Florida AG refers Bloomberg to FBI after he pledges to pay fines of felons to allow them to vote


It seems failed Democrat presidential nominee Michael Bloomberg is in hot water after pledging to pay the fines of 32,000 felons in Florida so that they can vote in the election. By law felons who have outstanding court fines or fees cannot vote. 

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody referred Bloomberg to the FBI to request a criminal investigation. 

The AG’s letter to the FBI included this passage from the Florida Dept of State, Division of Elections:

Even other innocuous offering of an incentive simply to vote could run afoul of section 104.045 or section 104.061, or both, depending upon the circumstances involved. That is, incentives could be offered to a voter in a way that would be designed to directly or indirectly cause the voter or a larger group of voters to vote in a particular manner. In such a case, the person giving the incentive could be guilty of violating section 104.061, Florida Statutes, which makes it illegal to “directly or indirectly give or promise anything of value to another in casting his or her vote.

To the Democrats, the ends justify the means. Never mind the law. Because in their view, if they can get the orange man out of the way, then all will be forgiven.

Wit & wisdom of Mike Bloomberg’s locker room talk



Will the public honestly care about what Mike Bloomberg said 30 years ago? How soon we forget that Donald Trump’s “grab ’em by the p#ssy” comments were in the final months of the 2016 election campaign. It was on the ballot and it wasn’t enough for voters to go into meltdown and pick someone who had higher standards. Or were Hillary Clinton’s standards so low that Trump was the lesser of two evils?

Mike Bloomberg’s book, ‘The Portable Bloomberg: The Wit and Wisdom of Michael Bloomberg,‘ is doing the rounds, courtesy of the Washington Post, which presumably is hoisting the flag of Bernie Sanders. In it Mike Bloomberg says,

On Negotiation

What do I want? A 10-year contract, an automatic extension and I want you to pay me. And I want a blow job from XXXX. Have you seen XXXX lately? Not bad for 50.”

Keep your legs closed

On being told “No”

Let me tell you something, buddy boy, I have pictures of you and they’re not with your wife.

Characterizing of a Competitor

Cokehead, womanizing, fag.

On the Bloomberg terminal

It will do everything. including give you a blow job. I guess that puts a lot of you girls out of business.

On computers

You know why computers will never take the place of people? Because a computer would say the sex of the person giving you a blow job doesn’t matter.

On the marriage of his employees

“Are you pregnant?”

“Male or female?”

On being asked a sport that doesn’t use balls

“Lesbian sex”

In today’s cancel culture, the past is the most formidable weapon to smash people over the head with.

FNF Media believes in “equality.” Therefore anyone that tries to smear someone for something said three decades ago, should be open to having their own past dredged up and made public.

In any event, Bloomberg’s quotes will unlikely affect his campaign run. Bernie Sanders took his honeymoon in communist Russia which is far more offensive!

Michael Bloomberg endorsing Hillary Clinton is majorly positive for Trump


Democrats shouldn’t be cheering at Michael Bloomberg’s plan to endorse Hillary Clinton. It is yet another confirmation of the elites backing each other which plays to Trump’s anti-establishment persona. Of course Hillary will view it as a sign of Republicans deserting Trump  but she will be dead wrong. The jilted Ted Cruz tried it and got smacked in the mouth. Bloomberg will come across as a billionaire out of touch with the drowning middle income Americans. Trump is a billionaire “in touch” with them in their view.

Michael Bloomerg was potentially in the running as a Republican candidate but even he knows he would have been trounced by Trump so now his move smacks of sour grapes.

I hear many talk of Trump destroying the Republican Party. Nonsense. The GOP has been against Trump from the beginning of his campaign. They thought he’d bow out early in defeat. They’ve been so wrong and falling over themselves to terminate him. However even the anti-Trump Paul Ryan now realizes that he has no choice but to endorse The Donald. Ryan realizes among the Republican elite they are a party that needs to wake up to reform. That as they were they didn’t represent Middle income Americans. Trump has.

Trump is the under-dog. The poor and stupid voters -as the Dems arrogantly point out – won’t stand for it anymore. Hillary Clinton is out of touch. Americans who have had their dreams smashed by the establishment have the greatest equalizer- an equal VOTE. I foresee the same arrogance that pervaded at the time of Brexit by regular voters being rudely shocked by the new wave of people that never exercised their democratic rights before. In past elections the Democrats have always won with higher voter turnouts. This time will be different.

So Mr Bloomberg you just handed Trump a penalty  kick with no goalkeeper. However watch the Mainstream media go to town on belittling Trump on this story. NYT, WaPo, CNN…you name it – once again it will be their own goal and they’ll eventually realize that supporting Trump will be the only way to cut him down but by then it will be too late.