Babylon Bee on Gavin Newsom’s re-election campaign

Babylon Bee made a cartoon about Gavin Newsom celebrating his lockdown success. We could probably replace the character with a certain premier in Australia who celebrated the realities in a like minded fashion.

JP Sears rips CA Gov Gavin Newsom

JP Sears rips California Gov Gavin Newsom for lifting lockdown restrictions as the recall petition to remove him from office has already garnered more than 1.2 million signatures out of the almost 1.5 million needed. Who knew that rank hypocrisy doesn’t sit well with constituents, even in a deeply left state. As we have been […]

California Gov Newsom considers Hollywood an essential business

More liberal hypocrisy. So soon after being busted for violating his own rules by dining in a flash restaurant with health association executives no less, California Gov Gavin Newsom has declared Hollywood an essential industry which is not subject to lockdown rules imposed between 10pm and 5am. What a joke. Then again, Hollywood leans left […]

Who knew?

So California is requiring signature verification for Gavin Newsom’s recall, but didn’t require it for the mail in ballots. How strange — Kevin Sorbo (@ksorbs) February 15, 2021 Who knew? California required no signature verification in the November presidential election but now require it for the recall of Gov Gavin Newsom because of his utter […]

California – Can you spot the difference?

Bar owner in Los Angeles CA is livid to see that mayor Garcetti has approved an outdoor dining area for a movie company directly across from her outdoor dining area (which was shut down) — Jake Coco 💙🇺🇸🎶🐻 (@jakecoco) December 4, 2020 As the list of California mayors and Gov Newsom blatantly violate the […]

Leaked CNN tapes, Janet Yellen will stop climate change & SF mayor avoids own COVID rules by dining in another city!

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report discusses Project Veritas’ leaked CNN tapes of months of internal meetings, Treasury Secretary nominee Janet Yellen’s plans to fight racial inequality, and more liberal hypocrisy as yet another Democrat lockdown hypocrite gets caught at The French Laundry. First, Dave gives his thoughts on the leaked audio of CNN CEO […]

Another hypocritical Democrat mayor caught defying lockdown rules

I apologize for my decision to gather for Thanksgiving with my family, contrary to the rules. I understand my obligation as a public official to provide exemplary compliance w/ public health orders, & not to ignore them. I commit to do better. My statement: — Sam Liccardo (@sliccardo) December 1, 2020 California – check […]

California’s Classist Clown

Who knew? Not much more than one week after he was caught red handed violating coronavirus restrictions dining in a fine restaurant with a dozen others including the CEO of a major medical association no less, California Gov Gavin Newsom is talking of far harsher restrictions to prevent another ‘rona outbreak issuing the threat that […]

WaPo sneers at Americans embracing a family get together

Why do the WaPo editors bother publishing such nonsense over a traditional family get together? What evidence does WaPo have of the world watching in disbelief? Should Americans heed the disapproval of someone living in Melbourne? It is hard to think of a more sanctimonious article that sneers at families bonding. Or have Americans moved […]