Kim Klacik – “Unbought & Unbossed” – Episode 1

No words needed.

Kim Klacik, congressional candidate for Baltimore, meets with her community. Do you see a bunch of people fed up with the status quo? See for yourself.

Even more savage ad – Kim Klacik for Congress

Kim Klacik is running for Congress. After 10 million+ views on her previous video she pitches her policies in this ad.

What have the people of Baltimore have to lose? Decades of mismanagement and failed policy by Democrats have delivered the squalor they are in.


Savage Ad – Kim Klacik for Congress

Kimberly Klacik is running for Congress in Maryland for the Republican Party. Here is her savage video excoriating the feckless 53 years of Democratic leadership which has failed its residents.

Hard to disagree with her message, especially when she talks to residents, one who lost three sons to gun violence in Baltimore.

More of her videos here.