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Detroit Police Chief explains why his city isn’t in flames

Detroit Police Chief James Craig explains why his city hasn’t fallen foul of violent mobs. Put simply – zero tolerance. Who knew? Amazing what can happen when a city puts pride in its police force. They respond. #RefundThePolice #DefendThePolice #BlueLivesMatter #DefendTheBlue

Maybe the leaders of Detroit also know that the massive depopulation of the city over so many years means that common sense has prevailed. Here is a piece we wrote in Jan 2017.

Senate Democrats refuse to condemn mob violence

True colours. This isn’t even a bill. Republican Senator Mike Lee lambasted Senate Democrats for not condemning mob violence in a proposal for a non-binding resolution. The reason was that they refused was because the Democrats wanted President Trump specifically noted despite the fact that the resolution spoke of “all elected officials.

As Senator Lee said, “People are being shot! Businesses are being looted. Innocent Americans are being attacked and threatened. Lives are being ruined. Communities are burning!…the woke ideology depends on federal money…the mob hates America on America’s dime…it’s time to cut off their allowance…the American people would be very interested to know who stands for them.”

For as horrible many on the left think President Trump is, if these are the standards of the opposition party, do Americans see them as a platform for any voter to aspire to?