Lockdown regulations explained

While vigilance is a necessary evil, we found today’s explanation of COVID restrictions somewhat similar to the schoolboy scene in Monty Python’s ‘Meaning of Life

140,000 tests since the latest cluster was discovered in NSW and only 90 cases. That means that 99.94% of tests have been negative. No ICU hospitalizations. No deaths. Yet all of a sudden people are masking up as if everything is totally different than recent months where cafes and restaurants have thrived (and still do) again.

We are curious to learn that compassion trumps science. People can celebrate Christmas within lockdown areas in limited numbers but can’t have visitors after Dec 27. Surely, if the #1 goal is to thwart the pandemic, then those two days pose a bigger risk than relenting for the spirit of the festive season. We think the reality is that the risks just aren’t as big as made out.

Let’s not get distracted by the fact that we’ve had near as makes no difference crowded stadiums at sporting events without mass infections resulting from them. Where are the public health officials reporting on the impact (or lack thereof) surrounding these events? Crickets.

Consistency in policy prescription makes for better compliance. NSW has done an excellent job in contact tracing. No question. Although that hasn’t stopped VIC Premier Dan Andrews lecturing NSW on managing the virus even though it graduated to QR codes 6 months after NSW and is still responsible for 90% of all deaths in Australia from COVID.

Despite all the fear mongering in the world, we only need to look at recent experience to know that we don’t need hard lockdowns to prevent a virus that has a 99.99% recovery rate.

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