Climate Czar Kerry took private jet to collect Icelandic environmental award

America’s new climate czar, John Kerry, decided the best way to collect an environmental award in Iceland back in 2019 was to fly. Not by a commercial airliner but by private jet.

When the Arctic Circle Prize was awarded to Kerry for his steadfast commitment to saving the planet, Icelandic reporter Jóhann Bjarni Kolbeinsson confronted Kerry. The climate czar then explained his hypocrisy away by appealing that he offsets his carbon output and that he was a key player in negotiating the Paris Accords.

Even though a private jet emits 40x the emissions per passenger than a commercial jet, Kerry effectively suggested that the sacrifices we will be forced to make to save the planet will more than offset the vital work he does to highlight the cause by private jet.

Who can blame him? Kerry can’t very well attend the next Davos summit unless he can stand on equal terms by parking his own private jet next to the other 1,500 climate hypocrites attending the soirée. Just wouldn’t send the right message.

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