Which other politician wrote a book in the middle of a pandemic?

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo book on COVID-19 response out ...

Which other narcissistic politician found time to write a book about the COVID-19 pandemic during the middle of it? NY Governor Andrew Cuomo did.

His publisher describes the book as follows:


NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Governor Andrew Cuomo tells the riveting story of how he took charge in the fight against COVID-19 as New York became the epicenter of the pandemic, offering hard-won lessons in leadership and his vision for the path forward.

…Real leadership, he shows, requires clear communication, compassion for others, and a commitment to truth-telling—no matter how frightening the facts may be…

…Including a game plan for what we as individuals—and as a nation—need to do to protect ourselves against this disaster and those to come, American Crisis is a remarkable portrait of selfless leadership and a gritty story of difficult choices that points the way to a safer future for all of us.”

The Washington Post, in its usual activist manner, described the book as,

An impressive road map to dealing with a crisis as serious as any we have faced.”

Despite holding the worst coronavirus statistics – in terms of infections and deaths – in all of America largely due to his bungled policies, Cuomo thinks he has the answers on leadership during a health crisis.

Despite ordering infected seniors into nursing homes and then under-reporting the thousands of avoidable deaths by 50%, he then authorised an ‘independent’ investigation conducted by his own health department to assign zero blame to his mandate. He then provided a shield to nursing home administrators to protect them from being sued by families.

He muddled with lockdowns even going as far as telling struggling bars what classified as a substantial meal after they tried to innovate with low cost Cuomo Chips. He even pushed a propaganda poster claiming how successful his policies had been. Such was his failure, his richest residents fled New York causing him to plead for their return to shore up the evaporating tax revenue base.

Don’t forget that Cuomo is so out of touch, he accepted an Emmy for his handling of the crisis. So on the pulse was he, that he managed to find spare time to write a book.

Perhaps his own words sum him up perfectly – “Incompetent government kills people.

An endorsement from the Washington Post seals it.

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