Celebrities deliver Peak BLM Self-Loathing

As if Hollywood couldn’t be anymore cringeworthy, certain celebrities have decided to help set up a website ITakeResponsibility.org where white people are encouraged to submit their sins because of their skin colour online or “skip the pledge” if that proves too time-consuming during a game of Candy Crush.

The video is insincere in the extreme given that they’re reading from a teleprompter instead of making impassioned pleas from the heart. Of course, it is too easy to point to white cops killing unarmed blacks as the main issue behind all the problems.

Never mind the words from their hero-in-chief Obama who said the #1 problem facing the black community is fatherless households, which stands at 70%, from 25% in the 1960s. He reiterated studies from the Brookings Institute (liberal) and Heritage Foundation (conservative) which both say the absence of fathers in black households has the biggest impact on drop out rates from schools, incidence of poverty and crime.

Why not assess the zero-tolerance approach taken against whites who speak out of turn on race?

Under the first drop-down box on the I take responsibility website, one can pledge I take responsibility for…” 

1. turning a blind eye to racism

2. making racist jokes

3. explaining away police brutality

4. saying racism doesn’t exist

5. denying white privilege exists

6. not educating myself on racism

7. my own implicit bias against black people

8. saying “I don’t see colour”

9. not listening to/believing black people

10. not being inclusive

11. not educating my kids on systemic racism

12. valuing black culture more than black lives

And after selecting that choice under the second drop-down box one can pledge, And to make it better, today I will…

1. demand for police accountability

2. support organizations on the front lines

3. donate to families affected

4. mobilize voting efforts.

Remember these are the same bunch of celebrities that turned a blind eye to all of the sexual assault they’d known about for decades. It wasn’t even hidden when so many jokes were made about Weinstein at awards ceremonies well before the #MeToo movement came out.

These are the same celebrities who made a video about the dangers of not voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016. It was brilliantly trolled by conservatives.

In 2017 we conducted a study that showed when celebrities posted anti-Trump tweets, they received at least 10x the attention than the normal drivel they posted. We said he was great for their profiles.

The sanctimony.

If these celebrities truly believed in their own soliloquies and were intent on fixing the problems which are not borne out by the statistics, they should be selling all their worldly possessions obtained due to their white privilege and hand it over to BLM without a second thought before they relocate to the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in what was formally part of Seattle.

Sadly for BLM, as soon as celebrities make these sorts of statements, the majority of Americans have already tuned out. They don’t need condescending lectures from people that have no grasp on the real world from behind their monstrous gated mansions with private armed security.

Most Americans aren’t racist. Rationally they feel sympathy but not guilt. After all why should they make hollow apologies to people they’ve done nothing to on behalf of people they’ve never met and in some cases before they were even born?