CNN contributor suggests certain conservative media be deplatformed

You have to hand it to CNN. A contributor on Brian Stelter’s program believed that deplatforming OAN and Newsmax made sense to stop the spread of misinformation.

CNN, one of the biggest purveyors of twisted narratives, would love to take out networks with higher ratings. Having said that, does CNN realize that those who watch OAN or Newsmax probably won’t be coming to watch the left-leaning network as an alternative? Taking out competitors probably ends up helping other conservative networks because it is the “content” the audience seeks. Best deplatform them too.

Still, it is no surprise to hear cancel culture is alive and kicking at CNN. Where the network believes audiences aren’t intelligent enough to consume information and decide for themselves what is truth or fiction.

When CNN doesn’t research its own gotcha question

So refreshing to see Florida Gov Ron DeSantis push back on CNN. The network doesn’t appear to have any real journalists. Only activists.

It is fun to see DeSantis call out the network for not investigating its own intended “gotcha” question. Funny how some on Twitter turned his take down – based on the victim’s lack of preparation – as a misogynistic attack.

Leaked CNN tapes, Janet Yellen will stop climate change & SF mayor avoids own COVID rules by dining in another city!

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report discusses Project Veritas’ leaked CNN tapes of months of internal meetings, Treasury Secretary nominee Janet Yellen’s plans to fight racial inequality, and more liberal hypocrisy as yet another Democrat lockdown hypocrite gets caught at The French Laundry.

First, Dave gives his thoughts on the leaked audio of CNN CEO Jeff Zucker’s meetings. James O’Keefe of Project Veritas revealed that he has been recording Jeff Zucker’s internal morning meetings for two months. The tapes offer proof of CNN’s extreme anti-Trump agenda.

Next, former head of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen gave a speech outlining how as Joe Biden’s Treasury Secretary she will somehow use economic policy to reduce inequality, climate change, and gender inequality.

Finally, it has been discovered that lockdown proponent and San Francisco Mayor London Breed avoided breaking the COVID dining rules by simply leaving her own city and going to The French Laundry, the same luxury restaurant that California Governor Gavin Newsom was caught breaking his COVID rules at (and dropping $15,000 on booze).

It is worth the 30 minutes.

Cuckoo, cuckoo!

Juliette Kayyem — a professor in international security at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and a regular CNN analyst — has taken to Twitter to say that it is highly likely that Russian agents were able to access more information about President Trump’s battle with the coronavirus than the American people — and through nefarious channels.

Are these people for real? She is a perfect example of why tertiary education should be free – it is worth absolutely nothing with cuckoos like this lecturing students.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a clinical mental disorder.

Media response to same comment made by Trump & Biden

As ever the media left out the context of the conversation with Bob Woodward which was that Trump “didn’t want people to panic” when it deliberately edited the comment to say that he “downplayed the virus.”

Trump said virtually the same thing in an April 2020 press conference at the White House. Why no outrage then? Ahh, because there is an election that needs narratives to switch away from riots, looting and civil unrest to a virus where deaths have been largely caused in Democrat run cities and states.

How strange that Joe Biden said in February, “it’s not a time to panic about coronavirus.

Orange man bad. Whatever Trump says is bad. Total silence about Biden. Who knew?

Perhaps the most telling display of “minimal panic” over coronavirus has been the behaviour of so many Democrat mayors, governors and members of congress who have broken so many of the laws they proclaim is so dangerous for the people who elected them. Surely if there was a need to panic, these politicians wouldn’t be sneaking off to get their hair blown out or reopen gyms inside public buildings while the rest are closed to the public.

CNN has been so worried about coronavirus that it made a point to admonish Trump for the lack of diversity on the response team.

Make no mistake, this will be 60 straight days of mudslinging. This type of muck will be churned out by the mainstream media non-stop in order to prevent Trump from reelection. Last week it was comments from anonymous sources that Trump had disparaged fallen soldiers as “suckers and losers.” Even John Bolton, who hates Trump, denied he ever said it and he was there. Had Trump mentioned it, what an explosive chapter for his book.

Who knew that 86% of people polled think that the media is divisive. The worst numbers in living memory.

Brian Stelter gives priceless reply to CNN’s lies

A Minnesota based caller phoned in to whack Brian Stelter and CNN for being the biggest hypocrites in media. He said,

You guys always talk about how many times Trump has lied, I’ve calculated that there have been 300 different distortions or disinformation that we get out of CNN…If you add all that up to 46 months it comes out to 300,000 plus distortions of truth…This is how low you’ll go. You go out and lie, defamed a child, then you had to settle out of court to pay this child for distorting information about him. If anything, that’s happening at CNN and anybody that buys your book, it’s really just one of the things dividing our nation.”

Stelter’s reply is priceless. Video here.

CNN’s Don Lemon takes Trump’s Mental Acuity test and fails

CNN’s Don Lemon discussed Trump’s mental acuity test and fails part of it. Interesting that he set out to mock the president and can’t tell a rhino from a hippo.