2 lefty narratives destroyed in one – climate change & 2A

An Oregon lady caught an arsonist in the act and exercised her second amendment rights to hold the individual under citizen’s arrest until the police arrived.

As Bernie Sanders and the left keep banging on about climate change being behind the bushfires, once again, arson is a large factor. Joe Biden gave a speech saying that the US risks being destroyed by fires, floods and hurricanes.

We wrote about the causes of bushfires during Australia’s recent disaster here.

In short, coronavirus has run its scaremongering course so it is now time to rachet up global warming again. We imagine Greta Thunberg will he invited on Zoom to do a town hall with Biden.

The flip side of punching cops in front of peers

Interesting to see that law abiding citizens side with the police, not the criminals. Resisting arrest and punching a cop in the face is generally not a good thing although we imagine that Kamala Harris will only be too happy to get her friends at the MFF to post bail, organize a visit to speak of her pride of knowing this man and telling us he comes from an “incredible American family.

One imagines this chap is not regarded as an upstanding member by his peers.