Texas Freeze – the facts

They say the only salt and ice you get in Texas is for Margaritas.

This is a summary of the power shortage experienced during the big freeze by Rep Dan Crenshaw of Texas:

With blackouts across Texas, many are wondering: what happened?

Leftists are cheering a “red state” having energy problems.

Here’s the truth about what happened.


A mix of over-subsidized wind energy and under-investment in gas power means we didn’t have enough base load energy for a massive spike in demand.

Also, Texas infrastructure isn’t designed for once-in-a-century freezes.

#1 – Frozen Wind Turbines:

West Texas had wind turbines that had to be de-iced. The little energy that power regulators planned on being supplied from wind was now gone.

We have almost 31GW of wind installed on the grid, but on Monday we couldn’t even depend on 6 GW working.

To make matters worse, existing storage of wind energy in batteries was also gone, because batteries were losing 60% of their energy in the cold.

Bottom line: renewables don’t work well in extreme weather. Never will.

This is what happens when you force the grid to rely in part on wind as a power source. When weather conditions get bad as they did this week, intermittent renewable energy like wind isn’t there when you need it. https://www.forbes.com/sites/salgilbertie/2021/02/15/texas-outages-put-reliability-of-renewable-energy-in-the-spotlight/

#2 – Nuclear also got too cold:

We only have 4 nuclear units in TX, near Houston and Dallas. One of the reactors near Houston turned off due to a safety sensor freezing. No problem with the reactor. But the lack of the sensor forced the plant to shutdown, as a precaution.

(On another note, this shows how safe nuclear is. Lots of safety precautions.)

#3 – We don’t have enough Natural Gas online:

ERCOT planned on 67GW from natural gas/coal, but could only get 43GW of it online. We didn’t run out of natural gas, but we lost the ability to get it transported. Pipelines in Texas don’t use cold insulation – so they froze.

Every natural gas plant stayed online. The “downed” plants were due to scheduled maintenance.

Gov. Abbott made the right call in diverting all natural gas to home heating fuel and then electricity for homes. Gas and coal brought a stable supply of energy, but still not enough.

Why don’t we have extra gas power when we need it most?

Because years of federal subsidies for wind has caused an over reliance on wind and an under-investment in new gas and nuclear plants.

Bottom line: fossil fuels are the only thing that saved us. They are *base load* energy.

If we were even *more* reliant on the wind turbines that froze, the outages would have been much worse.

This raises the obvious question: can we ever rely on renewables to power the grid during extreme weather?

No, you need gas or nuclear.

And subsidizing investment in wind has pushed gas and nuclear out.

Now we live with the consequences.

The push to decommission baseload power sources like natural gas would be disastrous when trying to keep the lights on in Texas.

Pelosi ignores rules she set for others in Congress

Ever since the Jan 6 Capitol riot, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has demanded that all members entering the House chamber must go through security – including metal detectors – or face a $5,000 fine.

Pelosi ignored the very rules she set for everyone else hence demands for her to pay the fine others are forced to.

Haircuts, masks or security protocols. She is above all.

As Rep Dan Crenshaw said,

As usual, rules for thee but not for me. Ever since Jan 6th, Pelosi has emplaced security checkpoints at every entrance to the House Floor, DESPITE the fact that only members and certain staff are allowed inside at all. So let me get this straight, you’re protecting members from fellow members, but only when on the House Floor? What sense does that make?

It doesn’t, and Pelosi agrees because she doesn’t even follow her own rules. It is worth noting that this frivolous metal detector policy really reflects the frivolous nature of all liberal policies: virtue signaling without any regard for effectiveness.”

The battle for election integrity – Rep Dan Crenshaw

Rep Dan Crenshaw (R – TX) has written a powerful piece in the WSJ on the need for election integrity at the state level. He wrote,

The concerns about election integrity are real, and they must be heard. The merits of these objections are real and substantive. There have been countless examples of states engaging in irresponsible and unverifiable election practices, casting doubt on election outcomes. Whether it is unverified signatures on mail-in ballots or lax voter-ID laws, a refusal to update registration rolls or a refusal to allow partisan observers to witness counting, there are many practices that must be changed.”

5 Lessons to live by

Great speech made by Rep Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) on the 5 lessons he learnt as a Navy SEAL. Really worth listening to.

Texas Reloaded – unconventional political ad

Congressman Dan Crenshaw has released his latest campaign ad. As a former US Navy SEAL, you can guess which way the storyline goes…

Nancy Pelosi’s imagination vs Portland Police report

Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi knows one never to waste a crisis. She described the Portland Police actions to quell violent protestors in a tweet as:

“Unidentified stormtroopers. Unmarked cars. Kidnapping protestors and causing severe injuries in response to graffiti…These are not the actions of a democratic republic.

@DHSgov’s actions in Portland undermine its mission.

Trump & his stormtroopers must be stopped.”

At least Pelosi provided yet another example of her zero commitment to law and order and her ability to conjure up lies against law enforcement officers.

Here is what they were arrested for:

Portland Police booked these people into jail following their arrest:

23 year old Tupac L. Leahy: Disorderly Conduct II, Interfering with a Peace Officer

24 year old Alexandra Eutin: Assaulting a Public Safety Officer

27 year old Timothy P. Rasmussin: Disorderly Conduct II, Interfering with a Peace Officer

27 year old Austin D. Zetting: Disorderly Cond Disorderly Conduct II, Interfering with a Peace Officer, Criminal Trespass II

41 year old Andria L. Wirthlin: Disorderly Conduct II, Interfering with a Peace Officer

27 year old Alexa Grafera: Disorderly Conduct II, Interfering with a Peace Officer

29 year old Samantha B. Hancock: Disorderly Conduct II, Interfering with a Peace Officer, Criminal Trespass II

30 year old Sara Rider: Disorderly Conduct II, Interfering with a Peace Officer

24 year old David Masterson: Disorderly Conduct II, Interfering with a Peace Officer, Criminal Trespass II

36 year old Robert C. Erickson: Disorderly Conduct II, Interfering with a Peace Officer

26 year old Gabriel Penk: Disorderly Conduct II, Interfering with a Peace Officer, Criminal Trespass II

31 year old Timothy Swales: Interfering with a Peace Officer, Reckless Endangering, Elude (Vehicle), Elude (Foot), Reckless Driving, Hit and Run

30 year old Michael Joseph Dickerson: Disorderly Conduct II, Interfering with a Peace Officer

25 year old Emma G. Boster: Interfering with a Peace Officer, Resist Arrest

35 year old Christopher Price: Interfering with a Peace Officer, Criminal Trespass II

31 year old Andrew D. Jankowski: Disorderly Conduct II, Interfering with a Peace Officer

34 year old David M. Cole: Disorderly Conduct II, Interfering with a Peace Officer, Criminal Trespass II

30 year old Sean Jacobsen: Interfering with a Peace Officer

23 year old Aaron Carson: Disorderly Conduct II

23 year old John Alger: Interfering with a Peace Officer

In the evening hours of Thursday, July 16, 2020, a group of a couple hundred people gathered at Laurelhurst Park in Southeast Portland. A separate group of a couple hundred people gathered in downtown Portland near the Justice Center.

Around 8:20 p.m…they gathered on East Burnside Street blocking all lanes of traffic. For about an hour, the group shined flashlights and lasers at officers standing outside the precinct. The group was asked by the sound truck to stay peaceful.

At around 9:52 p.m., the group began making statements about wanting to enter Southeast Precinct and burn down the property. The group was admonished by the sound truck and told not to enter the property or they would be subject to arrest or use of force. The group continued to stand in the street and started a small fire on East Burnside Street. Other members of the group disregarded the messages given by the sound truck and crossed on to Southeast Precinct property.

…After removing the fence, the group began using it to block traffic. Officers arrived at Southwest 4th Avenue and Southwest Salmon Street in an attempt to fix the fence. While officers did this, the group threw full bottles at officers. After fixing the fence, officers disengaged the crowd.

By 11:15 p.m., the crowd outside of Southeast Precinct shined lasers at officers… At 11:45 p.m., an unlawful assembly was declared due to several people in the crowd committing criminal activity. The criminal activity consisted of throwing rocks, bottles, and sticks, as well as pointing green lasers at officers. The group was asked to leave the area and move to the south and the west.

At 11:55 p.m., much of the group had not left the area despite warnings and officers began to disperse the crowd. While dispersing the group, a vehicle associated with the group drove up behind officers, narrowly missing officers on foot and causing an extremely dangerous situation...

At 12:45 a.m…Most of the group who had returned to Southeast Precinct continued to stand on East Burnside Street blocking all lanes of traffic despite all the warnings. Officers once again began to disperse the crowd and made several arrests.

No CS gas was used by Portland Police Bureau.”

So never mind the repeated warnings to remain peaceful. Play silly games win silly prizes.

Graffiti? Peloai lied. Democrats once again openly accept mob violence, while disparaging law enforcement as “stormtroopers.”

Is it any wonder all the police unions, representing 900,000 members are saying they’ll endorse Trump?

CHAZ believes in walls and no immigration – which contradicts liberal dogma

Image may contain: outdoor

CHAZ is the perfect example of liberal hypocrisy.

For all of the complaints liberals make about walls, CHAZ is barricaded and armed guards restrict those who wish to enter at checkpoints. Isn’t that what Trump is doing with the southern border? Don’t laugh, even residents of Seattle aren’t allowed access to the area unless they pass the criteria of entry. No illegal immigrants! Isn’t that what Trump wants? Signs at the border say, “You are leaving the United States of America.” Clearly, the CHAZ leaders understand that uncontrolled immigration could tank the local economy.

What is the economy of CHAZ? It has no natural resources, industry or trade agreements with other nations. Extortion through violence seems to be the main staple of the economy. It must pain them to use US$. A senior Seattle Police officer contradicted the “summer of love” “block party” touting Democrat Mayor Jenny Durkan, by saying, “citizens and businesses being asked to pay a fee to operate in the area…this is the crime of extortion.”

Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw made the best sense of it all when he tweeted with respect to the sign outside CHAZ,

I just want to remind all that when you create an “autonomous zone,” you don’t get to demand a long list of supplies from the orderly capitalist society that you are rebelling against…Kind of defeats the meaning of “autonomous.” #SeattleAutonomousZone

We guess it is hard to be peacefully challenged.

Keep up the good work Democrats. You are sinking your chance to be taken seriously as a credible alternative to Trump come November 2020.

Nancy Pelosi runs reelection fundraiser instead of passing rescue legislation

If you thought Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi couldn’t top her ice cream freezer antics on late-night TV or prioritising the ban of flavoured tobacco over small business coronavirus rescue packages, she found time to call for an election fundraiser. Perhaps she should channel former Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull and fund the campaign risking her own millions if the net return is reelection. 

Debunking liberal funking

An interesting dialogue between liberal media host Bill Maher and Republican congressman, Rep Dan Crenshaw.

It is refreshing to see such a civil dialogue when context and perspective are provided around mainstream media narratives.

One interesting tidbit for FNF Media was why Nancy Pelosi delayed bringing the vote on a $2.5bn supplemental bill to support the CDC, NIH and FDA to help combat the virus to the floor by a week? Instead, she put forward legislation on whether to ban flavoured tobacco. Priorities.

It is a worthwhile 15 minutes.