How many Democrat state governors would dare do this?

In 2020, how many Democrat run states could lay claim to have a governor dare do this? NY Gov Cuomo? Oregon Gov Brown? California Gov Newsom? Michigan Gov Whitmer?

Sure they might do a presser in front of Old Glory and the state flag but none would proudly puff their chest like South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem and parade at an event to let the crowd know exactly where she stands on love of country.




Raw and Refreshing

Some people just call as they see it. Refreshing to hear Main Streeters who haven’t been shaped by media advisors. The media is missing a trick.

This is the reason why we believe that American patriotism is more powerful than a hateful media.

Snowflake warning: some profanity.

Is Tommy Robinson in the minority with a #2 rank book on Amazon?


There is no moral equivalence to be drawn here with this latest attack outside Finsbury mosque in London. Innocent people were mown down by a van driven by someone filled with rage and hate. Social media is already screaming “bigot, racist, terrorist, anti-Muslim, radical” but there is a much bigger point not being addressed. The social boiling point is being reached much more rapidly than the media will admit.  Tommy Robinson was accused across social media for inspiring anti-Muslim rhetoric and fueling this person to commit the crime. His tweets matched his long standing convictions and predictions. Perhaps everyone who has bought Tommy’s book “Enemy of the State”  (ranked #2 book on Amazon UK, #131 in Canada and #2375 in America & now $350 on paperback) could be a risk of commiting such acts if that is the generalization. Of course it is nonsense. By the measure of the sales success perhaps his views maybe more mainstream than the negative ‘extreme’ moniker that is often hurled at him.

Could it be argued that a growing number of people are growing sick and tired of random jihadi attacks and see this book as a guide on how the government isn’t  handling the problem? That was not a intended to be a fact checking laced comment rather pointing out that many people potentially share his supposed ‘patriotic’ view as demonstrated by the commerciality of his writing. This is no longer a pure jihadi problem but one that is now likely to become tit-for-tat terrorism which carries far more negative connotations.

Think beyond the all too common propensity to push prejudices by lashing out on social media with little thought to trying to understand the full arguments of alternative views. Do we take a book review from apologists as fact when most of those have probably never read his book cover to cover? I am reading it because I want to form my own judgement rather than rely on others’ bias. He has strong views but no better way than self vetting. I’ve read Mein Kampf in what must be the most appalling book ever written – grammatically and content-wise. For one whose family escaped the deaths camps of Poland, trying to understand the ravings of Hitler brought added perspective to the horror although some might conclude reading it is an endorsement. It is not.

Innocents are dead or injured in this attack on Fisnbury Park Mosque. If indeed Tommy has a minority view, most people wouldn’t buy his book. Are all the people that buy it racist? Even if one thinks they are then even more reason to say that the government’s current pandering to political correctness won’t solve these hate fueled events whether radical jihadis or right (left?) wing nutters. Do violent video games incite massacres? Are all ‘Brexiters’ a carbon copy of the man who murdered Labour politician Jo Cox days before the referendum?  Do we need to bring in Islamophobic legislation like Canada (Bill M-103) to shut down people expressing concern? No, No and No. Current policy approaches are having the opposite effect as this attack proves.

At the time of the Manchester bombing I warned that vigilantism would be an ugly side effect of endless political correctness. Coincidentally Robinson suggested similar views about the rise of vigilantes after that post in a vlog. Wasting a lot of time on what  motivated the driver to commit such a terrible crime is not necessary. It is obvious. It is a revenge attack. This is highly likely to be a person screaming out for something to be done about a problem he obviously doesn’t think is being handled properly by elected officials. He probably viewed himself as a vigilante even if that title might be an overreach in this instance.  This in no way defends his despicable actions. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter was often used by IRA sympathisers. Still it doesn’t in anyway condone killing or maiming innocents, no matter what ideology, faith, race or background they come from. It is plain awful. The majority of people would agree with that view.

Revenge attacks and reprisals only exacerbate a rapidly deteriorating relationship. However trying to say the perpetrator proves that not all such attacks are driven by radical Islam doesn’t address the core of the problem. The majority of good people (note a deliberate statement not to go down the identity politics line) want an end to innocent deaths at the hands of extremists but if free speech and the ability to tackle radicalism (wherever it lies) aren’t openly addressed these events will sadly continue. It should be totally in the interests of the majority of ‘good’ Muslims (I detest that phraseology) to want to stop radicals from collectivising their faith with what they perceive is the wrong interpretation. Common sense would say they are the most important link in the chain to weed out those who want to kill in the name of Allah. They need to be front and centre of the debate.

What the UK government (and other governments) have created is a monster of their own making. Candles, flowers, lit monuments, avatars, expressions of sympathy and ‘love conquers hate’ posts dodge the need to have a serious debate on the problem. Now we have seen first hand a real openly targeted revenge attack in the UK, people need less sanctimonious posturing on social media and focus their energies on truly understanding what is at stake. That is to ditch the liberal hand-wringing and have an open debate on the problem. Robinson’s book isn’t selling in the volumes it is by chance. Politicians should pay attention to this trend. It is not about arguing about whether he is right or wrong but noting the simmering underbelly of a growing number of people fed up with inaction. This is the end of the beginning not the beginning of the end.

What Australia could learn from Marine Le Pen


I shook my head the other day when a Sydney school rolled over and accepted that male Muslim students could refuse to shake female teachers’ hands to safeguard their religious beliefs. Bill Leak’s follow up cartoon hit the nail on the head. How far will Australia go out of its way to sell its own values out? Talk about a one way street. Cultural sensitivity? Not in my book. This is solely at the feet of the victimhood brigade which is pushed at every opportunity to shame us. The reality is real victims never want to advertise their adversity.


While many of the excuses to allow students the right to refuse a handshake surrounded religious teachings, were it such a matter of theological imperative why wasn’t this emergency pushed decades ago? There is a simple answer to that. We live in an age of apologists. Now the left leaning liberals will take any opportunity to trash our supposed intolerance and try to make a point of how we win moral high ground by yielding everything. We are meant to feel guilty about our heritage.

It would be interesting to see whether local imams pushed the necessity of being able to refuse to shake a female teahcer’s hand 10, 20 or 30 years ago. If they didn’t then you know full well that this is nothing but taking advantage of our weakness.

So when Front Nationale leader Marine Le Pen went to meet the Grand Mufti in Lebanon there was furore that she cancelled the meeting because they were trying to force her to wear a hijab. Good on her. In a sense she was saying “ok, I respect your culture. However you must respect mine. If you can’t meet me on the grounds of discussing what’s in my head as opposed to what is on it we are wasting each other’s time!” I think that would have won her much admiration. Her polling in the first stage of the presidential election looks a done deal and the second looking much better odds. Finally a politician that shows her spine and refuses to pander to the politically correct mob. She is deeply proud of French culture.

We need only look at Switzerland for similar acts of common sense. USA Today reported 6 months ago that the Swiss authorities denied the citizenship applications of two Muslim schoolgirls who refused to swim in a pool with boys based on religious grounds. Authorities cited the students’ refusal to comply with school curricula like all the other children of various races, backgrounds, and religions. “Their refusal to assimilate to and respect the very culture they wanted to take them in and give them the privilege of citizenship was proof enough that they weren’t there to better Swiss society but to force its citizens to adopt their foreign beliefs.”

Step by step we are disrobing the fabric of our society. For all the noise we hear in the press about diversity making us stronger we pave a road which our current  political class seems happy to turn a blind eye to. I have never had an issue with any culture, race or religion openly show pride in where they came from provided it does not require everyone else to have to make sacrifices to help them adjust.

Granting a foreigner citizenship is not a right but a privilege. If I want to show the Japanese that I appreciate being granted permanent residency I don’t go around demanding I wear my shoes inside their houses and jump into onsen hot springs  before I wash my body. I respect their laws and customs. If I don’t like it I can always go home to live the way of my culture. Sadly my culture in Australia gets more foreign by the day because we fail to uphold our own pride for fear of being labeled bigots. It isn’t bigotry to be patriotic. We haven’t got quite to the stupidity of Canada which is looking to impose laws which criminalize Islamophobia. Why not other religions? It isn’t diversity making society greater when it is arbitrarily forced.

Full credit to the religious clerics who see how easy it is to score goals with a government prepared to rest the goalkeeper during the penalty shootout. That is our fault, not theirs.

Enough is enough. Thank you Madame for showing us that cultural enrichment is a two way street. Vive la France or was it VTFF.