Why pay for the FT if you can get the same journalism in The Guardian for free?

We ditched our FT subscription quite some time ago for journalism (sorry, activism) like this. The same reasons as junking our subscription to the The Economist. Zero thirst for proper journalism. Climate alarmism every second article.

The FT sent the following email:

Dear readers

The coronavirus pandemic teaches us a harsh lesson about the risks that come from the natural world. While lockdowns have contributed to the largest drop in global emissions since the second world war, climate change has continued to disrupt our societies through extreme weather events, mass displacement of people and loss of life. Last year, for example, saw the worst north Atlantic storm season on record, illustrated in this remarkable animation by the FT’s Steven Bernard.

The pandemic has added urgency to business concerns over climate change. We at the FT are responding with the launch of Climate Capital, a new hub for our award-winning climate and green business journalism from across the FT’s global newsroom. I hope you will join me for the first Climate Capital Live event, which I will host on March 30 alongside FT journalists and expert speakers. From emerging clean energy trends to sustainable investing and climate finance, Climate Capital will identify the emerging risks and report on the opportunities for business as our economies strive to adapt to the climate threat before it is too late.

Environment correspondent Leslie Hook marks the launch with a deep dive into how the race for clean energy will reshape the international order. Vanessa Houlder and Alan Livsey, from the FT’s financial analysis column Lex, crunch the numbers on the carbon price, one of the most important financial questions the world has to answer. The FT editorial board weighs up Joe Biden’s raft of climate measures while Japan’s energy minister told the FT’s Robin Harding about his plans to pivot towards nuclear energy in order to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

With FT Climate Capital, we will bring together the news, in-depth reporting and commentary you need to keep ahead of the defining economic story of our generation.

Thank you for reading,

Roula KhalafEditor

Why bother paying $372p.a. for the FT when The Guardian gives even more hyperbolic climate catastrophism for free? So much for the FT being the capitalists’ morning bible.

Interesting that most of the claims made in the FT email are patently false. As Mark Twain said,

If you don’t read the papers you’re uninformed. If you do read the papers you’re misinformed!

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