Trump should demand to debate Harris, not Biden

Both Democrat candidates have spilt the beans on the Harris-Biden ticket. If Trump is the true troll that we know he is, he should demand to debate Kamala Harris.

Pelosi wants Biden locked in his basement

As the polls narrow, Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a public statement that Joe Biden shouldn’t do the debates. Of course her excuse was that Trump doesn’t deserve a platform. In reality she wants Joe locked in the basement so he doesn’t implode.

Joe Biden contradicted Pelosi’s request and said he would do the debates. Bring your popcorn.

Fauxcahontas throws a gutter ball

Democrat presidential nominee Elizabeth Warren was asked at a town hall meeting at a bowling alley about her claims to be Native American. Here is the video of her reply.

Confirming what everyone already knew, Warren said,

I am not a person of color, I am not a citizen of a tribe, and I have apologized for confusion I’ve caused on tribal citizenship, tribal sovereignty, and for any harm that I’ve caused.

Confusion? Hijacking an identity for the sole purpose of advancing one’s career. Couldn’t be much clearer.

Talk about inauthenticity. To try to pin it on her parents for leading her to believe that identity. Imagine the presidential debates if she wins the nomination. Grab your popcorn.

WaPo amazingly slams Clinton’s new book


The Washington Post (WaPo) is usually nothing more than a  staunch Democrat campaign arm dressed up as a newspaper.

The paper’s non-fiction critic, Carlos Lozada, in the Sunday WaPo reviewed the Clinton/Kaine manifesto as follows:  “You don’t need to wade through this book. None one does. No one should. The only people I imagine reading it are future fact-checkers, masochistic book critics and the most strung out political junkies…Stronger Together’ is an embarrassment: sloppy, repetitive, dutiful and boring. This is a book that, 237 pages in, actually thanks readers for making it that far…Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine have written a deplorable campaign book.” Concluding “”So it’s telling that ‘Stronger Together’ came out the same week that the Democratic nominee dismissed half of Trump’s supporters as ‘deplorables’ and argued that the other half are the only ones worth heeding. And Democrats are rallying to the concept. Togetherness makes for a nice slogan, but division makes for a stronger campaign.”

Apparently, readers agree. The book does not rank on the WaPo’s top 10 list, and is No. 851 on Amazon, which has already slashed the price 39%.

It now seems that Trump is back in the lead in some of the polls.the LA Times put him at a 7 point lead with black voters hitting an all time high of 20.1%. Also millennial voters put Trump at 46.8% vs 34.6% for Clinton.

When WaPo starts to sink the boot one wonders whether they are quietly conceding a likely defeat. The growing list of scandals in the Clinton campaign. From the deliberate actions to prevent Sanders from becoming the nominee, to the appointment of Wasserman-Schulz as campaign manager straight after that revelation, the email scandals, the pay for play, the contentious health issues and the increasing lack of sincerity and warmth when she speaks, the DNC campaign has been its own worst enemy. Even with the mainstream media bias and Barack Obama backing her for so long the wheels seem to be falling off,  lord only knows what Julian Assange plans to release to the world on Hillary ahead of presidential debate #1 on Sep 26. I also wonder how many undecided votes Trump won when Fallon ruffled his hair. Trivial and irrelevant to running a country but he exuded a level of authenticity that Clinton doesn’t have.