When white supremacist extremist narratives get torched by reality

What the mainstream media wanted you to believe – white supremacy, violence, far right extremists and militia groups.

What actually happened is contained in the video below and the 1 min 50 sec mark will have you in stitches over the dig at identity politics. One could almost be forgiven for thinking the mainstream media was disappointed that the rally didn’t turn ugly.

You be the judge.

Homeless Conference stripper was advertised as a “cultural presentation”

Hmmm. Brittany M. Hughes rips apart what a complete farce the taxpayer-funded homeless conference, titled “Decolonizing our Collective Work” was. Is it any wonder homeless remains a big problem in the US, as we wrote the other day?

Brittany lambasts the double standards of the lamestream media

MRCTV commentator Brittany M. Hughes points out the blatant hypocrisy and double standards at the ABC Network in America.