Votes of War?

The recent US election has thrown up every conceivable conspiracy theory with respect to illegitimate activity. Fake ballots. Dead people. Ballots hidden under tables. Republican observers sent home while ballot counts continued in the wee hours of the morning. Rigged voting machines….now counterfeit ballots printed and shipped from China?

So it appears that in the process of shredding ballots, several boxes were left behind. Patrick Byrne, Founder of OverStock said the unshredded ballots were confirmed to be counterfeit. More disturbingly, a receipt for shipping from China printed in Chinese was found on the side of the boxes.

Another wild conspiracy? If not so, wouldn’t such direct election meddling by a foreign power constitute thorough investigation? If proven true, such an act would be deemed an act of war, no?

Where is the media coverage? Of course it is nowhere to be found.

They were only too happy making Watergate + alpha conspiracy theories based on a selective edit of Trump’s call with Georgia’s Secretary of State Raffensperger. If Trump was truly wanting to cheat, why would he request “the truth” during the call as the best outcome for all and end the leaked tape with “thank you” and a mutual agreement to have their respective attorneys touch base at a later date? Never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Alas, 99.9% of people won’t bother to listen to the hour long tape and accept the deliberate misleading reporting by left wing media outlets. Where have we seen this before?


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