed achievements, middle income Americans have continued to see their wealth and livelihoods shrink. More people than ever before have had to take on more than one job to make ends meet. America’s Research Group (ARG), which has been tracking consumer shopping trends since 1979, says that 26 million Americans are juggling multiple jobs and only earnings $27,000 average. These people are supporting 2-4 kids and 68% are women aged 28-38 working in retail or call centres.. 47% of Americans can’t raise $400 in emergency cash without selling something according to the Fed. One bank survey showed 34% of American’s had ZERO savings while 69% had less than $1,000 in the bank. It was growing helplessness.

Even if richer ‘white’ folk voted for Trump on the hopes of lower taxes do you blame them? If I offered to double your taxes will you embrace me or punch me in the nose? It isn’t anti-Obama so why does the press consistently move to turn it into identity politics? Could it be that those suffering didn’t see that another 4 years of Obama-esque policy under Clinton with the prospect of even higher taxes was an appealing choice given they were still under a rock since 2008?


Something that intrigued me the entire election was the heat maps. When you clicked into the individual states, it would mostly be red, surrounded by blue splodges around the main city centres that were blue. If there was ever a sign of how the ‘hicks’ were feeling this was it. I remember reading a paper from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) which said that small businesses were being crushed under the weight of endless regulation. Small businesses (I am one) by their very nature are self-regulating. You have fewer options with frivolous expenditure. Many claimed that Obamacare

Forbes wrote recently,

“The Politico/Harvard survey found that over half of Americans believe that it has become more difficult to get ahead financially for low-income people, and nearly the same percent believe it is also true for those with middle-incomes. Looking ahead, only 18 percent are optimistic and believe the economy will pick up over the next 10 years compared to 21 percent who believe the economy will slow down. About half of Americans foresee more of the same.

The NFIB Small Business Economic Trends monthly survey of small-business owners reports a strikingly similar sentiment with more owners expecting the economy to worsen in the next six months than improve. Owners’ outlook for expansion is equally dismal as few find it a good time to grow and expand. The gloomy sentiment is not surprising with GDP growth averaging 1 percent over the last nine months.

Small-business owners’ lack of enthusiasm is exacerbated by the myriad of cost burdens and uncertainties that impact their business. NFIB’s 2016 Small Business Problems and Priorities survey found that five of the top ten most severe problems affecting small-business owners are tax related. The highest ranked problem is the cost of health insurance followed by unreasonable government regulations.”

Obamacare (in force since 2010) has put small businesses at a significant disadvantage when competing against larger businesses because the latter can more easily absorb higher health insurance costs. Numerous small businesses have had to cancel their health insurance benefits completely, dumping a growing number of employees into Obamacare exchanges. This is not only bad for the employees, it’s horrible for the businesses, who are now losing quality job applicants to large corporations that offer better benefits, according to the Level Funded Health poll. The survey found 56 percent of the 2,500 small businesses polled say they are losing quality employee candidates because of the rising costs associated with employer-provided health care plans under Obamacare.

Before 2016, many of the time-consuming regulations for small businesses with 49-100 employees weren’t enforced. This was to give businesses more time to prepare for the rules. Now that many small businesses are going to be forced to comply with myriad health care rules and regulations they have been able to avoid in the past, many experts are expecting the number of Department of Labor audits to increase, which will exacerbate the confusion and costs being imposed on small business. More regulations, additional costs, the risk of fines,  being audited and greater difficulty competing with larger companies for quality employees just compounds the ability to succeed.

So no matter what the spin in statistics and fact checking in the presidential debates the impacts at the coal face are as reported above. Life is getting tougher for the engine room of the economy.

Let’s move the identity politics from the map and focus on people making legitimate choices about their vote. America’s economy is not providing such economic luxury that affords frivolous decisions among those ‘white’ voters. Perhaps the shocking 50% turnout was in part laid blame to the Democrat-biased mainstream media which effectively sold the idea that HRC was a shoe in. She wasn’t – she may have won the popular vote but she might have won the presidency had the people out of touch with the outer communities got up and voted. Perhaps the scandals both within the DNC (the revelations on the Bernie Sanders screw over) and outside (e.g. Clinton Foundation, FBI investigations) reviled people more than a vulgarian who made inappropriate comments about minorities and locker room filth. Then again when porn sites receive more traffic than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined every month perhaps the offended sensibilities were all on the outside. Like I mentioned yesterday, Trump had an army of closet voters who probably felt social pressure not to reveal their inner feelings outwardly.

On a lighter note, when are all those Hollywood stars off to Canada? I’m wondering whether the selfie loving Trudeau would allow them in for fear of stealing his limelight? Well we know how some celebrities (sorry…errhem… Your Majesty) have not shown the same enthusiasm as you them Prime Minister Trudeau.

To the group thinkers on Trump


To the group thinkers on Trump. I have something to say.  He is and will be nowhere near as bad as what the mainstream media (MSM) made him to be. After all the mainstream media got the electorate 100% wrong with perhaps Breitbart, Zerohedge and WSJ standing out as beacons of reality. Why would you accept their autopsy on the election? They missed the mood of the nation completely.

Trump won with the largest turnout and most extreme level of hatred from the MSM and members of both parties. Think about how wrong they all were .

An old proverb says “to err is human, to blame on someone else is even more human” – so -as an investor I reckon the post Trump sell off will be a good short term investment.

People will quickly realize how much Trump will galvanize a damaged electorate. He may not deliver but they have blindly put faith in his ability to execute. A bit like Japanese salarymen putting faith in their company, Trump will have loads of time to drain the swamp. To openly appeal to fair and open competition. To say to them he gets the impact of illegal immigration putting strains on part time jobs.

Trump knows that  the 75% employment backbone comes from small business. Lowering taxes will inspire start ups, crushed under Obama’s onerous regulation. America is the greatest country in the world as goes creativity.

In an unstable world geopolitically Trump will be far better than Clinton. Countries are far less likely to meddle with Trump as an unpredictable with  Ike’s than a known formula. Watch China tow the line after years of belligerence under Obama.

Eatly days, but write him off at your peril like the majority of media outlets – that in reality has been a shockingly bad trade!

President Trump wins the “Go to Hell” vote


Call it what you will but the underdog won. I always held Trump had closet voters uneasy about admitting it in public for fear of retribution. Never has someone in US politics had so much stacked against him -the mainstream media, Democrats, many Republican Party elites, Wall St and self-inflicted gaffes. Throughout the entire campaign most people wrote him off yet his biggest Trump card was “Make America Great Again” which resonated with those who had been suffering under the veil of ill guided economic policy and political correctness under Obama and to be fair previous administrations. Sure people screamed he awoke the racists and bigots but there aren’t c.60mn that voted for him. Hillary lost fair and square, her second loss.

Trump, as Michael Moore said, “was the Molotov cocktail”for disaffected voters. It is not only a massive shock to the Democrats but a true reflection of how hollow Obama’s achievements actually were viewed by voters today. Had his legacy been so untouchable  the people would show him love and Hillary Clinton could have sat in Obama’s golf cart instead of campaigning for 12 months. Yes he was left with a mess after Bush but his constant dodging of due process, using the DoJ to deliberately mislead multiple supreme courts forcing mandatory ethics training for its members. His liberal policies failed voters – that’s why his party was beaten in the popular vote and the electoral vote.

While some may rattle on about the glass ceiling and this being a sexist vote against Clinton, I say it wasn’t.  America voted a black man into the Oval Office twice. They’ve passed the diversity test. Clinton carried decades of scandal, baggage, Clinton Foundation pay for play, FBI investigations, an alleged rapist for a husband and potential health issues to weigh her cause down. I also thought Tim Kaine was awful (he was thumped by Pemce in the VP debate) and never forget his line that “I’ve never lost in 9 elections” Such ‘Titanic is unsinkable’ chatter was a confirmation for me that the Dems drowned in hubris.

Another problem was the media believing their own BS. They were so stuck in their own echo chamber which invited the disaffected to sign up to vote. I wrote a report on social media showing how much it was weighing in Trump’s favour. How many 10s of thousands saw after fed his rallies.

The Republican Party will also get a massive kick in the arse. Many repudiated Trump. They did in the hope he’d lose so they could retain their core and act as true Republicans. That will be their downfall.

As to what a Trump presidency holds it will be unpredictable. Although Pemce will be a steadying hand.

Of course the bleating begins. The elites will choke on their Michelin star filet mignon steaks at their 5-star hotels wondering what went wrong. I said that this election was about poverty. 8 years of Obama made it worse. Many Democrat supporters shoved economic record after record in my face and I disproved it saying the people experiencing hardship are going through it in real time while you live behind your gated compound. The left has often resorted to name calling the deplorables as idiots and unintelligent. One suggested was genocide or education required to turn them? I queried why do people who support a party like the Democrats have an issue with democracy? People tried to belittle people at Brexit comparing leavers to morons. To turn the argument on its head those criticizing them could be accused of blind ignorance.

So beyond that expect two things in the investment world – buy defense and fossil fuel stocks and sell renewable energy. Buy gold because the world economy is already at breaking point.

For Japan, the US won’t abandon them in defense. On the contrary. Under Obama defense spending has sunk to 3.7% of GDP and I’m guessing under Trump it will head back to 4.5%+ range. I think he’ll unite Russian interests with regards to Syria. His protectionist policies will have ramifications but as the worlds largest economy there is a prerogative to do it. TPP is dead

On balance I know many Democrats will be borderline suicidal but Trump will be nowhere near as bad as the group think media has made him. The economy is already on the ropes. Therefore hard choices will be easier to make. The American people have given him the keys to the Oval Office to make change and the best part of it will be “political correctness” will be buried deep into the White House garden.