Portland Prosecutor’s clown show

Who knew? Days after Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (Democrat) admitted peaceful protestors who tried to burn buildings with people inside were “committing murder“, his District Attorney Mike Schmidt said that most rioters wouldn’t be prosecuted.

Fear not, there is good reason for that. The newly elected DA is an avowed SJW who has been endorsed by Black Lives Matter co-founder Shaun “Talcom X” King’s political action committee, Real Justice PAC. Its goals include the ending of cash bail, the opening of prisons, and the defunding of police. What could possibly go wrong?

The list of crimes which wouldn’t cause charges to be laid includes:

• interfering with a police officer

• disorderly conduct

• criminal trespass

• harassment

• escape in the 3rd degree

• riot (sometimes in some circumstances)

All forgiven and forgotten.

Never mind that 500 arrested. Why so lenient? It was the “police” that caused rioters to react because they used tear gas or other crowd-control measures causing rioters to “instinctively lash out.

We wonder how the conversations between insurance companies and local businesses will go down when criminals will be slapped on the wrist with a feather duster.

What a joke! Add this to the other activists pretending to be impartial. We wrote about that here.

St Louis CA finds insufficient evidence despite suspect confessing he killed 7yo

While St Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberley Gardner was only too happy hunt for any reason to prosecute the McCloskeys for defending their property with legally possessed firearms, she couldn’t find it in her heart to charge Malik Ross for the murder of 7yo Xavier Usanga even though he confessed.

You have to wonder how someone who has a responsibility to dispense justice fairly can have such warped standards.

The day after the murder of Usanga, prosecutors say Ross stole $50,000 from the armored truck business he worked for, all in an alleged attempt to flee the city for six months.

You can read CA Gardner’s letter about trying to get justice for young Xavier. The first paragraph says it all. We’re not quite sure how confessing to a shooting counts as insufficient evidence.