We had forgotten the time when Hollywood celebs asked Electoral Colleges to ignore who the people casted ballots for and vote their conscience instead. The media would have you think the only ones trying to overturn election results are Republicans.

Why is it that Hollywood elites think ordinary people are craving their respect?

The battle for election integrity – Rep Dan Crenshaw

Rep Dan Crenshaw (R – TX) has written a powerful piece in the WSJ on the need for election integrity at the state level. He wrote,

The concerns about election integrity are real, and they must be heard. The merits of these objections are real and substantive. There have been countless examples of states engaging in irresponsible and unverifiable election practices, casting doubt on election outcomes. Whether it is unverified signatures on mail-in ballots or lax voter-ID laws, a refusal to update registration rolls or a refusal to allow partisan observers to witness counting, there are many practices that must be changed.”

Will we witness the biggest climb down in history?

While Trump hasn’t conceded, the media have called this election. Never mind that the electoral college decides that and with so much court drama, we may get see a slim chance of Trump winning. What if he did?

The media has wasted no time mocking Trump by publishing articles at just how relieved world leaders are to have a return to the status quo. This idea of division. Really? Trump merely exposed the sheer incompetence of so many leaders and the graft and corruption that goes on in the swamp. He may be no clean shirt himself given he is a NY property tycoon but he has exposed the double standards among the political class who have been completely self serving. What happened to “of the people, by the people and for the people“?

Honestly, in what world does rejoining UN bodies achieve anything other than waste money pushing for globalist nonsense and lining up crony capitalists to feed at the teat of things like climate change and open borders?

Wouldn’t it be ironic to see these world leaders currently publicly distancing themselves from Trump having to do an about face if the courts rule the Biden victory as illegitimate?

Talk about division. World leaders maybe using the media’s call on the election for their own political purposes, but there is some real schadenfreude in the offing if these hacks who have failed to call anything right for four years end up eating their own words as the drown in hubris.

Forget what Trump says. Just pay attention to the restless natives

Investor: Peasants Will Be Out With Pitchforks if We Don't Start ...

Unless Joe Biden runs with Michelle Obama as his VP, we still think Trump gets reelected in an electoral college and popular landslide. Yes, we can hear many laughing out loud. We are used to it as we were when we said he would win back in 2015. For all of the same reasons, only amplified. People are tired of the status quo.

Up until the time of the State of the Union speech in February this year, it felt like his second coronation was a formality. Nancy Pelosi knew it when she tore up his speech. Has coronavirus really changed all that?

The prevailing sentiment perpetuated by the mainstream media is that Trump’s catastrophic bungling of coronavirus will kill off any chance he has of winning 2020. To think that Joe Biden is the mouth-watering alternative despite having served under a president whose policies were repudiated in 2016 by the electoral college.

FNF Media thinks that Americans are pragmatic people when push comes to shove and that American exceptionalism is a good thing. They want the dream. They don’t live to be stuck in poverty assessed welfare. Sure, we non-citizens can scoff at their right to bear arms or hosting World Series which exclude other nations but ultimately we don’t get a say. That is a matter for them. If they don’t like it, it is up to them to change their government to fix things. Trump would never have been elected were it not for decades of failed administrations who didn’t deliver that gave birth to him.

Despite all of Trump’s often ridiculous bluster during the coronavirus outbreak, none of it was out of character for the last 3.5 years. The mainstream media has beamed more deranged coverage than ever. People have become numb to the constant drone that they hate him, especially when he trolls them with their own hypocrisy. Let’s be clear, were the likes of CNN truly resonating with the masses, the ratings would reflect people attuned with the rhetoric. This is simply not happening. In fact, the opposite.

Sadly during this crisis, Americans have seen the utterly shameless exploitation of their livelihoods by the ugliest partisan politics seen during any crisis of this scale. They see straight through the pork barrelling. Do liberal-leaning citizens honestly believe that gender diversity on boards and airline emissions regulations are ‘must have’ pieces of legislation in order to pass a $2.2 trillion rescue package designed to protect them? Do they believe a $250 billion supplemented boost to small businesses to support the income of workers should be held back until more identity politics driven data collection is fast-tracked? When people see Nancy Pelosi parading her $24,000 refrigerators filled with $13 a pint ice cream punnets on late-night TV they aren’t amused. 

Is it any wonder so many more Americans are taking to the streets to protests the lockdowns imposed by the states’ governors? As we pointed out in the COVID19 data, those infected and those who tragically met their fate from this deadly virus are relatively minuscule. More and more Americans are seeing this. Very few of us know anyone who has caught it outside of a few celebrities and the UK PM. This is why social distancing is fraying nerves in American households. They can’t easily quantify what is going on using their own experiences.

If anything, these protests point out that Americans are still happy to play the risk/reward ratio if their economic security can be maintained. America hasn’t fluked being 25% of the global economy on 5% of the world’s population for nothing. They would chance contracting coronavirus if that meant being able to feed their families.

Which brings us to China. Trump’s political and media enemies may have cuddled up to China since he took office, but the shambolic WHO response to this crisis and the misinformation emanating from the communist propaganda apparatus will rile 22 million who are on the unemployment queue. More and more Americans can see through an Ethiopian Marxist WHO chief appointed by a Portuguese socialist both serving the communist dictatorship with a president for life.

This activity is red meat to Trump’s base and he knows it. He doesn’t need to say anything. It is becoming self-evident.

Suspending funding for WHO was the right thing to do. WHO is a failing bureaucracy in desperate need of reform. What is the point of funding a body that is supposed to have independence enshrined in its charter when in reality it runs strict political agendas geared to the whims of its ideological brothers in Beijing?

How many leaders of other countries are throwing up two fingers at China in the face of all the revelations about when they knew and how they covered it up? Macron? Merkel? Trudeau? Crickets.

Trump is almost alone in publicly smashing China’s complicity in all of this. Governments around the world may be staying mute over China’s deceit but we can be assured this is not lost on the peons. They have had enough of staying at home. They are sick of facing oppressive sanctions imposed by those they voted in.

The media can sell this as xenophobia or any other form of identity politics but the fact is Trump’s 2016 campaign warned of China. He spoke of bringing jobs back. He spoke of being screwed over on trade with China. He was right.

We all know many Americans are hurting. They want prosperity returned. While the media conflates his term as merely sorting out his billionaire 1%ers, the reality is he has helped the Bottom 50% by a much larger margin. They will know this lived experience, which in politics will ultimately be the most important factor. Trump’s bluster won’t matter. His record up until coronavirus kicked off will.

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (FRED) reported the net worth of the bottom half of the population was $1,070,183mn at the start of 2017. As of the third quarter of 2019, it was 1,668,034mn. That’s an increase of 55.86%. The Top 1%, had $29,955,829mn. In 3Q 2019, it was $34,533,370mn, or 15.3%. Under Obama, net worth for the Bottom 50% declined from $1.7 trillion in 1Q 2009 to $1.1 trillion, down 35% over his two terms. Democrats should be outraged that the ultra-wealthy did much better under Obama with a 100% gain in net worth under his term vs the paltry 15.3% so far under Trump.  Source: FRED Top 1% and Bottom 50%.

This might explain why the “forgotten” wanted large scale change and will continue to support those who can facilitate it.

All coronavirus has done is exposed the despicable bile of partisan politics. Witnessing a concerted effort to remove Trump in the midst of an untold financial tsunami will not sit well with people. This isn’t about partisanship. They will want someone that can deliver. If it comes with all of Trump’s vulgarity then so be it. After all, a man that can win an election with ‘p*ssy grabbing’ on the ticket can produce miracles.

So there is Trump’s election strategy in a nutshell – “China, China, China!”

Good luck with Joe Biden telling Americans that President Xi has America’s best interests at heart! How can he say this when his former boss was not greeted with red carpet, a mobile stairway or a welcoming committee of important dignitaries on his final state visit to China?

Forget the polls. Forget the media spin. Coronavirus has hit the raw nerve of patriotism and the one person who is accused of constantly lying will be the only one speaking the truth. Americans are at a crisis point. Best not question their loyalty to Old Glory.

We may hate the idea of a new cold war but that is up to Americans to decide. We are at their mercy. Ultimately it is best to have a strong America given China’s soft power expansion.

Jill Stein for President? Thank you famous Hollywood actors – we forgot to listen last time


Once again Hollywood celebrities have made a last ditched effort on video to appeal to the college electors to vote for someone ’eminently qualified’ i.e. not Trump. They said  “we’re not asking you to vote for Hillary Clinton”. So I guess we’re left with Jill Stein, Gary ‘Aleppo’ Johnson and Evan McMullin who gained less than 5% of the national vote combined. The most annoying aspect these champagne socialists reveal is the same condescending way they suggest they and the  electors know better than the people. Celebrities have next to NO idea about how the real world works save for the likes of Mark Wahlberg who has been active telling celebrities to shut up. He grew up in the poorer neighborhoods so at the very least has some level of understanding of the minds that rejected the establishment.

However this idea that somehow celebrities can empathize with Bob, an out of work metal basher in Ohio who has 3 kids, a mortgage, has foregone seeking medical help for his chronic back pain because he can’t afford it and a wife who works 3 jobs to scrape by amazes me every time. These are the people that voted for Trump because he promised hope (knowing it wasn’t guaranteed). They weren’t stupid. They’d been fed 8 years of empty promises and their lives have not shared in the wealth of asset bubbles the well heeled have. Should electors (who are likely not to be on Struggle St.) ignore the wishes of voters who voted with their conscience expect civil unrest. They’ve nothing to lose. Their dreams will be crushed if the result isn’t carried

Look at equity markets, look at inventory data – consumer and business confidence is bouncing because that is the American way. They’re entrepreneurs at heart and they sniff opportunity again. They want a slice of the dream. An overload of liberal policies and regulations took that away. Are electors going to overlook the market moods? Can you imagine if HRC was made President? Markets would tank. The dollar would puke and the idea that 4 more years of failed Obama would ensue?

Let’s think for a minute about the outcomes outside the presidential race on Nov 8. The Dems lost the following in the 2016 election:

60 seats in the house

10 in the senate

14 governorships

This was a huge repudiation of Obama and his  ineffectiveness to a growing number of voters. This was a vote of no confidence in more ‘Democrat’ rule where the party lost the very people its charter proclaims they represent and protect. Voters thought otherwise.

For electors to overturn and reject voters wishes they are supposed to represent requires the greatest levels of arrogance and condescension of democracy.

The chance of Trump not taking the Oval Office are slim but beware the consequences of electors stealing the election outcome from the winner. Sure liberals would argue that it was constitutional (and they’d be right) but Trump is no Hitler and the idea that a bunch within 500 odd people can seek to overrule the wishes of 64mn based on pure unproven fiction is about as undemocratic as you can get. Blame Russia? Even Putin would blush at these theatrics of such empty propaganda were they to happen in Russia. Nyet!!!

US consumer confidence rising


Rasmussen Reports put out a poll which backs up what I was saying about a Trump presidency this morning.  Confidence is coming back. On that note I sincerely hope that electoral college officials do the right thing and vote according to their electorates and not think their individual opinions are more important. After all what gives them moral authority to override the will of the people because they think they no better. Elections have been stolen before. In the case they installed HRC, markets would tank along with confidence not to mention huge civil unrest given many are hopeful they’ll escape from under the hole. Back to Rasmussen which wrote:

Shopping Isn’t the Big Story This Holiday Season – Holiday shopping season may be upon us, but the real story this month is the boom in economic confidence.

In the month since Donald Trump was elected president, consumers have become far more confident not just in the current state of the economy but in its direction as well.

Thirty-three percent (33%) of adults now rate the economy as good or excellent, up two points from last month. It is only the second time this year that confidence has reached that level and the second highest rating since May 2015. Those who rate the current state of the economy as poor dropped a whopping nine points to 23% this month and is at its lowest level since the Consumer Spending Monitor started in April 2014.

Consumers are even more confident when it comes to economic direction. Thirty percent (30%) now say that they expect the economy to continue getting better over the next year, the highest level of confidence since August of 2015. Although 33% still say they expect a worsening economy, this finding is down 12 points from last month and is the lowest level of pessimism since January 2015.

It’s interesting to note however, that just because consumers feel good about the economy doesn’t mean they’re ready to claim victory with their own pocketbooks. Confidence in the current state of personal finances as well as the direction of personal finances remained flat.”

America is the land of opportunity and risk taking. These stats reveal people are feeling better – of course execution is 99% of the game but it would seem that the long lost confidence is back. Don’t drop the ball electors. You don’t know what you’ll trigger if you don’t.