Taylor rants about toxic masculinity and private equity

Poor old Taylor Swift. As she took her Billboard Woman of the Decade award, she went on a typical celebrity rant about toxic masculinity and all the other oppression she has faced which still allowed her to cream millions.

Yet the most striking part of her speech (from the 11 minute mark) was to get upset at the sale of her works to a private equity firm and not being consulted about how she feels.

Boo hoo.

Taylor, when you sign with a record label and that company is bought out, it is merely a transfer of rights which you signed over. If your works mean so much to you by all means approach the PE consortium and ask to buy it back so you can control it. The true value of your worth will be what sticker price they put on it.

Either you’ll be outraged at the low price they put on it which you’ll say undervalues your worth or be disgusted at how expensive it is because they are mercenaries who seek to extract maximum returns, you know. The very capitalist system you despise.

Put simply, shut up and stop telling the world how tough your life is from your ivory tower behind a gated security wall.