National Felon League (NFL)

It changes the moral high ground on the debate on the NFL when dragging it down into the statistics of the players themselves. Perhaps some players are taking a knee to stop themselves being held accountable by the very laws they break. 713 different players between 2000-2014 have been arrested, Shocking list of charges – rape, murders, shootings, animal cruelty, prostitution rings, assault, robbery, illegal gun possession, DUI, resisting arrest and so forth. So ask yourself why fans might get turned off being lectured to by these social justice footballers? Great role models.

Makes the NRL in Australia look like a bunch of choir boys.

With pay TV viewership and game attendance continuing to fall (according to Nielsen) we are seeing some team owners like the Steelers begging fans to accept it’s just a misunderstanding and sponsors like Nike sticking up for the NFL because they want to make sure their investment sustains a return. Budweiser will be the big swing factor on the NFL. It proudly promotes it has 11,000 veterans working for it. Pepsi, Budweiser’s Anheuser-Busch InBev paid $1.4 billion to sponsor the NFL out to 2022. When AB InBev first inked this deal in 2011 (to last through the 2017 Super Bowl) it paid $1.2 billion. Not small pennies. DirecTV has announced they will give full refunds to customers who want to cancel their NFL channel. Of course DirecTV will be asking the NFL to cover the costs of that.

No matter what one’s views are, the NFL will live and die by their actions. As mentioned yesterday, taking a knee is now so commonplace it is actually no longer seen as the protest it was originally done for. Then again, all the NFL is bringing on itself is the double standards of many of its players.

The Polliegraph Test


I look at the state of the Liberal Party of Australia and think many of its ministers may need to submit to an injection of sodium Pentothal so they don’t forget anything they are required by law to fess up to. If they forgot to declare $1,000 in a term deposit I’d understand but to fail to declare a $1.4mn investment property is incredible. I would imagine a $1.4mn investment would be a pretty major one for many people.

Employment minister Michaelia Cash has reportedly failed to declare her $1.4 million investment property within the 35 days required under Senate rules. If we have rules, then we should hold politicians accountable. Otherwise why bother having them? It is no excuse to miss deadlines. For someone pulling in $337,000 salary (+perks) that salary should mean she bears responsibility for her own conduct. No ifs, buts or quid pro quos.

Are their memories so short? Sussan Ley had to resign after revelations were made that she had bought an investment property while on a  ‘business’ trip. Is $337,000 too high a salary that it is turning politicians into property moguls? To be honest I think politician’s salaries are too low. In order to get proper captain’s of industry to consider a life in politics we need to make the risk/reward higher.

None-the-less the Liberals under Turnbull are a laughing stock. Apparently Minister Cash has said she is “mortified” to miss the deadline. The PM has accepted her apology. Apparently she had been on holidays which caused her to be 8 days late.

The Liberals have got to get rid of Turnbull. No leadership. If they think Julie Bishop is the person to replace him think again. The people that are deserting the party in droves won’t be lured back by the very person that stitched up the Prime Minister (Abbott) they voted for. If anything it will drive them further from the Liberals.

If they had a mandate to lead the LNP to destruction at the next election they couldn’t do a finer job. This lurch to the left has abandoned almost everything the Libs stand for. I do think that Abbott coming back would see the silent masses of Lib supporters come home. It will not happen with soft measures. The Australian people want an apology from their politicians for lacking any moral authority. Further scandals that highlight their lack of respect for the laws meant to keep them in check.

Is it any wonder that Pauline Hanson continues to climb the polls. Not only is she far more polished than she was 20 years ago, she speaks her mind and with the major parties both so incredibly weak, incompetent and lacking in spine she must be sleeping soundly every night.