Stuff your outrage Libs

MRCTV’s Britt Hughes highlights the left’s outrage over the storming of Capitol Hill. Never mind the celebratory mood they’ve shown for the last 3 years over violence perpetrated by their own.

NY legislator’s loony plans to detain people for 2 months if they pose health risk

MRCTV’s Britt Hughes discusses NY’s latest plans to forcibly detain people for 2 months without a court order on suspicion of contracting or having come in contact with anyone inflected with COVID or another deadly/infectious disease.

When will people start pushing back on this nonsense?

Then again NY is no stranger to out of touch officials when it comes to handling COVID.

Three things spring to mind.

1) NY Gov Andrew Cuomo accepted the International Emmy Founders Award for his COVID19 response. Woke celebrities then lavished him with praise in a completely out of touch cringe fest.

The International Emmy Awards tweeted,

Gov Andrew M Cuomo of NY will receive the International Emmy Founders Award in recognition of his leadership during the Covid19 pandemic & his masterful use of TV to inform & calm people around the world.

How telling that the Emmy’s focused on delivery as opposed to results.

How ironic that Cuomo not only laid claim to the most disastrous COVID19 stats of any state but mandated COVID positive patients into nursing homes which directly led to the deaths of 6,000 elderly residents. Don’t tell anyone they conducted their own ‘independent audit’ and found the government not at fault. Who knew?

2) NY Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot openly welcomed BLM protests despite the lockdowns. Mark D Levine, Chairman, NYC Council health committee, went more woke stating, “Let’s be clear about something: if there is a spike in coronavirus cases in the next two weeks, don’t blame the protesters. Blame racism, 

3) or NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s wife doing a cringeworthy ‘stay at home’ unity dance despite NY businesses getting destroyed.

More rules for thee

MRCTV’s Britt Hughes slams the Democrats who continue to display that they don’t give a stuff about the peons they enforce draconian rules upon.

Brittany rails on electoral fraud in the 2020 election


MRCTV’s Brittany Hughes rails on the shady goings on during the 2020 election. We guess that when there are 10,000 different electoral commissions across America (vs one in Australia), there is little consistency and plenty of room for fiddling the tallies when partisan bias drives outcomes.

We wrote about ballot fraud here.

We guess many believe the ends justify the means.

Six of Pinocchia’s worst Porky Pies

Britt Hughes brilliantly summarizes six of Senator Kamala Harris’ biggest lies during the VP debate in this video here.

One of Brittany’s best monologues

MRCTV’s Britt Hughes tells it how it is in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Netflix makes some late apologies for its 11-yo Twerking movie

Sexualizing children? Pretty sick. Brittany Hughes gives some interesting insights into the child sex trafficking trade. No, the movie, ‘Cuties‘ isn’t about sex trafficking but normalising juniors exposing flesh and poking out their booties.

Surprised the DNC didn’t find a slot for it in their line up with all the other weirdos.

Tipsy Turry legal justice dispenser

MRCTV’s Britt Hughes takes a broadside at the stories the media conveniently left out because it didn’t fit the narrative.

BLM supporter kneels on white baby’s neck. Media silent

Who would have guessed the mainstream media would be silent about a black man kneeling on a white baby’s neck? The colour shouldn’t matter. Reprehensible behaviour is what it is. Pure evil.