NYT praises WA for locking down after 1 case

The NY Times, as out of touch as ever, thought an article praising Western Australia’s total lockdown based on one case was a positive lesson in managing the ‘rona.

What lesson would that be?

That politicians drunk on power ahead of an election are totally willing to take knee-jerk responses for re-election purposes based on only one case. What science was behind the decision? What if the person tested had recorded a false positive? Worth shutting the economy down over that?

It’s irrelevant. Keeping fear front and centre is a great political tactic.

The article would have worked in Queensland too. The Labor Gov’t won re-election driven by fear, despite despicable, duplicitous and double standards.

WA Premier Mark McGowan (Labor) said,

This is a very serious situation…Each and every one of us has to do everything we personally can to stop the spread in the community.

Hysteria still rules. The lunatics are running the asylum.

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