Most reliable indicator of fear surrounding COVID-19 is not what you think

Our trip to the Aldi supermarket in the affluent suburb of Mosman in Sydney, Australia last Saturday revealed one immutable truth. That even the elderly have absolutely no concerns about social distancing when fighting over limited supplies of Lacura face creams that were on the ‘special buys’ list. We think this is probably the most accurate indicator of “fear” surrounding COVID-19 – absolutely none. We’ve seen more crowded Japanese subway carriages at peak hour.

Forget hand sanitiser, masks and respecting social distance. Just push, jostle, elbow, bustle and fight to the death to lay one’s hands on a $19 moisturizer. It felt like toilet paper rationing all over again.

Forgive the preamble.

We have analysed the latest COVID-19 deaths as a percentage of state populations across America and Australia to get a feel for the reality and check whether media hysteria is unfounded.

New York State was the worst of all, representing 3x the national average. 10 of the top 17 states with rates above the national average were Democrat controlled (blue columns).

In aggregate, c.121,000 have died under Democrat-controlled states and 78,400 under Republican-controlled states (red columns) as at Sept 21, 2020 according to CDC data.

We also note that Victoria, a state in Australia, has a death rate that still remains extremely low on a relative basis (despite being 10x the rest of the country combined) yet has some of the harshest lockdown laws.

Comparing Victoria to US states that imposed no lockdowns at all, the numbers don’t justify a draconian curfew. Utah has a population about half that of Victoria and a death toll from COVID at 50% of Victoria, despite no lockdown imposed at all. One could make a case for population density but why does NSW have 1/10th the death toll with similar demographics and a relatively open economy?

Note that all US states that had no lockdown had death tolls at least half the national average. Every single one is Republican-controlled.

In America, 99.94% of the country has no succumbed to coronavirus. In Victoria, 99.99% of the state population hasn’t died from it. In Australia 99.997% of citizens have managed to survive.

The data is self explanatory. US deaths are at 1/3rd the levels at the peak but the media can’t stray from the narrative that the risks of a new wave are around the corner. No. The virus remains contagious but not that virulent. Someone mentioned an election soon…

We shall be updating more data in coming days. Suffice to say, economies should be reopened and special attention paid to protecting more vulnerable members of society (who clearly weren’t at Aldi Mosman).

White silence is violence?

At what point do diners have to put up with such harassment? That innocent restaurant patrons looking to eat are complicit for not joining the mob?

Power to enter your home without a warrant?

Paul Murray sensibly summarizes Premier Dan Andrews proposed 12 month lockdown and calls out the disgraceful media response to it.

It is shocking to see that a government with no Plan B thinks it should have the right to detain people and enter their homes without a warrant.

Victorians voted in Andrews despite the many scandals attached to him ahead of the election last year. Shame on the coalition for not defeating such a flawed candidate but there can be no question that buyer’s remorse is sinking in. Although not for all.

We encourage people to look at Dan Andrews Facebook page to see how many still compliment him for his unparalleled insight into the crisis. It is so effusive in praise that even Kim Jong-un would blush.

When 82% of COVID-19 deaths are in Victoria, who thought comedy would be a cure?

You have to hand it to the audacity of Victorian Premier Dan Andrews. Due to his monumental stuff ups, he can lay claim to 82% of all Australian coronavirus deaths with 26% of the population. Now he has resorted to comedy to help Victorians get on with obeying stay at home orders.

Never mind that private security guards were sleeping with quarantined hotel guests. We should be proud that they got diversity training instead of medical guidelines. Never mind that he lied about not being offered ADF help.

Never mind that people were fined for playing golf or fishing, protesting black lives matter earned a free pass.

Despite untold damage to the Victorian economy because of incompetent woke health officials who were more interested in making social justice statements than protecting constituents, somehow comedy will cure the pain of being right royally screwed.

Magda Szubanski AO is a famous comedian but the last thing people – who are struggling to survive each day – is a chuckle. Their plight is anything but a joke. Having left-leaning TV hosts like Waleed Aly pour on the sanctimony makes it all the more cringeworthy. Victorians want action, not community messages driven by Andrews’ failure.

At least Victorians live safe in the knowledge that Premier Andrews won’t step down. Here is betting that ‘workplace negligence’ laws in Victoria get amended so Andrews and his team can be exempted from blatant abuses of the very protections he should have buried his ideology to enforce.

In finance, we used to comment that ‘industry gets the management it deserves‘. Andrews has proven that if one focuses on being woke, the state will eventually become broke. They voted in someone who guaranteed failure during a crisis. Then blamed those who voted him in for causing the second outbreak.

California business owner warns a revolution is coming to Council members

Oh to be a public official collecting a monthly salary while telling minions they must stay home and struggle to feed their families.

A California business owner appeared in front of city officials to tell them off for their negligence.

He warned them that even peaceful law-abiding citizens have their limits and will revolt.

We get the feeling that COVID-19 is not the main issue. It is despotic leaders who are squeezing the life blood out of ordinary citizens while turning a blind eye to crime and lawlessness.

It reminds us of a speech made by Mark D Robinson to his City Council when he said “I am the majority!” Well worth watching too.

Bupa contract should be rescinded by Dept of Home Affairs

Utter incompetence at every step of the way.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs has outsourced its visa medical checks to BUPA. It is nothing short of racketeering. Exorbitant prices with conflicting advice from the call centre, website and actual desk.

So poorly managed are the systems, that the services you are required to pay for end up being different. It’s systems also don’t update any change in surname/passport at the DoHA end.

There is no proper process to lodge a complaint other than writing a name on a piece of paper with the approximate day/date/time called. It is all ad hoc and nary an apology made for their mistakes. 5-star prices. 1-star service.

From a shareholder point of view, it has great cash conversion. The customer pays immediately for services they consume in 2-4 weeks time. Any refunds made by their mistake are repaid in 10 working days while fees that were charged during the payment process don’t get refunded.

BUPA should have its contract rescinded. It is far too complacent to be able to administer such an important function for immigration.

Ransacked Ronald McDonald House in Chicago housed 2yo stage 4 cancer patient

This is 2-yo Owen Mitchell. He has stage 4 cancer.

Yesterday we wrote of the thuggery caused by peaceful protestors who ransacked a Ronald McDonald House looking after sick kids in Chicago.

After being informed by a Lurie Children’s Hospital nurse that Owen’s morning appointment would be cancelled because of glass and other debris on the streets left by rioters, his mother Valeria said,

So that meant Owen couldn’t go home like was planned for his birthday…We had about a month-long stay at Lurie’s and then a two-week stay at the Ronald McDonald’s house, so it was like a long time coming, and, you know, it just ruined it.

Perhaps Kamala Harris should switch her funding suggestions from bailing out criminals causing mayhem to helping sick kids beat cancer instead?

Get well Owen!

Peaceful protestors attack a Ronald McDonald House with sick kids inside

All class. Rioters decided that terrorizing sick kids and their families inside a Ronald McDonald House in Chicago was a thing.

Lisa Mitchell of Ronald McDonald House Charities said staff were “frightened” and families were put under “additional stress and worry” over fears that they wouldn’t be able to get to the nearby Lurie Children’s Hospital if necessary.

We hope karma is swift for these ‘peaceful protestors.’ Utter bastards with zero morals.

#WalkAway story on Healthcare – Trump vs Obama

Presented without comment.

I’m a #WalkAway because I have witnessed Democratic corruption firsthand within Healthcare.

I work in healthcare and have seen the detriment that Obamacare was to our country. It eliminated the competition between health insurance companies so premiums skyrocketed, coverage and benefits dwindled, and citizens were forced to go to clinics instead of private doctors – access to care and quality of care fell substantially. If you couldn’t afford to pay for Obamacare, you were unfairly penalized through taxation…

…President Trump seeks to reduce drug and medical costs to a point that is affordable for all citizens. We can provide for ourselves and make our own choices. He is giving power back to the people.

Here are some of the Executive Orders that Trump has signed regarding Healthcare:

13765 – Removed the tax penalty that came from Obamacare

13784 – Established a commission to combat the opioid crisis

13813 – Eliminated insurance borders to increase competition and drive premium costs down

13877 – Improved price and quality transparency in healthcare to help patients choose where to seek the best care

13879 – Advanced American kidney health by providing funding for support and research concerning dialysis

13890 – Protecting and improving Medicare

13909 – Prioritizing and allocating resources to respond to spread of COVID19

13910 – Preventing hoarding of medical resources

13911 – Allowing DPA to aid in COVID19 response

13937 – Improving access to your affordable medications

13938 – Increasing drug importation to lower prices for patients

13939 – Eliminating medical kickbacks to middlemen to reduce cost to patients

13941 – Improving access to telehealth

He is also ordering insurance companies to cover all preexisting conditions, is slashing prices of insulin and epi pens, and is ordering pharmaceutical companies to sell drugs to our country at the lowest worldwide price.

For these reasons I vote RED. A vote for President Trump is a vote for the health of America.”