Amazon’s Alexism?


Does sex sell at Amazon too? Clearly it does when it comes to objectifying himbos. Note no men were harmed by the advert.


Amazon is generally regarded as a woke corporation.

However, the tech giant’s Super Bowl commercial depicted a woman objectifying actor Michael B Jordan using her Alexa.

Imagine for a moment if the sexes were reversed in the ad and a man was objectifying a gorgeous female celeb with his Alexa. The faux outrage machine would still be spinning at the sexist, patriarchal and misogynistic stereotypes portrayed. Maybe another crack at #MeToo activism?

However if a woman does it then it is perfectly ok. Giggles galore. Of course next to no men are likely to be the least bit offended by the mass generalizations. Radical masculinists haven’t demanded Amazon issue a public apology to assuage their toxic fragility.

Now for all of the social justice based diversity peddled by so many corporates, it is actually good to see Amazon poke fun at something the overwhelming majority of people can see the lighter side of, even if it runs completely counter to the dogma preached internally about inclusion.

The point is the majority of employees don’t need indoctrination in the workplace to become accepting of others. They appreciate fellow colleagues who perform their tasks efficiently and without fuss more than paying attention to their identity.

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