Woca-Cola gives a lesson on why virtue signaling has downsides

In the midst of the embarrassing backlash, can Coca-Cola honestly say that this internal (racist) training has given the company an edge in achieving diversity and inclusion?

As we wrote last week, the fact that the company saw a need to go down this woke route speaks volumes about ignoring the decades of policies it has already put into action to achieve workplace harmony.

Coca-Cola management should take a long hard look in the mirror and admit that hiring activists to conduct such training actually harms the very thing it is trying to achieve – through exclusion.

Why do corporates fear activist minorities? Companies should evaluate their own successes based on low staff turnover – a function of workplace conditions, profitability – a sign of a productive workforce and relative competitiveness to peers – a product of a driven team.

In no uncertain terms, forcing indoctrination on particular staff can only cause a drop in their morale and encourage the best performers to leave.

It is in the best interests of any company to promote the best people, regardless of age, race, gender or what they choose to do behind closed doors. If ALL of the best performers happen to black LGBT women then promote them on their achievements rather than identities.

Coca-Cola has done the opposite. Why risk having internal training leak to the outside and polarize customers? Gillette cost shareholders $8bn in write offs due to inferring men, the majority of its clientele, were toxic.

Let customers decide their own politics. Reward staff based on performance and contribution rather than skin hue and genitalia. It’s simple.

And Coca-Cola, or any other corporate for that matter, customers never have you in mind when you publicly state that racism, sexual abuse or violence doesn’t align with your values. Who in your HR and PR departments ever thought it did??

What would we do without cultural norms?

What would we do without “cultural norms”, the very words used by Biden to excuse Beijing’s inexcusable tactics surrounding the Uighurs?

Claims of concentration camps, gang rape, pimping out women to the wider public for cash, forced sterilization and torture by inserting cattle prods inside vaginas and anuses are just some of the forms of abhorrent systematic subjugation enforced.

The disgraceful treatment of this minority has to be bad if the heavily left leaning BBC suffered termination from Chinese circulation for reporting on it.

What a joke that the Biden administration can dismiss such violations of human rights under a banner of cultural norms. Maybe he needs to consult his conscience instead of his ideologically challenged advisors.

One may hate Trump for his vulgarity but at the very least he stood up to China as opposed to a wait and see strategy which depends on President Xi finding a good place in his own heart.

In closing, we wonder whether China issues a video along the lines of what the Nazis did at Theresienstadt to show how wonderfully the Uighurs are supposedly being treated.

This didn’t age well

This article didn’t age well in Texas. The Lone Star state had both and got neither.

Yet another reason we won’t be bothering to sign up to The Economist. Why pay good money to get a glossy version of The Guardian?

A once great magazine which has succumbed to unbridled climate activism.

Black community trolls Biden over racist remarks re internet access

This individual decided to poke fun at President Biden’s ridiculous comments about minorities and their apparent lack of ability to access the internet. Not only did he clearly have access to the internet and a recording device, he knew exactly how to make a viral post as well.

Black conservatives, Shemeka Michelle and Rob Smith,also took a potshots.

Ami Horowitz made a video four years ago where he asked black people about whether they had access to the internet. Unsurprisingly, they all did.

Biden has a long history of making racist remarks.

At election time he said to members of the black community, “you ain’t black” if they were considering voting anything other than Democrat.

Or acknowledging a key reason he could sequester at home was because “some black woman was able to stock the grocery shelf.

Of course, the media keeps giving him a free pass.

Woca Cola

Coca-Cola is apparently demanding white employees complete online training to enable them to become “less white.”

Why not give the majority of all employees the benefit of the doubt that they are fair minded individuals who respect their colleagues in the workplace regardless of identity. Aren’t 360 degree reviews supposed to nut out trouble makers or underperformers, whatever background they may come from? Isn’t that the best outcome for all?

Good companies should always be seeking to work toxic employees off their platform should the pernicious behaviours create negative outcomes for other staff members, suppliers or clients.

Good managers pay close attention to staff behaviour in the workplace. In our own careers we all know of people in our companies that positively create energy and those who drain it. Bad employees are just that, regardless of identity.

The more important question is whether decent, hard working minorities who back their ability, demanded Coca-Cola conduct the training? Have they gone out of their way to make claims of racism to HR about their white colleagues acting too white? Most likely not. This is another one-size-fits-all program which makes out that groups are monoliths.

Interestingly, Coca-Cola has made much fanfare of its long history of diversity and inclusion, going back to 1934 with the appointment of the first female board member, Lettie Pate Evans.

In its Human Rights Policy, Coca-Cola acknowledges,

We work to maintain workplaces that are free from discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, sex, color, national or social origin, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identification or expression, political opinion or any other status protected by applicable law. The basis for recruitment, hiring, placement, development, training, compensation and advancement at the Company is qualifications, performance, skills and experience…

So if the very policy is to respect ‘all’, why single out one group to be less white? What is next? Men required to be less toxic? Tall people to walk on their knees?

Coca-Cola has a plan to make women 50% of the managerial class in the company. Shareholders would gladly welcome 100% female managers should they be best suited to the roles were it based on “qualifications, performance, skills and experience…

As it should be.

What a slap in the face to all those deserving employees – who can make it on meritocracy alone – effectively be told by the company that unless whites are forced to behave less white that path for success will be harder. Basically, the suggestion is that they need a leg up.

Surely if Coca-Cola had executed 130 years of self-proclaimed continuous diversity and inclusion in the workplace ethos it wouldn’t need to introduce such training. Period. The company should evaluate the systemic failures within HR, not the employees.


If we only have 12 years before irreversible damage is done, why are we setting 2050 targets?

The Babylon Bee poked fun at climate alarmists with,

If we don’t take action, then in 12 years we will have to explain why the world hasn’t ended and come up with a new number,” one UN scientist warned. “This is a very serious threat, and we urge everyone to hand control of the economy to the government immediately before we have no more time left to change the timeline again.”

The scientific consensus is that roughly 10-12 years from now, the world will be flooded with new doomsday predictions. This can all be avoided if we overhaul the economy and become socialists, according to non-political, unbiased sciencey type guys.

“Should we not change our ways, our old predictions will melt, dangerously raising the chance of us having to move the goalposts again,” said Al Gore. “Do you really want me to write another book, film another movie, and go on another tour in my private jet just because you dingbats couldn’t be bothered to alter your lifestyles? I don’t think so. Let’s all get on board with this 12-year figure, or we’ll have to push back the date again.”

Who was Rush Limbaugh?

Who exactly was Rush Limbaugh? MRCTV’s Britt Hughes tells of his great philanthropic work right up to his passing away.

The left has done little but cheer his death from lung cancer. True to form, Twitter, which apparently condemns the speech, gladly let the hashtag #RestInPiss stay up.

Yale professor Scott Shapiro gleefully tweeted, “I wouldn’t say I was happy Rush Limbaugh died. It was more like euphoria.

Cristela Alonzo, a voiceover actress for kids film, Cars 3, tweeted, “Happy Rush Limbaugh is Dead Day…I didn’t even get the chance to put my tree up.

Carey O’Donnell, who wrote for Netflix, tweeted that he and his 4-yo son went outside and banged pots and pans in celebration.

As ever, the media never bother to report on Limbaugh’s philanthropy but choose to stick to sometimes incendiary things he has said as a shock jock.

The ultimate irony is that for all of the tolerance and unity preached by the left, they sure have a way of being the exact people they condemn.

We can’t help but think that Limbaugh’s death and other events like it are a way for these woke warriors to take advantage of the trending hashtags to boost their own social media following. Pathetic.

Texas Freeze – the facts

They say the only salt and ice you get in Texas is for Margaritas.

This is a summary of the power shortage experienced during the big freeze by Rep Dan Crenshaw of Texas:

With blackouts across Texas, many are wondering: what happened?

Leftists are cheering a “red state” having energy problems.

Here’s the truth about what happened.


A mix of over-subsidized wind energy and under-investment in gas power means we didn’t have enough base load energy for a massive spike in demand.

Also, Texas infrastructure isn’t designed for once-in-a-century freezes.

#1 – Frozen Wind Turbines:

West Texas had wind turbines that had to be de-iced. The little energy that power regulators planned on being supplied from wind was now gone.

We have almost 31GW of wind installed on the grid, but on Monday we couldn’t even depend on 6 GW working.

To make matters worse, existing storage of wind energy in batteries was also gone, because batteries were losing 60% of their energy in the cold.

Bottom line: renewables don’t work well in extreme weather. Never will.

This is what happens when you force the grid to rely in part on wind as a power source. When weather conditions get bad as they did this week, intermittent renewable energy like wind isn’t there when you need it.

#2 – Nuclear also got too cold:

We only have 4 nuclear units in TX, near Houston and Dallas. One of the reactors near Houston turned off due to a safety sensor freezing. No problem with the reactor. But the lack of the sensor forced the plant to shutdown, as a precaution.

(On another note, this shows how safe nuclear is. Lots of safety precautions.)

#3 – We don’t have enough Natural Gas online:

ERCOT planned on 67GW from natural gas/coal, but could only get 43GW of it online. We didn’t run out of natural gas, but we lost the ability to get it transported. Pipelines in Texas don’t use cold insulation – so they froze.

Every natural gas plant stayed online. The “downed” plants were due to scheduled maintenance.

Gov. Abbott made the right call in diverting all natural gas to home heating fuel and then electricity for homes. Gas and coal brought a stable supply of energy, but still not enough.

Why don’t we have extra gas power when we need it most?

Because years of federal subsidies for wind has caused an over reliance on wind and an under-investment in new gas and nuclear plants.

Bottom line: fossil fuels are the only thing that saved us. They are *base load* energy.

If we were even *more* reliant on the wind turbines that froze, the outages would have been much worse.

This raises the obvious question: can we ever rely on renewables to power the grid during extreme weather?

No, you need gas or nuclear.

And subsidizing investment in wind has pushed gas and nuclear out.

Now we live with the consequences.

The push to decommission baseload power sources like natural gas would be disastrous when trying to keep the lights on in Texas.

Who knew?

Who knew? California required no signature verification in the November presidential election but now require it for the recall of Gov Gavin Newsom because of his utter failure as a leader during coronavirus.

Democrats. If they didn’t have double standards they’d have none at all.

Babylon Bee bashes Disney

The Babylon Bee gave Disney a proper dusting. The satirical platform wrote:

BURBANK, CA—Disney is eager to fill their job vacancy after firing Gina Carano from The Mandalorian after she was outed as a kind, decent person as well as a mouthy female who speaks her mind too much. Determined not to make the same mistake again, Disney is being much more specific with their job descriptions. 

“We need brave, strong, and independent role models that girls can look up to!” said Disney CEO Bob Chapek. “But she’s also gotta be extremely submissive, easily controlled, and totally subservient. We can’t afford to have another woman out here speaking her mind!”

“At Disney, we tell stories of hope, courage, and rebellion against all-powerful empires, but that nonsense is all for show,” he continued. “What we actually care about is women who will regurgitate all of our politically correct talking points and approved messages.”