The tolerant left lets us know about unity on COVID vaccination priority

Ahh, the tolerant left. You know, the same people who have promised to restore unity, healing and empathy back to America. Check this out for the type of compassion coming.

Many on the left have been aghast at the idea that Republican Senator Marco Rubio has “cut in line” to get the COVID-19 vaccine when he, in their minds, was not a priority. Former Star Trek actor George Takei even wished that Rubio get horrible side effects as punishment, even though all members of Congress are eligible on federal government continuity grounds to receive it.

For all of the left’s demands that cultist Republicans, who polls show are 4x less likely to get vaccinated, step up and try to show support for the shot, they get attacked.

However if a Democrat was inoculated the left would be celebrating their steadfast commitment to encouraging others that it is safe. Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey had few issues publicly displaying they took the vaccine.

Senator Warren said, “At the advice of the Office of the Attending Physician for the continuity of government, I received the first of two shots of the COVID-19 vaccine on Saturday…The vaccine is safe, effective, and will save lives.”

Of course, much of the feedback to her tweet was praised for exactly that.

Imagine what anti-vaxxers would say if politicians said “give it to healthcare workers before us”: “Healthcare workers=guinea pigs!

Thank you, @SenWarren!

Going to give you a pass on getting it early, since I think there are genuinely people who will follow your example. Still wish we had more for the medical workers, though…

Because I just bashed Rubio on posting a similar picture, so had to think about why you’re different. Because you’re an actual leader.

Isn’t that what Rubio was doing? Encouraging others? Damned if he does. Damned if he doesn’t.

As ever with the left, it is not the principle that matters but the side.

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