109 minutes NSW politicians should spend before voting on abortion

As the NSW Gov’t seeks to rush through amendments to legislation on abortion today, this is a movie that people who hold strong opinions (on either side) and parliamentarians would do well to spare 109 minutes for.

It depicts Abby Johnson, the main character and director of an abortion clinic, Planned Parenthood. It shows how she came full circle when she actually got to witness an abortion live from the procedural end. Despite having two abortions that she admitted were sacrificed  “on the altar of convenience,” this event caused her to quit. 

A rather damning insight into the ‘industry’. It is really well worth watching and perhaps better education and support might be an amendment Berijiklian considers. Why not enforce child support to ensure potential deadbeat father’s to be can’t escape responsibility? Why should the state be forced to pick up the whole tab for single mothers? Maybe couples should be made to watch this movie to better educate themselves on the procedure.

Making it safe is one thing. Making people aware of the pros and cons is another. The latter seems to be woefully catered for.

Remember the stats folks. 56 million abortions every year worldwide. 50 million died in the 6 years of WWII. 20% of fetuses in Europe never make it out of the womb. To think the population crisis it faces?

Pro-Choice will argue access to proper medical facilities is paramount. There is a good point to be made to avoid dangerous backyard abortions. Perhaps better legislation will mandate that education sessions on options for pregnant women that may dissuade abortion is no bad thing. At the moment, little seems to be done in that regard. Make people better aware before making such a literally ‘life-changing‘ decision.

Immigrant woman steals white patriarch’s job

Gladys Berijiklian has won the NSW election. Her party is leading in the two seats left undecided which would give her a majority if she takes them.

While many pundits point to her being the first woman ever to be elected as Premier in NSW, we could go down the identity politics line and say she was also the daughter of Armenian immigrants who didn’t speak English. What does it matter? The better person won on merit. Did voters honestly think “It’s 2019. Better vote the immigrant woman in so we aren’t seen as a bunch of bigots to others!”? Of course not. Daley was the poorer candidate. The election validated it.

If we were to look at the electorates across the state, the LNP was returned because they thought she was clearly more up to the job than Opposition Leader Michael Daley, whose popularity sunk like a stone in his seat of Maroubra. It was unbelievable to think he wants to retain the leadership of the party after such a disastrous campaign.

For what it’s worth, NSW is net cash. For all the moaners that complain about the widespread sell down of assets under the LNP, the balance sheet shows that since 2011, net assets of the state have risen 75% to $254bn.

The Allianz Stadium rebuild was supposedly a key election issue. It wasn’t. Apart from the fact Daley was exposed as being extremely light on numbers, the media did its best to say that $18mn was all that was required to upgrade it to meet safety standards. The NSW economy gets around $86bn in tax revenues. If we think of $729mn to scrap and build it, that comes to 0.85% of the budget. Tiny.

Scare stories in the media pointed to “net” pension liabilities of an extra $17bn since they took office. The real number was only +$2bn. It only requires a look at the published accounts to fact check these figures. Once again journalists did their best to distort the truth. Perhaps one should congratulate the NSW Government for using realistic 2% discount rates on superannuation as opposed to the world’s largest public pension fund, CalPERS in the US, using 7.5% to mask the massive $1 trillion+ hole in marked to market shortfalls.

While historically true that Berijiklian is the first female leader to win an election in NSW, we must look beyond her gender and focus on her merely being the better candidate on pretty much all measures. Girl power? Or just the reality that the white patriarchy we hear about so much is proving time again that it is nothing more than a myth. Even men will happily vote in favour of a better candidate regardless of gender. CM couldn’t be happier to know the LNP leads for another 4 years with Gladys Berijiklian at the helm!!

Sydney Harbour Bridge is falling down?

CM is no construction engineer but this bridge expansion joint on the right (under the south side of the Cahill Expressway 100~150m before it veers left across Circular Quay) is looking rather sickly. While the top has a ball joint and the bottom leading edge looks to have a beveled surface to allow some flex/give to the structure above, it looks as if it has been sitting in that position for quite some time. Simple physics around force distribution at odd angles and metal fatigue data on a 60yr old part might be worth checking.

Averaging 30,000-40,000 cars a day and a dedicated bus lane means it gets a regular pounding. NSW RMS Minister Melinda Pavey has been informed of it.