Satirical cartoon slamming CA Gov Gavin Newsom

Not far off the Mark when it comes to COVID lockdown rules.

Net Zero? An experience of child birth & why the only green new deal is a soiled diaper

If childbirth today is any guide, fossil fuel phase out is a pipe dream. Why?

Nearly every single piece of equipment that assisted in the delivery of our new bundle was dripping with fossil fuel derivatives.

Naturally, hospitals require sterilized, often single use equipment. Whether syringes, gloves, catheters, anesthetics, pill wrapping… you name it, this is a harsh reality.

Even bottle feeding the little’un requires we throw the mini milk bottles out each time they are used because her immune system is not anywhere up to the job of fighting bacteria for at least 6 weeks.

So if Joe Biden wants to “work out” fossil fuels, how does he intend to cater to the medical industry? One imagines if all of the equipment above had to be replaced by alternative materials, imagine just how expensive his BidenCare would become? We can just see bamboo beds and paper catheters.

Oh, one other thing. Hospitals don’t work very well on intermittent power sources, especially mid way through a surgery.

Sarcastic Bee

Bee at its best. Again, it’s satire is too close to reality.

WASHINGTON, D.C—President Donald Trump is once again under fire from the media for recklessly downplaying the danger of COVID by refusing to die. As the president begins to show signs of recovery, many worry that this sends the wrong message about the seriousness of the global pandemic. 

Every hour that he lives is another hour that the severity of this virus is undermined!” said reporter Sara Grace Major for CNN. “Why won’t he just DIE and show the American people how deadly this virus truly is?”

“Mr. President, are you sure you don’t need to lie down indefinitely or go on a ventilator?” asked another distraught journalist. “Maybe even say goodbye to your loved ones?!”

“Honestly, I feel terrific. Tremendous, really. I was never afraid of this virus before, but now I am even more not afraid. It’s sad, really. I was told this virus would be one tough cookie,“ Trump said to the press. “In fact, I’ve never felt better.”

“His defiance is going to get people killed. Dying like he’s supposed to would be the most patriotic thing he could do,” complained CNN correspondent Adam Pelot. “If he lives, how will the people be able to trust science?”

At publishing time, members of the press had begun pulling their own hair out as they watched the “incredibly strong and healthy” president go for a jog around the White House grounds.”

Is the Chicago Mayor the ‘Rona Destroyer or a clown?

Never mind that crime, shootings and murder rates are going through the roof, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot decided to dress up in a Halloween costume to discuss COVID-19 and other issues.

Do businesses that have been crushed by the draconian lockdowns imposed by the mayor really see any humour in any of this?

This is the mayor that asked police to stand back until the protests came to her neighbourhood and she demanded a roadblock. This is the mayor that threatened to arrest people breaking lockdown rules despite going to get her own hair done. She also gladly told President Trump “F U

Totally out of touch. Best explained by this leaked conference call with her aldermen. Profanity warning.

Cuckoo, cuckoo!

Juliette Kayyem — a professor in international security at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and a regular CNN analyst — has taken to Twitter to say that it is highly likely that Russian agents were able to access more information about President Trump’s battle with the coronavirus than the American people — and through nefarious channels.

Are these people for real? She is a perfect example of why tertiary education should be free – it is worth absolutely nothing with cuckoos like this lecturing students.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a clinical mental disorder.

WaPo opinion writer suggests Walter Reed be defunded after Trump’s visit

Never Trumper and WaPo opinion writer, Jennifer Rubin, went off the deep end suggesting that Walter Reed military hospital should be defunded by Congress given Trump’s short stay. Never mind the countless brave souls that defended the very freedoms she thrives under also require medical attention.

Maybe Rubin should bus wounded vets to Nancy Pelosi’s district in San Francisco where they can find a bit of pavement to sleep on because liberal policies have shown themselves so successful there.

Isn’t it wonderful to see such balanced individuals on the left demand anything they disagree with to be defunded – police, military hospitals or ICE…just cut it. After all the Democrats are the party of compassion, empathy and sympathy you understand!

Former Navy SEAL, Congressman Dan Crenshaw, suggested she take a break from Twitter given Trump’s visit triggered her so badly.

What Rubin fails to realize is that publicly exposing her chronic Trump Derangement Syndrome doesn’t help convince people that she offers a voice of reason. Still, keep up the good work!

Queensland Health Minister sends Trump a remedy

Queensland Health Minister Steven Miles showed unequivocally his immaturity for the role. Appalling. Does Miles believe these remarks are becoming of someone in charge of public health and safety?

Stay classy, Lefties