Good way to end a bad year

As motorcyclists, we are biased. Local Sydney brewery, Young Henrys, has made ‘Motorcycle Oil‘ which tastes somewhere between a Guinness and Kilkenny. Definitely worth a try.

Maybe a 5W40 in viscosity

Seattle brewer prints All Cops Are Bastards on beer cans

For those unaware, ACAB means “All Cops Are Bastards.”

A Seattle brewer, Mirage, has taken the liberty of printing that message to the bottom of its cans.

Mirage owner Michael Dempster wrote, “I used the markings because I stand against institutional racism, of which modern policing is a militarized arm.

Interesting he holds this view when the outgoing Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best is black. He might not know that Mayor Jenny Durkan made a point in 2019 of ensuring 39% of new recruits entering the Seattle PD were minorities. So much for institutional racism, unless he means that it is biased against whites?!

We wonder if the mob ends up vandalizing the brewery, will the cops prioritize a call out with the reciprocal respect shown the them?

Somehow the brewer thinks it is taking the moral high ground.

Common sense can literally be a mirage. Or is it cynically hijacking a cause to hopefully sell more beer to college kids and snowflakes?

Cuomo Chips Cancelled by NYS Gov Cuomo

Listen up New Yorkers! Governor Cuomo has said that bars must serve more substantial meals than just a bowl of chips to qualify being within NY State health guidelines.

This all started when bars, desperate for business after months of lockdown, to get patrons in by offering cheap nibbles to poke fun at more party pooper legislation.

At the time, what constituted a meal was vague so a bar in Rochester, NY invented ‘Cuomo Chips‘ for $1 to provide an innovative way to not burden cash-strapped customers ordering a full priced meal.

Ah, but Cuomo had to stay in their pocket. Forget if patrons just wanted a refreshing beer after a hard day’s work. They must eat something that he tells them is appropriate. Cuomo Chips don’t qualify with State Liquor Authority rules!

Seriously, are there any adults left in the room? Can bars and restaurants be allowed to operate menus as they see fit without another list of onerous regulations to comply with?

What a joke. Oh, LA is following similar guidelines. You’ll never guess which party is pushing these rules? Would you believe Democrats? Who knew?

Open Letter to Colonial Brewing Co

Dear Mr. Dowd,

Please stand up and push back against these wowsers who have confected outrage against your brand. No apology is required when you’re just selling beer.

We seriously doubt that any of your staff are racist or insensitive to injustice. So why have you found it necessary to buckle to the woke mob?

No one of sound mind and body in Australia equates your boutique beer brand to our colonial past or finds the slightest bit of offence. It is unlikely any customers gave it a thought.

The Aussie public is growing tired of this nonsense. As you know Australia and beer are synonymous with our culture.

Why not name the bottle shops which folded to a tiny minority and push your brand online? We don’t support secondary boycotts but these bottle-o’s should be proud to publicly advertise their cowardly decisions. Let individuals decide whether they continue shopping there or not.

We encourage you to use the free publicity surrounding this joke of a protest and allow the beer drinking public to decide if they’ll support you. We guarantee you they will.

We have just bought your Pale Ale and Kolsch Draught. They are great beers. We will gladly buy a case of your beer on a repeat basis should you sell it online because we want to support your right to call your beer brand what you like.

You have openly said, “the Morris Family Foundationhave a significant focus on projects to reduce inequality, in particular projects working with First Nations people in regional areas, including a dedicated project in Townsville, Queensland.

Even more reason why saying sorry is not required. On the contrary, you are owed an apology from these fringe mobs who have nothing better to do than whinge and moan about things that don’t have any relation to them whatsoever.

Perhaps you should consider the words of Thomas Sowell who said,

Activism is a way for useless people to feel important, even if the consequences of their activism are counterproductive for those they claim to be helping and damaging to the fabric of society as a whole.

So we implore you to stand up and throw two fingers up at the wowsers. Australia is right behind you.


FNF Media

The results are in – 秋味 is still king


Like pretty much everything in life, the original is always the best. Going left to right. Kirin Akiaji (秋味) has the best flavor of the autumnal beers. Sapporo second. Not much difference to an Ebisu. Suntory added a hint of fruit into their standard pale ale and Asahi’s effort is as shocking as SuperDry. There is a place reserved in Hell for the person that signed off on that. So there you have it.

Magical Christmas Unicorn vanilla ice cream beer – what were they smoking?


All jokes aside this “Magical Christmas Unicorn” vanilla ice cream beer from a local brewer in Beechworth, Victoria is much better than it sounds. 7.3% alcohol. I’m wondering whether they tip a punnet of ice cream inside a brewing vat? If you get a chance try it – it is nothing like you imagine. Perhaps they named it after a night with magical mushrooms on Christmas Eve.

Inflation masked as deflation in Japan


In Tokyo it is hard not feeling the sting of a 710-yen flag fall when hailing a cab. On the upside your fare lasts 2km assuming you don’t get buried in a traffic jam. Now the flag fall is dropping to 410-yen which looks like a bargain until you notice you only get 1.052km included in the fare before the meter kicks in.

After the first 1.052 km, passengers will be charged ¥80 for every 237 meters, a harsher per-meter rate than the previous ¥90 per 280 meters. The Transport Ministry assures us passengers traveling up to about 2 km will pay less under the new system, while those making trips over 6.5 km will see higher costs.

I recall such sneaky economics at the A971 bar in Midtown which advertises a 420ml beer for Y600 or a 570ml beer for Y900. As Leo from the FT once wrote in response to the pic I sent him below, “The pricing of the small glass has been set to represent the best deal…because the bar assumes its cash-strapped customers will not order the more expensive one anyway, so at least let the unhappy drinkers feel they have a bargain.”


$30bn bids for $5.3bn reveals the extent of the yield starved

Molson Coors managed to take advantage of yield starved investors by offering four tranches of debt totalling $5.3bn between three and thirty years. The deal was oversubscribed 6x. Well the arranger for the bonds will be laughing all the way to the bank by collecting around $45mn in fees.

As interest rate products around the world continue to fall as central banks desperately try in vain to get velocity going again, investors continue to be pushed further out the curve. There is a lot of money looking for homes but in a world dominated by TINA (there is no alternative) is it any wonder we’ll see corporate bond financing continue to take advantage. The question going forward is the rationale for debt raising – is it to pay down cheaper debt or is it for growth? In MolsonCoors case it was to pay down the $12bn acquisition of MillerCoors (the partnership with SAB Miller).