The Egard Watch Company issued another one of its stinging ad campaigns. This time in defence of freedom. Simple. Effective.

We commented on the timepiece company’s rebuttal video which mocked Gillette’s ‘toxic masculinity’ campaign that ended up costing the shaving giant’s parent $8bn in write-offs.

In the cancel culture world, we’ve witnessed too many corporates cave into the mob and make woke statements to appease at any price. Despite little or no evidence the protestors are even customers, companies continue to back down without a whimper.

Instead of standing up for principle, we see a deep irony in the way many companies have preached unity by going out of their way to polarize customers with politics instead of just selling sneakers, razor blades or maple syrup.

To be honest, we’re getting tired of sanctimonious lectures from banks about ethics. Exhausted at grooming companies demanding men to check their toxicity or sneaker companies preaching morals when they’ve happily used slave labour for decades. Or sporting codes that refuse to acknowledge national holidays but push for players to kneel for a Marxist group that wants to destroy family values.

Save it and spare us. If there was ever a less useful job title in the workplace it would have to be corporate PR. We’re surprised corporates don’t advertise for these positions with, “Spineless cowards wanted.” Not only do these invertebrates fail to push back, they rarely have the first clue as to what the issue is based on facts.

Congratulations to Egard for sticking up for principles instead.


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