Cocaine in. Plastic Straws out in Oregon

Yes, Oregon legislators have voted to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine.

This drug initiative will allow people arrested with small amounts of hard drugs to avoid going to trial, or serving jail time, by paying a $100 fine and attending an addiction recovery program.

Oregon’s House also voted in 2019 to prohibit restaurants from providing single-use plastic straws unless a customer asks.

It is this type of liberal logic we saw in Minneapolis when the council wondered why crime surged when the police were “reimagined”? Who knew.

The makers of Narcan will be happy.

Candace Owens gives her verdict on why George Floyd shouldn’t be seen as a martyr

Conservative Candace Owens gives her opinion on why she doesn’t think George Floyd should be treated as a martyr for black people. While she believes his death was completely unjustified, Candace runs through his long history of run-ins with the law -from armed robbery, drug offences and holding a gun to the belly of a pregnant woman. She also makes the point to those that think Floyd was on the road to recovery by saying his tox screen revealed he was on fentanyl and methamphetamines at the time of his arrest.

Narconomics – illegal drugs and correlation to financial markets


BBC published an interesting report suggesting the recent purity of drugs like cocaine was causing higher incidences (+150% on 2013) of overdoses causing problems for A&E wards. A while back I read all 300 odd pages of UNODC’s narcotics report and concluded that narcotics markets are good economic indicators. The inverse correlation of  price and purity is profound. As economic conditions worsen, prices decline and purity goes up. The value proposition is in full effect. Moreover the substitution effect of traditional narcotics has to cope with synthetic drugs like ice, crystal meth, krokodil and oxi which give 5x the bang for 1/5th the price with 100x the side effects.

I am working hard with an American listed company to get a drug – which stops drug addiction – approved and sold in Australia where the ice epidemic is out of control.  Exciting stuff.