Breakfast TV is the new authority on coronavirus in Australia

People usually watch breakfast TV in order to lend half an ear to a bit of light hearted gossip and where they might be able to purchase a food blender in 4 easy installments.

So it was quite amusing to hear the hosts of Ch. 9’s Today program lecture an elected official, Craig Kelly MP, about his views on coronavirus treatments.

Kelly has been vocal about alerting people to peer reviewed papers concerning masks, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin which have often been at odds with his party’s medical advisors.

One of the hosts, Allison Langdon said to Kelly,

You need to be quiet.

We remember when veteran radio broadcaster Alan Jones told NZ PM Jacinda Ardern to “shove a sock in it” regarding her lecturing Australians on climate change commitments when our emission reduction stats are way better than NZ.

Jones was pilloried for months and the left went after his job with a vengeance calling for boycotts of sponsors who didn’t withdraw ads from his #1 rated show and for the producers to sack him. Even the media regulator salivated at the chance to force an apology from someone with an alternative viewpoint.

As for Langdon, she got cheers from the left for doing a hit job on a conservative MP. We’re surprised the ABC hasn’t offered a lucrative contract to Langdon.

Instead of applauding a politician who is not afraid to take a stand and question the orthodoxy via open debate – sadly lacking if we consider our medical experts have made such dreadful predictions to date – the Today program thought it had a duty of care to slam the free speech of an elected official offering differentiated opinions to his fellow Aussies.

Kelly sensibly believes that many citizens are smart enough to process information for themselves instead of taking their medical advice from a sanctimonious morning program parroting their own disingenuous agenda under the pretense of being an authoritative voice on the topic.

What we do know is that if Craig Kelly had told Allison Langdon that she “needed to be quiet” the media would form a protection racket and run the patriarchal misogyny story for weeks and call for the PM to kick Kelly out of the party for his sexist bigoted anti-climate alarmist behaviour.

The media have already begun a “remove Kelly from preselection” narrative despite the fact he won 60% of the vote in the 2019 federal election.

As ever, the mainstream media prove what a complete joke they are. This episode made Vanity Fair or Rolling Stone’s political analysis look erudite.

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