What would we do without cultural norms?

What would we do without “cultural norms”, the very words used by Biden to excuse Beijing’s inexcusable tactics surrounding the Uighurs?

Claims of concentration camps, gang rape, pimping out women to the wider public for cash, forced sterilization and torture by inserting cattle prods inside vaginas and anuses are just some of the forms of abhorrent systematic subjugation enforced.

The disgraceful treatment of this minority has to be bad if the heavily left leaning BBC suffered termination from Chinese circulation for reporting on it.

What a joke that the Biden administration can dismiss such violations of human rights under a banner of cultural norms. Maybe he needs to consult his conscience instead of his ideologically challenged advisors.

One may hate Trump for his vulgarity but at the very least he stood up to China as opposed to a wait and see strategy which depends on President Xi finding a good place in his own heart.

In closing, we wonder whether China issues a video along the lines of what the Nazis did at Theresienstadt to show how wonderfully the Uighurs are supposedly being treated.

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