Pelosi ignores rules she set for others in Congress

Ever since the Jan 6 Capitol riot, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has demanded that all members entering the House chamber must go through security – including metal detectors – or face a $5,000 fine.

Pelosi ignored the very rules she set for everyone else hence demands for her to pay the fine others are forced to.

Haircuts, masks or security protocols. She is above all.

As Rep Dan Crenshaw said,

As usual, rules for thee but not for me. Ever since Jan 6th, Pelosi has emplaced security checkpoints at every entrance to the House Floor, DESPITE the fact that only members and certain staff are allowed inside at all. So let me get this straight, you’re protecting members from fellow members, but only when on the House Floor? What sense does that make?

It doesn’t, and Pelosi agrees because she doesn’t even follow her own rules. It is worth noting that this frivolous metal detector policy really reflects the frivolous nature of all liberal policies: virtue signaling without any regard for effectiveness.”

Time to drone strike Trump supporters?

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace is no stranger to deranged views.

She has recently suggested that drone strikes might be a potential solution for dealing with domestic terrorists aka Trump supporters.

Recall Wallace viewed COVID-19 had a silver lining in that it would end Trump, even though it would destroy the economy.

Liberal values.

“Premeditated Murder”

Congresswoman Maxine Waters has demanded Trump be charged with “premeditated murder” for the Capitol riots.

When she knows impeachment will fail in the Senate, best go for some good old fashioned hyperbole to step up the unifying rhetoric.

Surely premeditated murder is a more heinous crime than the articles of impeachment portray? Why didn’t she push for this charge from the outset?

Waters infamously pushed back on the Trump administration in 2018 after then WH press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was booted out of a restaurant with this:

Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.

There is a touch of irony that the Democrats stripped Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor-Greene from any committees due to her previous questionable social media posts. Yet the party has never demanded that Maxine Waters lose the chair role of the Financial Services Committee due to her incitement?


Maybe parents should set the market wage of teachers

Forgive us a brief preamble. You’ll understand why our title is as it is. Buckle up.

We’ve long been a fan of North Carolina Lt.Gov Mark D. Robinson even before he took office.

He came to notoriety when confronting his local council over its lunatic policies around gun controls. He proclaimed, “when are you going to start sticking up for the majority? Because I’m the majority!

It just so happens a teacher from a NC public school drew a cartoon where the main character represented the GOP members of the state school board dressed in a Klan robe because it rejected left-wing proposals to the curriculum. Despite those board members including a black man and a Native American woman who had to deal the KKK personally, the local paper decided to publish it anyway.

The media outlet’s excuse after it was admonished for the cartoon was an utter embarrassment. Sorry, not sorry.

Editorial cartoons are creative and provocative, using hyperbole and satire. No one believes Republicans on the State Board of Education are members of the Ku Klux Klan…

Robinson was livid when he pointed to the hypocrisy. Not at the expression of free speech but the double standards of a media outlet having such poor taste to publish something like it.

What is more, he wasn’t condemning the teacher’s right to express free speech but his concern at the clear bias shown by a teacher who controls a classroom.

In recent posts we’ve pointed out the critical race theory indoctrination taught to 8-yo kids that is flourishing in public schools across America.

White teachers are having to take anti-racism classes to atone for their skin colour and the privileges it has bestowed on them.

Some parents have openly pushed back on this craziness being taught in the classroom, especially to younger kids.

It has now gone to DEFCON 1 in the Washington DC school district (DCSD) with the introduction of the Marxist BLM manifesto into the school curriculum.

We’ve spent some time watching the “teachers help guide” videos so you don’t need to suffer the drone.

When we hear teachers, who also identify as activists, describe the current education environment as akin to working in a concentration camp surrounded by gas chambers (scroll to 1hr 11min here in the ‘Black Lives Matter at school’ video) we really wonder about what type of education is being thrust on impressionable school kids?!

The BLM curriculum includes 13 distinct guiding principles ranging from ditching the nuclear family and relying on “villages” to raise kids all the way to identity based segregation theory and transgender classes.

Endorsers of the project include Black Women Radicals, the Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs and the Washington Teachers Union. Can you feel the balance?

The ultimate irony is that despite all of the claims of systemic racism in the ‘educational’ videos and documents, the DCSD is living proof to the data it proudly published highlighting the importance of the course to prevent it. 69% of DCSD principals are black. Doesn’t sound like the DC education system has held them back.

On the flip side, harsh realities must be dealt with. Truancy and chronic absenteeism (pre COVID) in DC continued to climb to 30% of all students in 2018-2019. Isn’t that a bigger issue for educators than ramming Marxist ideology down the throats of the 70% that attend class?

Recall our piece on Baltimore high schools. Despite four of the 13 schools in the city receiving the highest levels of funding per student in the country, maths proficiency is at ZERO percent. That isn’t a misprint. Doesn’t that seem like a teaching problem?

As we said in the title, perhaps parents should be setting the market price for teachers’ salaries based on their ability to educate kids in a balanced and open manner. Not one wrapped around the personal ideological beliefs of those given a duty of care for the very students they are responsible for.

Perhaps these teachers should have polled the parents before embarking on curriculums like these which seek to brain wash kids as early as possible.

We anticipate these teachers know just how poorly received by “the majority” they would be. Best just ram it through without questions because freedom is slavery. War is peace and up is down. Got it?

Hence, we think teachers should be remunerated on improved results in maths, English and science rather than working hard to disassociate students from their families into the bosom of the state.

Teachers have a right to believe their own politics. They don’t have a mandate to force feed young kids with it.

Note that the 1619 Project is the next round of bonkers ideology being thrust into the national educational curriculum across the 50 states.

Forget unity with this type of racially driven identity politics.

Welcome to Biden’s America.

Climate Czar Kerry took private jet to collect Icelandic environmental award

America’s new climate czar, John Kerry, decided the best way to collect an environmental award in Iceland back in 2019 was to fly. Not by a commercial airliner but by private jet.

When the Arctic Circle Prize was awarded to Kerry for his steadfast commitment to saving the planet, Icelandic reporter Jóhann Bjarni Kolbeinsson confronted Kerry. The climate czar then explained his hypocrisy away by appealing that he offsets his carbon output and that he was a key player in negotiating the Paris Accords.

Even though a private jet emits 40x the emissions per passenger than a commercial jet, Kerry effectively suggested that the sacrifices we will be forced to make to save the planet will more than offset the vital work he does to highlight the cause by private jet.

Who can blame him? Kerry can’t very well attend the next Davos summit unless he can stand on equal terms by parking his own private jet next to the other 1,500 climate hypocrites attending the soirée. Just wouldn’t send the right message.

JP Sears rips CA Gov Gavin Newsom

JP Sears rips California Gov Gavin Newsom for lifting lockdown restrictions as the recall petition to remove him from office has already garnered more than 1.2 million signatures out of the almost 1.5 million needed.

Who knew that rank hypocrisy doesn’t sit well with constituents, even in a deeply left state.

As we have been saying for a while now, if the Democrats won the election, states would start lifting lockdown restrictions now that Trump was out of the way.

Says more about Fauci than Trump

If principles were so high on Dr Fauci’s agenda, why didn’t he resign and publicly out Trump for all his wicked ways at the time he felt silenced? Was he enjoying the limelight of being in a position of power and privilege too much to do so?

Vice wrote that Fauci feels “liberated” now he works for President Biden.

Fauci said,

I can tell you I take no pleasure at all being in a situation of contradicting the president so it was really something that you didn’t feel that you could actually say something...”

Yet Fauci previously said of Trump,

The president [Trump] has listened to what I have said and to what the other people on the task force have said…when I have made recommendations he has taken them. He has never countered or overridden me…

Which is it? The second comment hardly sounds like someone muzzled by a crazed tyrant.

Don’t forget that Fauci was originally against masks as a preventive and then for them when it was politically expedient to do so. So inconsistency is a hallmark.

Now that Trump has gone, is Fauci jumping on the “trash Trump at any opportunity” cancel culture bandwagon because he’s now got a new master who welcomes criticism of his predecessor and allowed him to keep his job? Sounds like it.

Was Fauci worried that Trump might win the election and resigning early would have left him with egg on his face? Or did he just hedge his bets like he has done with so much of his advice?

Vice’s article says way more about who is really telling fibs. But of course, we can’t expect any journalistic integrity from the left wing media to call him out on his conflicting remarks.

Says the man who bought a waterfront property

Says the man who hung out with his mate who owns an airline, train and cruise line on the back of a gas guzzling motor launch.

Perhaps Obama should have mentioned President Biden’s new climate czar who has his own private jet, 12 cars, 6 houses and 2 yachts?

We don’t begrudge the wealth to obtain such items but we don’t think it lends well to sanctimoniously lecturing soccer mums, who drop their kids off at practice in second-hand SUVs, about their irresponsible behaviour. Or bashing the lawnmower man whose gas guzzler taxes on his work pick-up truck go to subsidize the Tesla of his customer who pays him to keep his garden tidy.

All the while the Paris Accord is a protection racket for China which can pollute to its heart’s desire. EU countries can burn wood chips which have a higher carbon footprint than brown coal yet get to count it as a zero emission renewable as a replanted tree which will take 100 years to grow will compensate even though we’re all supposed to die within 12 years?!?

How ironic that America’s carbon emissions fell under Trump. Just shows that you don’t have to join a club of group thinkers to get better results than them. Alas, in today’s world empty tokenism is a thing.

The rank hypocrisy. Watch the hips not the lips.

Canceling a mother who helps parents get babies to sleep because she donated to you know who

MRCTV’s Britt Hughes doesn’t want unity. After seeing what leftist mobs did to neo-natal nurse and mother, Cara Dumaplin, who runs the successful Taking Cara Babies website for parents who struggle to get their kids asleep, you’ll see why.

Dumaplin’s crime? She and her husband donated less than $2,000 to Trump’s campaign back in 2019. One check mark editor for @Eater, Hillary Dixler Canavan, thought that giving away Dumaplin’s intellectual property for free on PDF was a great way to ruin her livelihood. She posted on Twitter the following:

Too bad that is a crime. We sincerely hope Dumaplin sues the pants off wilful, vile and despicable imbeciles like Dixler and others like her who forced the business owner to suspend their social media accounts.

Will @Eater stand by an employee who seeks to cancel innocent people with different views? Free speech is one thing. Breaking the law isn’t. We will shed not one tear if Dixler ends up the victim of her own stupidity. Who on earth has a right to try to destroy the livelihood of someone they don’t even know?

As parents of a 12 week old, we will happily subscribe to Cara Dumaplin’s service as bubba’s sleeping patterns have changed. Perhaps we owe Dixler a debt of gratitude for highlighting a service we were unaware of and we look forward to letting other parents in our groups know the same.