Whites need not apply?

Yet more of the Biden agenda to unite all of America. Instead of helping all those who run small businesses based on the level of individual economic hardship, race and gender will be the new determinants.

So in short, if you’re an a relatively unaffected minority run-business you will be favored for support over an on death’s door multi-generational white business.

Which boxes will ensure the maximum subsidies? Is it best to be an illegal immigrant who is also a coloured LGBT woman of Islamic faith with a disability?

Welcome to the world of identity policy. Imagine if the Democrats hadn’t so feverishly supported the BLM riots which ended up destroying so many minority owned businesses that such a policy wasn’t required to be drafted in the way that it has.

Liberal logic. Stop systemic/institutional racism by setting up structures that guarantee it thrives.


  1. I do not understand where the leap from the leap is made from prioritizing minority business owners have equal resources to rounding up white people. It is tragic how quickly people will victimize themselves.


    1. We believe that Obianuju Ekenocha was cynically making the point of how farcical the policy is that Biden isn’t hiring the racist nature of the package.

      There is no victimization here. Merely pointing out that the more sensible policy is to help out the most economically worthy. If 100% happen to be minorities then that is absolutely fine. Make it based on merit, not race or gender.


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