0.000016% vs 0.0000012%

Simple mathematics. While alarmists keep banging on about climate change, let’s do basic mathematics. The IPCC admit that the human contribution to CO2 is only 3% of the total. That is, 97% is naturally occurring.

The equation:


C02 in our atmosphere: 0.04% (400ppm)

Man made CO2 driven by fossil fuels: 3%

Australia’s contribution to global CO2: 1.3%

So 0.04% x 3% x 1.3% = 0.000016%.

So if we went to zero emissions in Australia our contribution to the global total would be cut by 0.000016%. Hardly worth billions in expenditure.

NZ PM Jacinda Ardern has said her country will be zero carbon emissions by 2050. NZ contribution to world carbon emissions is currently 0.1% meaning her virtue signaling will save the world by 0.0000012%!!