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Peaceful protestors attack a Ronald McDonald House with sick kids inside

All class. Rioters decided that terrorizing sick kids and their families inside a Ronald McDonald House in Chicago was a thing.

Lisa Mitchell of Ronald McDonald House Charities said staff were “frightened” and families were put under “additional stress and worry” over fears that they wouldn’t be able to get to the nearby Lurie Children’s Hospital if necessary.

We hope karma is swift for these ‘peaceful protestors.’ Utter bastards with zero morals.

Crowd boos national anthem kneelers

Fans who went to watch FC Dallas and Nashville SC play soccer started booing the players when they knelt in support of BLM during the national anthem.

Woke Dallas defender Reggie Cannon tweeted,

I will give #MLS another shot in the “second leg” of Nashville v Dallas. Having a crowd at all, booing of those kneeling, throwing of objects & lack of social distancing got to me. I will for now chalk it up as just a Dallas thing and hope it does not happen again.

No Reggie, fans are sick and tired of watching more social justice politics when they deliberately went to the game in the hope of distracting them from it in the first place.

Cannon went on, “You got fans booing you for people taking a stand for what they believe in.

No Reggie, you expected the fans to back your little stunt and when it backfired you had the hide to tell your customers off.

When will these overpaid meatheads get that fans have been supporters of equality in all of its forms. They are just telling you they sick of being reminded before every game. It is nothing more than institutionalized nagging. They were just letting you know that you should stop the moral preening.

Tipsy Turry legal justice dispenser

MRCTV’s Britt Hughes takes a broadside at the stories the media conveniently left out because it didn’t fit the narrative.

Brutal Babylon Bee on Kamala Harris

From the Babylon Bee:

U.S.—Supporters of Kamala Harris have been eagerly awaiting an announcement on who her VP pick will be when she takes over as president approximately 5 minutes after Joe Biden is inaugurated. According to sources close to the campaign, she is already vetting possible candidates for the job. 

“I am proud to announce I will soon be announcing my pick for Vice President of the United States,” said Harris. “We have searched all across this great land. While I cannot yet confirm who my pick will be, I can say this: my pick for VP will be even MORE of a woman and even MORE of color than I am. It will be the most colorful and womanly team ever!” She then threw her head back and cackled maniacally.

Joe Biden was also thrilled to hear the news that he would be getting not just one, but two female vice presidents.

The VP search has stalled since it has proven difficult to find a woman of color who survived both Kamala Harris’ pro-abortion policies as well as her aggressive imprisonment of minorities. In a statement, the campaign also promised to announce a pick while all The Babylon Bee writers are sleeping so they won’t have a chance to write a funny headline about it.

Media imbalance at its finest

MSNBC presenter Nicolle Wallace is a stranger to balance and perspective. Recently she said the coronavirus had a silver lining because it could cost Trump in November.

Wind back 2 years and she was happy that an economic recession was imminent to damage his chances for re-election.

As we’ve often said of the mainstream media. Journalistic integrity will only return when they love America more than they hate Trump.

The true meaning of 1%

When you leave 1% to chance. Never bet against the contrarian within! How every saint has a past and sinner a future…

N.B. Make sure you check the dates of the tweets.

#WalkAway story on Healthcare – Trump vs Obama

Presented without comment.

I’m a #WalkAway because I have witnessed Democratic corruption firsthand within Healthcare.

I work in healthcare and have seen the detriment that Obamacare was to our country. It eliminated the competition between health insurance companies so premiums skyrocketed, coverage and benefits dwindled, and citizens were forced to go to clinics instead of private doctors – access to care and quality of care fell substantially. If you couldn’t afford to pay for Obamacare, you were unfairly penalized through taxation…

…President Trump seeks to reduce drug and medical costs to a point that is affordable for all citizens. We can provide for ourselves and make our own choices. He is giving power back to the people.

Here are some of the Executive Orders that Trump has signed regarding Healthcare:

13765 – Removed the tax penalty that came from Obamacare

13784 – Established a commission to combat the opioid crisis

13813 – Eliminated insurance borders to increase competition and drive premium costs down

13877 – Improved price and quality transparency in healthcare to help patients choose where to seek the best care

13879 – Advanced American kidney health by providing funding for support and research concerning dialysis

13890 – Protecting and improving Medicare

13909 – Prioritizing and allocating resources to respond to spread of COVID19

13910 – Preventing hoarding of medical resources

13911 – Allowing DPA to aid in COVID19 response

13937 – Improving access to your affordable medications

13938 – Increasing drug importation to lower prices for patients

13939 – Eliminating medical kickbacks to middlemen to reduce cost to patients

13941 – Improving access to telehealth

He is also ordering insurance companies to cover all preexisting conditions, is slashing prices of insulin and epi pens, and is ordering pharmaceutical companies to sell drugs to our country at the lowest worldwide price.

For these reasons I vote RED. A vote for President Trump is a vote for the health of America.”

Portland Prosecutor’s clown show

Who knew? Days after Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (Democrat) admitted peaceful protestors who tried to burn buildings with people inside were “committing murder“, his District Attorney Mike Schmidt said that most rioters wouldn’t be prosecuted.

Fear not, there is good reason for that. The newly elected DA is an avowed SJW who has been endorsed by Black Lives Matter co-founder Shaun “Talcom X” King’s political action committee, Real Justice PAC. Its goals include the ending of cash bail, the opening of prisons, and the defunding of police. What could possibly go wrong?

The list of crimes which wouldn’t cause charges to be laid includes:

• interfering with a police officer

• disorderly conduct

• criminal trespass

• harassment

• escape in the 3rd degree

• riot (sometimes in some circumstances)

All forgiven and forgotten.

Never mind that 500 arrested. Why so lenient? It was the “police” that caused rioters to react because they used tear gas or other crowd-control measures causing rioters to “instinctively lash out.

We wonder how the conversations between insurance companies and local businesses will go down when criminals will be slapped on the wrist with a feather duster.

What a joke! Add this to the other activists pretending to be impartial. We wrote about that here.

Compulsory masks in Zoom meetings?

It seems a government agency, the Dept of Natural Resources (DNR) in Wisconsin, is mandating people wear masks during Zoom meetings to show they are beyond full compliance with Democrat Gov Tony Evers’ mask order.

Preston Cole of the DNR e-mailed employees: “

Also, wear your mask, even if you are home, to participate in a virtual meeting that involves being seen — such as on Zoom or another video-conferencing platform — by non-DNR staff. Set the safety example which shows you as a DNR public service employee care about the safety and health of others.

Despite no recommendation by the CDC or requirement by Evers to wear masks while at home, the DNR seems more interested in virtue signaling to the governor than the virus itself.