Nasty Nancy Antoinette ad pointing out utter hypocrisy

Rules for thee, not for me. Video here.

As the presidential campaign gathers mud, the double standards argument is a cracker.

Nancy Pelosi doubles down with legal letter to shut down the hair salon for good

Nancy Pelosi decided to double down on the hair salon debacle. After claims that she followed their advice on local rules (San Francisco and Alameda counties are alone in the Bay Area in barring salons from having customers indoors), she then attacked the hair salon owner for ‘setting her up’ and believed the salon owner should apologize!

Despite being 100% complicit in breaking the rules to have her hair done, Pelosi seems to have helped her hair stylist publish a legal letter which seeks to destroy the hair salon by suggesting it is in possession of evidence that the salon has been breaking the COVID-19 rules as far back as April 2020.

You have to hand it to the very officials elected to serve the public having no compunction in seeking to destroy local businesses who call them out for demanding the public serve them. Who wouldn’t seek to crush a single mother of two kids for exposing Pelosi’s utter double standards? Rules for thee, but not for me.

Part of the letter read:

“Ms. Kious took special interest in the appointment during this telephone call, wherein she made several vitriolic and incendiary comments about Speaker Pelosi and her purported responsibility for temporarily suspending
operations of Ms. Kious’ business, despite such orders actually being put into place not by Speaker Pelosi, but by Governor Gavin Newsome and San Francisco Mayor London Breed. Ultimately, Ms. Kious authorized Mr.
DeNardo to proceed with Speaker Pelosi’s appointment…

This office is in possession of photographs, videos and witness information that Ms. Kious, contrary to her prior statements to the press, has actually been operating her business during the stay-at-home orders and similar executive orders limiting in-store operations since as far back as April 2020. Ms. Kious is seen on photographs and video footage styling various clients’ hair, ignoring social distancing guidelines, and not wearing protective equipment (masks), as recently as a few days prior to Speaker Pelosi’s arrival at eSalon on August 31, 2020. What’s more, Ms. Kious has also been actively encouraging and almost forcing stylists who operate at eSalon to violate such orders for her own financial benefit in the form of receiving lease payments…

The fact that Ms. Kious is now objecting to Speaker Pelosi’s presence at eSalon, and from a simple surface-level review of Ms. Kious’ political leanings, it appears Ms. Kious is furthering a set-up of Speaker Pelosi for her own vain aspirations.”

This incident highlights how ridiculous the coronavirus restrictions are. Despite the Democrats telling the commoners until they are blue in the face that the virus is a microsecond from killing them if they don’t wear masks, observe social distance and stay at home, the most powerful woman in America can happily go to a hair salon without wearing a mask and not become infected.

Nancy Pelosi is so in touch with the people, we remind readers of some of her other antics:

Her performance on late night TV showing how tough lockdown was for her. She revealed $13 pots of luxury ice cream that filled her $24,000 freezer.

So important was the memory of George Floyd that Pelosi referred to him as George Kirby.

The time she adorned African Kente scarves with fellow Democrats without having the first clue about the significance of its meaning.

We would view Nancy Pelosi’s desire to close down a small business as in keeping with the theme of the district she has served for 33 years.

We could go on but her actions always speak for themselves.