Good way to end a bad year

As motorcyclists, we are biased. Local Sydney brewery, Young Henrys, has made ‘Motorcycle Oil‘ which tastes somewhere between a Guinness and Kilkenny. Definitely worth a try.

Maybe a 5W40 in viscosity

Open Letter to Colonial Brewing Co

Dear Mr. Dowd,

Please stand up and push back against these wowsers who have confected outrage against your brand. No apology is required when you’re just selling beer.

We seriously doubt that any of your staff are racist or insensitive to injustice. So why have you found it necessary to buckle to the woke mob?

No one of sound mind and body in Australia equates your boutique beer brand to our colonial past or finds the slightest bit of offence. It is unlikely any customers gave it a thought.

The Aussie public is growing tired of this nonsense. As you know Australia and beer are synonymous with our culture.

Why not name the bottle shops which folded to a tiny minority and push your brand online? We don’t support secondary boycotts but these bottle-o’s should be proud to publicly advertise their cowardly decisions. Let individuals decide whether they continue shopping there or not.

We encourage you to use the free publicity surrounding this joke of a protest and allow the beer drinking public to decide if they’ll support you. We guarantee you they will.

We have just bought your Pale Ale and Kolsch Draught. They are great beers. We will gladly buy a case of your beer on a repeat basis should you sell it online because we want to support your right to call your beer brand what you like.

You have openly said, “the Morris Family Foundationhave a significant focus on projects to reduce inequality, in particular projects working with First Nations people in regional areas, including a dedicated project in Townsville, Queensland.

Even more reason why saying sorry is not required. On the contrary, you are owed an apology from these fringe mobs who have nothing better to do than whinge and moan about things that don’t have any relation to them whatsoever.

Perhaps you should consider the words of Thomas Sowell who said,

Activism is a way for useless people to feel important, even if the consequences of their activism are counterproductive for those they claim to be helping and damaging to the fabric of society as a whole.

So we implore you to stand up and throw two fingers up at the wowsers. Australia is right behind you.


FNF Media

Refreshing honesty

Honesty really works. Once again capitalism allows companies to work out very quickly when consumers shun product changes without proper consultation. From Carlton Dry:

We overcomplicated things…

A beer that’s now harder to open! We clearly got this wrong and we’re sorry.

Last October we replaced our twist off caps with a ring pull cap and it didn’t take long for all of you loyal drinkers to let us know that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

So we’re pulling our fingers out, and pulling the pin on the ring pulls. As of March, the twist tops that you know and love will be back on our stubbies.

At the time we changed to ring pulls, our bottles were also reduced from 355ml to 330ml so we could avoid increasing the price – keeping it as one of the most affordable beers on the market.

To keep our prices unchanged on our stubbies we’re not passing on any of our increases in production costs for a 12-month period and we won’t pass on the Government’s February increase in beer tax. This will help keep Carlton Dry prices as low as possible.

We hope the twist top brings back the simple joy of cracking open one of our beers without burning a hole in your pocket.


We F’d up. Ring pull bad. Twist top good. Changing back at good price.”

Elizabeth Warren’s New Year’s message

Elizabeth Warren may have announced she is running for President of the United States in 2020 but this New Year’s video is utterly cringeworthy. Apart from the fact she cracks open a beer to pretend to be down to earth she only managed to garner 15 live viewers with her stream. Way to go for the election campaign. Where were her in house media managers? This video is such cannon fodder for her opponents, both Democrat and Republican alike. Embarrassing. At the very least she should have channeled former Australian PM RJL Hawke on how to consume beer for an audience.

Magical Christmas Unicorn vanilla ice cream beer – what were they smoking?


All jokes aside this “Magical Christmas Unicorn” vanilla ice cream beer from a local brewer in Beechworth, Victoria is much better than it sounds. 7.3% alcohol. I’m wondering whether they tip a punnet of ice cream inside a brewing vat? If you get a chance try it – it is nothing like you imagine. Perhaps they named it after a night with magical mushrooms on Christmas Eve.