The sacrifices Hollywood makes for the rest of us

You have to hand it to Hollywood celebs for the hardened sacrifices they make for the rest of us. From vegan menus to wearing the same outfits.

When will someone introduce a celebrity carbon calculator so these pampered nobodies can tabulate their quest to out virtue signal each other?

Out of touch, much?

Oppression Obsession

Profanity laden but Jonathan Pie sums up what CM has long held about the divisiveness of identity politics and the unnecessary lengths corporates go to politicize products when all customers want to do is to consume what they’re actually paying for.

Apparently this is newsworthy


Apparently the mainstream media think this is newsworthy. A 70yo man who happens to be president has bald patches. Who knew? Guess that means that one should take their other media commentary about affairs of the nation – foreign and domestic – far more seriously with Pulitzer Prize winning journalism like this. One would be forgiven for thinking America had never had a balding POTUS – Gerald Ford, LBJ, Richard Nixon to name three. Yawn. How insensitive and offensive such an article is to the hirsute!

How pathetic have people become?


How pathetic are people’s lives that they have to take umbrage at the Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull enjoying a game of Aussie Rules with a cup of beer watching over his beloved granddaughter? If the PM had downed 17 pints one might question his actions but it isn’t as if the child’s parents have left grandad all alone at the game. It is harder to get more Aussie than downing some suds at a ball game. To begrudge the PM some family time with his grandchild takes some sad people with too much time on their hands. Not often I give credit to much the PM does but this is so unremarkable as to wonder how petty most of the other activists issues are.