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When these millionaires go home having boycotted the game they were contractually obligated to play, I hope the consequences of their choices affect only them. Not, say, the ball boy, or the janitor who might get paid by the hour, and who now has to go home much earlier.

Thanks Jon Jon. We agree with your view. It is always eye rolling to see people who are clearly not suffering from systemic racism or bigotry feel obliged to virtue signal that they stand with the supposedly ‘oppressed’ when so many have not chosen to be active in the very communities they claim to be making a statement in support of. It is too easy to picture then returning home in fancy European sports cars to lounge in $50,000 sofas watching Netflix.

Hypocrites. Although there is an irony to think fewer people are watching these sports because of the ever increasing political portions shoved in consumers’ faces, the very thing they’re paying to avoid.

Mental Illness = Gun Violence?

As ever, the mainstream media are sensationalizing “mental health” and the connection to gun massacres. Let’s not forget that mental health can be categorized in a broad variety of ways – from mild anxiety, ADHD to PTSD and full blown bi-polar or schizophrenia. The mainstream media would have us believe that Trump wants the keys to the gun cabinet handed over to certified crackpots to go on white supremacist fueled mass rampages. It is easy to say that those who commit these atrocities must be mad. How easy is it to fall for that assumption? Yet the stats say otherwise.

First, what is this bill that has been repealed by Trump? Why is the media making such clickbait hyperventilating news of something that was already enacted c.2 years ago?

The previous Obama bill allowed gun retailers to get access to “mental health” related social security benefits paid to potential buyers. There are nine categories of mental disorders covered in the Social Security Blue Book. These include:

Affective disorders

Anxiety Disorders

Autism and related disorders

Mental retardation

Organic Mental Disorders

Personality disorders

Schizophrenia, paranoia, and psychotic disorders

Somatoform disorders

Substance addiction

The idea is that if one had claustrophobia or similar mild anxiety, it would be unlikely to be a factor in causing someone to shoot up a Walmart. In order to get mental health disability checks, the applicant must prove compliance to prescribed medication and that they seek regular treatment from professionals. Why do we automatically assume that mental health status is a direct trigger to mass murder? Simply because it is easy to categorize these events to unhinged crazies and presume that there was ‘illness’ involved.

A study conducted by the National Institute of Health (NIH) in America showed,

Thirty-four subjects, acting alone or in pairs, committed 27 mass murders between 1958 and 1999. The sample consisted of males with a median age of 17. 70% were described as a loner. 61.5% had problems with substance abuse. 48% had preoccupations with weapons. 43.5% had been victims of bullying. Although 23% had a documented psychiatric history, only 6% were judged to have been psychotic at the time of the mass murder. Depressive symptoms and historical antisocial behaviors were predominant. There was a precipitating event in most cases–usually a perceived failure in love or school–and most subjects made threatening statements regarding the mass murder to third parties. The majority of the sample clustered into three types: the family annihilator, the classroom avenger, and the criminal opportunist.”

Recall Cuban Parkland, Florida student Emma Gonzalez admitted she’d bullied the shooter Nikolas Cruz. It doesn’t excuse his actions. Nor hers.

Take cyber bullying stats from the Association of Psychological Science in the US. In 2015 more than 16,000 young people were absent from school daily because of bullying. 83% of young people say cyber bullying has a negative impact on their self-esteem. 30% of young people have gone on to self-harm as a result of cyberbullying. 10% of young people have attempted to commit suicide as a result of cyberbullying.

So the stats tell us in 3 out of 4 cases, mental illness was not the culprit in mass shootings. A violent/bullying, substance abuse based environment was.

As mentioned in the previous post, how is it we can find out about the history of shooters within hours of the terror? Surely the powers at the FBI, NSA etc can monitor the traffic of hate – death lists, death threats etc and use that as the basis of background checks rather than rely on whether someone received mental health related disability cheques? Perhaps someone who is fully healed from a mental illness as a child poses no threat if wanting to hunt or fire at a supervised gun range. Perhaps that individual wants to be a security guard?

Dr Jeffrey Swanson, a professor in psychiatry and behavioral science at the Duke University School of Medicine believes that in the event of unlawful use of a firearm by those with mental illness, 95% likely to turn the weapon on themselves than commit homicide.

He also believes that those who are violent or been charged with assault make far better predictors of homicidal behavior than the outcome of a mental health diagnosis.

In Connecticut, almost 23,300 people were diagnosed with a history of serious mental illness. 7% were disqualified from owning a gun because of that mental record. 35% were banned based on a disqualifying criminal record that wasn’t necessarily linked to the mental illness.

Dr. Swanson closed with,

We need to think of violence itself as a communicable disease. We have kids growing up exposed to terrible trauma. We did a study some years ago, looking at [violence risk] among people with serious mental illness. The three risk factors we found were most important: first, a history of violent victimization early in life, second, substance abuse, and the third is exposure to violence in the environment around you. People who had none of those risk factors ― even with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia ― had very low rates of violent behavior…Abuse, violence in the environment around you ― those are the kinds of things you’re not going to solve by having someone take a mood stabilizer.”

Sadly such is the state of lazy journalism that ‘respected media outlets’ simply infer that those that commit mass murder are simply head cases and giving them access to guns will somehow create a bigger problem. That’s how the mainstream media is portraying a 2-yr old bill to whip up more misunderstanding.

Please don’t light up another monument to show you care about Nice. Terrorists aren’t moved & all it does is highlight our collective impotence.

Every time a terrorist event happens governments around the world think we must show our disgust and solidarity by lighting up national monuments. It is all bull. It does nothing. There isn’t a human being on the planet with a pulse who could possibly view the Nice attack as anything other than senseless tragedy. The futures of parents, children, grandparents, friends and colleagues get traumatised forever by such action. We naturally grieve for these poor souls. What does lighting up monuments show other than utter Western impotence? 8 attacks in 18 months in France. Think about it. Charlie Hebdo, Paris, stabbed policeman and wife, beheaded factory boss, Nice, the US soldiers that overpowered a nutcase with an Ak-47 on a train and so on.

In 2016 alone we have lit up monuments around the world to pray for Paris, Brussels Airport, Orlando, Turkey and now surely Nice too. I get why it is done. To show our moral virtue. The scums who killed or plan to kill are not impacted in the slightest by our signs of “love wins over hate.”  These animals that commit such atrocities don’t have a conscience. They don’t care if Sydney lights up the Opera House or people put “Je Suis (insert tragedy)” on their social media walls. They don’t care. They don’t share our values. Whether we like it or not, these people have no intention to be de-radicalised. Lighting monuments does nothing. Repeat, NOTHING. We don’t need symbols to show we are in agreement as we already are over this barbaric act. If these barbarians don’t want to share our values, we have no obligation to change them to integrate those that have no sense of appreciation or gratitude for any legal or social movement to accept them. Switzerland has the correct approach.

It is high time to stop this moral posturing. In fact the lights have been switched on so many times around the world already that people will eventually become immune to the point of the message. If the West chooses to do nothing, incumbent governments will get turfed for those that will do something. Right wing Front National party leader Marine Le Pen only gets stronger the more that French stop feeling safe in their own country, even if the perpetrators are French citizens (not confirmed). The only thing that will stop these bastards is strength. Zero tolerance. Violence is the only thing they understand. If you think peace, love, diversity and happiness will stop it  then you are kidding yourself. No-one (me included) really wants to have to put an end to this senseless violence in this way but given the options, there is no way to prevent more attacks unless these vermin are caught. It requires working with the moderate communities to weed this out. It isn’t us against them. They need our support to do it. Of course it is politically incorrect to signal “Radical Islam” and our politicians will virtually all skirt using the term but it is irrelevant whether these actions are false interpretations of the Quran or not or whether the majority of  Muslims aren’t like this, the perpetrators openly admit they do it in the name of their God. Maajid Nawaz wrote in the Telegraph after this attack

“So please stop denying the nature of jihadism. Please stop ignoring the narratives which drive these attacks. Instead of aiding extremists who insist Islam today is perfect, perhaps you should aid us beleaguered reformist Muslims who are attempting to address this crisis within Islam against all the odds.”

Most Germans in WW2 were peaceful people but they were the silent majority when millions were slain. Most Chinese were peaceful but 45mn were killed during the Great Leap Forward. The silent majority were irrelevant. Most Cambodians were peaceful people but Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge killed 3 million. The silent majority were irrelevant. Most Japanese were peaceful prior to WW2 but the Imperial Japanese Army murdered 12 million across Asia. The silent majority made no difference.

These terrorists are smart. They threatened to attack the Euro 2016 games yet nothing happened. On Bastille Day, the French let their g80 people senselessly murdered. This is a war on freedom. Is it right that France has 750 zones where the French rule of law no longer applies? How many more tragedies and lit up monuments are needed before action is properly taken? Somehow it will be when the very same hypocrites – that morally preen but shout down the voices that want action – have it hit closer to home when they finally demand action. That will sadly be a lot of body bags later.

However if these same people feel so strongly about senseless murder, why weren’t monuments lit up for 5 innocently slain Dallas Police officers the other week? Because it isn’t politically correct to do so? Makes you think of the double standards of the SJW.

Your FB friends list probably speaks more about your true tolerance than any political correctness ever could


I am pretty sure the overwhelming majority of the world looks at yesterday’s Orlando massacre and thinks it is without doubt a shocking act. There is no excuse for the slaying of innocents regardless of their beliefs, sexual orientation or anything else. I think anyone with a pulse can grasp this. The grief their friends and families must be suffering is intolerable. Needless violence and I’m sure our collective hearts go out to them.

However around the world we light up national monuments, drape our walls with “Je Suis XXXX” and view this as ‘doing our bit’. Even our politicians use this idea that “appearing to care” is somehow acceptable.  One state premier’s FB page appealing to lighting a spire on the National Gallery had calls for him to become PM from his followers such was the self-adulation. Think back to Boko Haram and the kidnap of 276 Nigerian schoolgirls several years ago.  Michelle Obama & David Cameron held up #bringbackourgirls placards on Twitter and national television. If there was ever a sign of Western impotence this was it. How many people shared the message and clicked ‘Like’ to “show they cared”. Result – two years later all 276 girls are still in slavery. Appearing to be good was enough rather than doing anything about it.

However when ever debate about root causes is entertained to the same people who’ve done this social media moral preening all of a sudden the shutters go up and discussion closed down. You can’t have it both ways.

Sure all mass shootings haven’t been by radical Islamic terrorists. Anders Brevhik in Norway is one example. However when the bastard that murdered 50 people in a gay nightclub pledges allegiance to ISIS then why try to disguise his motive? If we want to stop such atrocities claiming to be done under the tenets of Islamic terrorism, we won’t stop it by our leaders fearing use of the “M” word when it is warranted. Of course most Muslims aren’t the sort of radical vile scum that kills gays in a nightclub and I’m sure they are as frustrated to be increasingly treated with suspicion because of the actions of a few. None of us benefit.

Therefore the media has a role to play to ensure there is decent opportunity to provide sincere condemnation from community leaders whatever their backgrounds and coordinated approaches to preventing repeats as a bare minimum. Gun control, exorbitant bullet taxes and other action should follow. Continually hiding behind walls of political correctness won’t solve anything. Yet that is all that seems to be happening. Is there any wonder more fringe groups are protesting because politicians have their blinkers on. You can pretty much guarantee that if the ‘discussions’ aren’t had then we’ll see what is happening across Europe. The rise and rise of right wing groups who give frustrated people a voice.

I took a look at my friends list on FB and noted I probably have most ethnicities, religions, races and sexual orientations including all of the LGBTs. Here is the thing. I have never really actively chosen them other than the content of their character. I am sure many others if they looked at their lists would show similar traits.

So why do so many continue to push so hard for “political correctness” to be enforced at every turn when our ‘friends lists’ probably preach more about our true underlying tolerance than what is often we ‘outwardly portrayed’ in making sure we don’t step on toes in public.